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A home-based freelancer that spend at least 15 hours daily dating with illustrator and photoshop. I have worked with a few graphic companies and left my comfort zone in 2011. Since then, I started to explore the world of freelancing. Honestly, I don’t remember working long hours back in the corporate industry and I’m pretty struggling the first few years because of the crazy workloads and sleepless nights.

But, there’s a huge positive side of being a freelancer is that, I will be able to go for a longer holiday which I always wanted. During the peak time, I might sleep only 1-2hours a day and worked every moment next. So, I’m not those rich spoilt girl, but someone who really worked very hard for her travel experiences.

So, in hellosihui.com, I shared my travel tips on Korea (& Hongkong, Taiwan, Australia) too. A place where I kept my memories and dedicated to friends like you who loves travel like I do :) How I actually started this sharing platform and wish everyone would benefit from it is because…

During one of my trips, I wanted to find this location so badly. And no one able to provide the direction except that it is known to be at Hongdae. All I have is a playground photo. I wished, if someone could have given a clearer direction, it will be alot easier for me to find. Hence, thanks to the ahjussi who is really nice and understand little english, he managed to spot the church out of the photo, and tell us the direction. After this, I hope I can give an additional helps to people out there, who is like me, love Korea and want to visit alot of places but didn’t know how to. 

So, I hope through hellosihui.com, I can provide many travellers all over the world a little help on “where to go in Korea?” “What to do in Korea?” “Any interesting cafes in Korea?” etc etc :)

Aside from Korea, I also been to other part of the world like Dubai, Australia, Japan and Philippines too. Its been a busy period for me since the year started (2016), hence, I haven get any time to blog about it. Give me a little while, meanwhile, follow @superstarhui on instagram :)

Oh, if you really love my blog and you really benefit from the direction and tips. Share your photo on instagram with #thankyouhellosihui :) I will love to read your journey too! :)

(edited, 9 March 2016)




  1. darwin

    Hi Sihui! Good Day! I’m darwin from philippines and will be going to seoul on march, 2013. I really wanna go the Garfield Store in Myeong Dong. Fortunately I found on your blog (26 days in seoul-picture #6). Could you give me some ideas on the store location as well suggest hotel for me to stay in my 4days trip? Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Darwin!

      Actually, there’s any Garfield store in Myeongdong. They are the mascot for the cat cafe in Myeongdong ^^ (There’s outlet in both Myeongdong and Hongdae) You get to see cat mascot around, and feel free to take photos with them hehe!

      I have been staying in guest house during my stay in Korea. IB Ville is quite good, and location is at Myeongdong. I have friend who stayed at Lotte Hotel and say its wonderful and heavenly good. hehe. :)

      you can read more of my seoul trip here – https://hellolamerhui.wordpress.com/category/febulous-winter-2012/ ^^

      I still trying to find times to blog about it too. hehe, I am overdue with my HK/AUSSIE trip as well :P

      Si Hui

  2. darwin

    Hi! Thank you for the quick response :) you said there’s outlet store of Garfield in Myeongdong and hongdae? you mean the mascot you took picture is actually from cafe shop? is the said cafe shop garfield motif?

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Darwin, Sorry to confuse you. There isn’t any garfield outlet in Myeongdong or Hongdae. It’s actually just a mascot to represent Cat. You get to see Doraemon as well. It’s actually symbolize Cat for the cafe. It’s a animal friendly cafe for cat and cat lovers :)

      There’s also Dog cafe too, and you too, get to see Snoopy around hehe. But, the Garfield i saw at Myeongdong was so cute. It’s always jumping and dancing around hehe! :)

  3. darwin

    So sad to learn that there’s no Garfield Specialty shop in Seoul. by the way, have you heard of the PRINCE HOTEL? The location is infront of Myeong dong Subway station (near exit2)? I prefer to stay in hotel near train/subway station as it is easier for me to go around the city. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

    • 슈퍼스타

      Yup! And, I believe you are a Garfield lover too? I hope one day, there will be one in Seoul too. I will blog about it if there is any update in Seoul…. heh heh

      Yup! I heard of it, because I stayed at IB Ville Guest House which is about 5 mins walk away from Prince Hotel. The hotel location is very good, and Myeongdong have almost everything too! :) But, I have yet stay there before though.

      Another hotel around that area will be IBIS hotel, I heard was pretty not bad and also cheaper than those ‘branded’ hotel. hehe!

  4. Chelle Handojo

    Hello, I found your blog randomly (don’t remember how) teehee
    my name is Chelle, I’m an Indonesian born Chinese and I also love Korea :DD
    nice to meet you ;D

    p.s. do you use wp domain upgrade? because you blog still like wp.com blog and but it has custom domain..
    sorry for asking this in my first visit but I’m planning to upgrade my own too, so.. :D

    • 슈퍼스타

      Annyeong Chelle!
      Nice meeting you hehe.
      I actually use the domain upgrade with my custom domain. But, the fact is that I still blog using WP as my platform. So, there isn’t any much different but you can have prettier url instead of wordpress.com haha :P

      • Chelle Handojo

        ooh, so did you buy your domain separately first or did you buy it from wp store?

        yess!! I really love WP features (like notification, like and vote buttons, and the no-need-to-fill-forms-every time-commenting) that self-hosted blog doesn’t have :DD

        hope you don’t mind me following you ;D hehe

    • 슈퍼스타

      Chelle, I actually bought my domain in WP Store because it might be complicated if I bought it else where. I like it simple, so I just get it from WP store. And no worries, to follow me :) Hope you like your stay here ^^

      • Chelle Handojo

        ooh.. thank you for answering my questions~ :D
        and I love your blog so no worries, I’m so liking it xD <3

  5. Darwin Ngo

    Hi Sihui!

    Warm Greetings!

    Can you help me decide which hotel to book for my stay in seoul? I am thinking of Prince hotel and Ibis Myeong Dong.

    Thank you

  6. darwin

    Hi !!! Kung Hei Fat Choy!!! Do you know the SKYPARK MYEONG DONG III hotel? Do you think Skypark is better than IBIS MYEONG DONG? I saw Skypark price is cheaper but not sure if ok to stay in skypark.

    Thank you for always helping me out :)


    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Darwin!

      Happy Lunar New Year!
      For that, I am not very sure about that, maybe you can check with trip advisor for more help. I doesn’t have friends who stayed in before too so sorry that I can’t help much :)

  7. Rima

    Hey, randomly found your blog….i think you are doing a great job in gathering all Korea fans together………I’m also like you, I just love everything about Korea, especially their culture. By the way i’m from Bangladesh and wish to visit Korea one day …..till then i’ll manage with your blog…………..:D

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Rima!

      Welcome :) Thank you so much for your kind words ^^ I love Korea, and hope many people will also love Korea like how I do. I love to visit nice and new Cafes each time and hope my sharing experience could benefit others too. Hehe.

      I hope you get to visit Korea soon, it’s nice and I’m sure you will enjoy a lot more than you can imagine hehe.

      Hope you will love my blog and more sharing on travel stories to be up soon ^^

  8. Rima

    oh! Thanks for the warm welcome……i wish i could but not everyone as lucky as you…………:)
    loved the way you introduced yourself…….such a cute description ……….and i’m looking forward to your upcoming posts…….
    take care

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Rima!
      Maybe one day you could. Not exactly now, maybe one fine day :)
      Hee hee, thank you so much. Yup! I just posted another entry yesterday. Hope you will like it! :)

  9. Francesca

    Hi , I saw your instagram and notice you are a shcj from Singapore.. I’m from Singapore too. I was planning to go shinhwa concert next year at Seoul if they have. But I’m worry about the ticket war. I’m worry that it will sold out in afew minutes. May I know where u bought your ticket from? Hope to hear from you soon!!! XD

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Francesca,

      Nice to meet you :) I actually joined the ticket war >< and Im actually fine with any seats in the concert hall, so just grab any tickets are available at that time. But from my understanding, mosh pit tickets always available during concert day at the ticket booth outside the concert hall. But definitely, not the best standing tickets :) last march, 15th anniversary concert, I actually get one of the days tickets from weibo (Chinese site) but this is really purely trust because I got it from an oversea fans whom I didn't know or met before :) oh yes, after the ticket war (sales of tickets), people who purchase more tickets might release it after a week or something? You will able to get it again on interpark. Just frequently check on the website :) we are really lucky to settle the grand finale ticket on the day of the ticket sales. I saw many people didn't. And they just keep "park" themselves at the website every now and then. My friends from other fandom who actually got a very good seating tickets after the ticket wars (as long in Seoul, the tickets sold out very fast)… All worth after parking herself at the site every now and then :)

      • Francesca

        So you bought your ticket from interpark ? If really there is ticket war , just keep trying like ‘park’ yourself at interpark website ??

      • 슈퍼스타

        sorry for late reply. Yes, I got my ticket from interpark on the ticket sales day. I have friend who bought her infinite ticket after few days of sales, she keep ‘parking’ herself there and try luck every day :D

      • Francesca

        Ok, thanks for the information. I read through your blog entry and notice u know alot place about Korea. Do you have line/kakaotalk so I can chat with you and you can share some experience on korea with me?? (:

      • 슈퍼스타


        yes, i blogged alot on Korea, and Shinhwa’s related stuff. I love Korea and there’s more upcoming cafes I would love to intro as well. I need to find some time to do it since I’m back from the trip :D

        You can either email me at justchuasihui@gmail.com or KKT/LINE me at superstarhui (ID). My hp just send for service, so you at the moment my KKT is not working till tuesday. You can LINE me first :D hehe

  10. lemontea

    Annyeonghaseyo~ :D Im yinyee from msia. I had read ur blog n also saw your pics in insta regarding ur korea trip. All of em r DAEBAKK. Im a korea lover too! xD Actually im planning to go korea around july tis year. However, I am not familiar wiv thr as I jz went thr once. I dont really feel lik following tour bcz I wish to visit themed n stars cafe more xD If u dont mind, can u share wiv me ur trip itinerary? For example, where u stay, which cafe u had visited, tourism spots and transportation. Kamahamnida ~ :D

  11. Nyasha

    It’s nice to meet you Si Hui, I’m NyNy! Just wanted to stop by and say I like your posts. Also your avatar, did someone make that for you or did you do it? I’d like an avatar like that.
    I hope when you have the time, you can check out some of mine and comment plus I’m still writing my travel entries when I went to Korea last year. I’d appreciate if you took a look :)

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Nyny! Thank you so much! :) Oh, I drew it myself :) hehe! I just read your blog too. Its seem like a happy trip, I love namsan too! :) It’s pretty hehe. Look like you planning a long trip next year! Have fun!!! :D

  12. Pauline Ong

    Dear Sihui,
    I saw the korea picture you posted was the many dishes during Jeoson Dynasty. May I know where it is, which part of Seoul? Name of place? Got website?
    Hope to hear from you, yaya! I love Korea! Hee. Anyway, I am deaf

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hihi Pauline ^^ sorry which photo you referring to? Hehe. I ate the many dishes in jeonju before but Im not sure if i posted in my blog before. Let me know which pic you referring to ^^ thanks!

  13. Pearly Jane

    I SUPER LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! And I’m so envious!!! I srsly want to go to Korea but money T___T Anyways, it’s nice to read about your adventures. You’re so rich~ Kkk

    • 슈퍼스타

      You are most welcome :) hehe! I will keep sharing and hope you will continue to come over to read hehehe. Oh! korea is not as expensive as you think, save abit will definitely able to do a trip there. Before you know, you are having fun there already! ^^ and, haha i not that rich. hehe

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  15. Cindy

    Randomly found your blog while I was searching for Korean food. It is truly informative and different from other blogs! I will try the Wangsimni BBQ Seafood Buffet in Oct! Cheers!

  16. stefanie yu

    Hello Sihui,

    I love your blog and I am so thankful that I found your blog.

    Thank You for putting in the effort to provide us with all the directions (picture included) for Seoul.
    All of all the travel blogs which I had goggled, your blog had the best directions and super detailed.
    even better than ladyironchef de.

    Jia YOU !

    I am using the information from your blog to plan for my seoul trip.

    Thank You once again

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Stefanie!

      Thank you for your kind comments! :) Glad that, I’m able to help you so much. Hope you have fun planning your trip, and have a wonderful time there! :) Have lots of funs. I will continue to provide as much help as possible too! :)

  17. Frances

    Hi, I am planning to visit a strawberry farm in Korea; the same one you visited “Song Cho”. I can’t seem to get proper directions to the farm. Can you help? Any problems taking taxi from the station? (any cabs in sight, can they get us there?)
    Thanks in advance

  18. Princess

    Annyeonghaseyo! Glad I was able to browse in your blog.. Perfect timing for our trip to KR on April 13’16 :) Thanks also for the detailed info for each places you’re visiting. BTW, I have a question though, how to go to Strawberry farm “song cho” if you’re coming from Myeongdong? Any tips for the transpo and fastest way?

    TIA! ^_^

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Hi! Glad my website is giving you a good help :)

      For 송촌호반농장, you have to take the subway to Ungilsan Station.

      Myeongdong > Dongdaemun History & Culture Park (change to green line 2)

      > to Wangsimni (change to Gyeongui-Jungang line)

      > to Ungilsan Station :)

      For subway it takes about 1hr 15mins :)

      From Ungilsan Station, take a cab to 송촌호반농장. Please be early because there’s not a lot of cabs around, but the journey is a short one.

      Please remembered to book your strawberry farm as the reservations for it is pretty fast :)

  19. Woan Jyy

    Thank you hellosihui! Was in Seoul just a few days ago.. If it wasn’t your prompt updates on HiBrunch and the moving of Cube Ent, me and my friend would be blurred as HiBrunch was longer called something (forgot the previous name) and still wondering why we could no longer find cube cafe… And thank you very much for all the lovely Infos on all the great cafes and yes your detailed directions really really helps a lot and your photos are pretty! Pls keep up the good work!

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Woan Jyy!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! :) And, glad you didnt waste your trip to Cube Entertainment. Right now, they still have yet open the cafe part, but I do hope we can get to see it soon! :) Will do the update again if the new cafe are up! :) Glad you manage to go to HiBrunch as they are closing on 28April :) And, thank you so much for letting me know! I will continue to share new and nice cafes I visited :)

  20. monica050992

    hello dear!!! hehehe.. been a fan of your blog since 2016?? hehehe… well… i’m happy i was able to bump into your account….learn many things, esp about KOREA!!!! \

    its been a year or so, when i first encounter about your blog and haven’t even posted any reply to your post…
    pls excuse my late post dear

    and its me by the wy.. the one who always greet you during shinhwa concert in Korea :)

    • 슈퍼스타

      Hi Monica!

      I remember you! :) Thanks for always greeting me at concert and I remembered you giving me some gifts as well. I showed to my friends and they say its so pretty and well-made too! hehehe

      You are most welcome about all the posting about Korea. Good things are worth sharing and I am very sure you will enjoy as much as I do. Its been so busy lately, I will update more soon! :)

      Look forward in meeting you again in Korea soon :)

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