Beast in Singapore Fan Meeting in 2015.
Uploading in process….

Please DO NOT CROP the watermark away.
Please give FULL CREDIT.
Thank you.

 photo P9245296_zpsvqok8wwo.jpg
 photo P9245329_zpsd946l3a6.jpg
 photo P9245533 copy copy copy_zpsdohdp3hw.jpg
 photo P9245554_zpsz7z3vnie.jpg
 photo P9245564_zpsx9ftbhbl.jpg
 photo P9245638-DJ_zpsbrp1bj03.jpg
 photo P9245638-JH_zpsfilwz3va.jpg
 photo P9246231_zpsqubjytf6.jpg
 photo P9246248_zps23tqmvsh.jpg
 photo P9246293_zpsxk6jteqt.jpg
 photo P9246392_zpsge63mmcm.jpg
 photo P9246478_zpswbr9fffx.jpg
 photo P9246473_zpsljtntzwg.jpg
 photo P9246442_zpspbbg0wrc.jpg
 photo P9246441_zpsq0bnaifr.jpg
 photo P9246623_zpsdzvfmaps.jpg
 photo DJGKJH_zps0tnq4x4p.gif
 photo doubleJUNS_zpsm802pfok.gif
 photo AnimatedGif3LR_zpsbvbictxs.gif
 photo P9246684_zpstfpaq4wj.jpg

I have also uploaded some of the clips to my YT Channel. More to come :)


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