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[Seoul] Kakao Friend Store at DDP

[Travel in March 2017]

Just another concept store in Seoul, previously share the one in Gangnam and Hongdae (old location) and their Concept Museum Season 1. When I visited in March, this is the nearly open store where you can buy any items and get the balloon freeee! :)

 photo IMG_6256 copy_zpsm2aq9h1t.jpg

 photo IMG_6254 copy_zpsa4z1xkxu.jpg

 photo IMG_6252 copy_zpsbanqzx1i.jpg
 photo IMG_6250 copy_zpsqenf8wcm.jpg
 photo IMG_6249 copy_zpsl0hwmhzx.jpg
 photo IMG_6246 copy_zpsfwblnzkd.jpg
 photo IMG_6243 copy_zpsmlyecupv.jpg
 photo IMG_6242 copy_zpszyrnkrdy.jpg
 photo IMG_6240 copy_zps2zl2gydi.jpg
 photo IMG_6237 copy_zpslzvaenti.jpg
 photo IMG_6236 copy_zps9wyne2bi.jpg
 photo IMG_6235 copy_zpsjsp7gwzh.jpg
 photo IMG_6232 copy_zpsn5fa5byu.jpg
 photo IMG_6230 copy_zps1l7i1mmu.jpg
 photo IMG_6229 copy_zpsmycdp3vq.jpg
 photo IMG_6228 copy_zpssuz6r3du.jpg
 photo IMG_6226 copy_zpsi912ti2z.jpg
 photo IMG_6225 copy_zpszxfibwkc.jpg
 photo IMG_6224 copy_zpsvgqrfhlb.jpg photo 20170327_211708-01.jpeg copy_zps2uxziqjn.jpg

Direction to DDP Kakao Friend Store

 photo IMG_6257 copy_zpszf9r2vir.jpg
Exit 1, and you will see this artium area :) Walk towards it and you will see the store very soon! :)

 photo IMG_6255 copy_zps2yml5qvf.jpg

Kakao Friends @ DDP

Phone: 02-2231-3552
Opening hours: 10:30 – 22:00
Address : 서울 중구 을지로 281 (을지로7가) DDP 지하2층 어울림광장 앞
Subway: Dong Dae Mun History and Culture Station Exit 1


 photo 20170327_191747-01.jpeg copy_zpsp2ouly6t.jpg

Since you are around DDP, how about exploring around and check the architecture out? They are quite pretty :)

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[Korea] Exploring Yeoju in a day!

[Travel in October – November 2016]

Introducing Gyeong-gang Line that opened in September 2016. Gyeong-gang line that runs from Pangyo Station to Yeoju Station that makes day trip to Yeoju alot easier by a transfer from Shinbundang Line. All thanks to 2Day1Night, they introduced this new line as part of their Sejong The Great episodes, hence we got to know this easier way to travel to Yeoju. King Sejong is one of their most respectable king in their history. In fact, he is the one whom create the Korean characters that all Koreans now able to read news even they doesn’t go to college. If you still find his name unfamiliar, he is the one who appeared on your 10,000won note!

here’s some sharing of the Yeoju trip :)

 photo IMG_3702 copy_zpsc4q5sx47.jpg
It took us 1.5hours to travel from Sinsa to Yeoju station.
If you staying around Seoul Station, it will takes you roughly 2hours to Yeoju station :)

 photo IMG_3701 copy_zpssnlyubve.jpg

Korean characters around the station.

 photo IMG_3703 copy_zpsxpfn4e7a.jpg
So much of attractions all over Yeoju!

 photo IMG_3704 copy_zpscoi5oxjt.jpg
Hello King Sejong!

 photo IMG_3706 copy_zps1gnlwon9.jpg
Tourist Information Centre where you get to buy the tickets.

 photo IMG_3712 copy_zps3k7uffen.jpg
So this ticket get us to Silleuksa Temple where we will visit as our intention of taking Hwangpo Sailboat.

 photo IMG_3714 copy_zps8senmazc.jpg
 photo IMG_3719 copy_zpsbwdji4sk.jpg
You know autumn is here, looking all the red orange yellow maple leaves :)

 photo IMG_3723 copy_zpsniapmsdc.jpg
Entrance of the festival. Oh yeah, we happened to visit the temple during a festival haha!

 photo IMG_3726 copy_zpscfocu2j5.jpg
 photo IMG_3727 copy_zpsobgffpxm.jpg
Feels :) I started to think that everyone should visit Korea during Autumn to know how beautiful Korea can be.

 photo IMG_3729 copy_zpsqdkn1txk.jpg
 photo IMG_3730 copy_zpst4vpouzk.jpg photo IMG_3737 copy_zpsclcfhh64.jpg
So the greedy us decided to buy some food and be part of the festival hahahaha!

 photo IMG_3731 copy_zpskmxqbppp.jpg
 photo IMG_3734 copy_zpsetex9ub8.jpg photo IMG_3738 copy_zps5gzfhegg.jpg
Odeng is a must, and we ordered a pajeon too! :p

 photo IMG_3743 copy_zpsnryba1ax.jpg
Some exhibits for the festival :)

 photo IMG_3746 copy_zps8bunizga.jpg
 photo IMG_3748 copy_zps7sdbqsqb.jpg
Everyone started to stand around all this long “oven” waiting for…

 photo IMG_3750 copy_zpsrk7ajila.jpg
Sweet potato hahaha! It’s free, and we thought we need to pay for it! HAHA

 photo IMG_3763 copy_zpsnzdfwrcn.jpg
Walking around and saw this! Ginseng, alot of ginseng!

 photo IMG_3766 copy_zpsgzmu7t9r.jpg
 photo IMG_3767 copy_zpsaa2kzhxw.jpg
Fried ginseng!

 photo IMG_3769 copy_zpsjssragz1.jpg
 photo IMG_3770 copy_zpsbpbswhdr.jpg
 photo IMG_3771 copy_zpsf4sslnyd.jpg
Heading for our Sailboat ride! :)

 photo IMG_3775 copy_zpstiiucoe0.jpg
 photo IMG_3779 copy_zpsjdye4x0m.jpg
As this festival, we didnt actually get to take a “full” ride but good enough haha :) Take a little scenery around and having fun taking videos and photos.

 photo GOPR0162 copy_zpsa4bjrnhk.jpg photo GOPR0165 copy_zpsinddkncn.jpg photo IMG_3788 copy_zpsblcmva2u.jpg
 photo IMG_3791 copy_zpsx3vgukvu.jpg
 photo IMG_3793 copy_zpsuevgq6uz.jpg
 photo IMG_3795 copy_zpsj8mxzftb.jpg
 photo IMG_3800 copy_zpspr6jg2i5.jpg
 photo IMG_3802 copy_zps9mk0jyvi.jpg
 photo IMG_3808 copy_zpskwiyy4fu.jpg
 photo IMG_3809 copy_zpsdkzj9qar.jpg
 photo IMG_3814 copy_zps87mfuzsm.jpg
 photo IMG_3815 copy_zpsibmzxhku.jpg
 photo IMG_3816 copy_zps5mzwzpwf.jpg
 photo IMG_3818 copy_zpstgnp6suo.jpg
 photo IMG_3822 copy_zpsapzt2ynu.jpg
 photo IMG_3828 copy_zpsi4qmgz0l.jpg
 photo IMG_3831 copy_zpspwmusvpa.jpg
 photo IMG_3832 copy_zpsmnxvsauk.jpg
 photo IMG_3834 copy_zps8oqeqjoo.jpg
 photo IMG_3835 copy_zpsfde2rhfg.jpg
 photo IMG_3839 copy_zps9gd7be43.jpg
 photo IMG_3842 copy_zpsxmdqeyqe.jpg
 photo IMG_3845 copy_zpsqdzj1rqj.jpg
 photo IMG_3849 copy_zpsx0ktykqv.jpg
 photo IMG_3859 copy_zpszdnr63ve.jpg


[UNESCO World Heritage, Historic Site No. 195] Royal Tomb

We took a cab from the Silleuksa Temple to the Royal Tomb at around 10,000won (roughly 16mins journey)

 photo IMG_3903 copy_zpsqlqdpfkk.jpg

During King Sejong’s ruling, Jang Yeong-sil is one of the inventor that noticed by King Sejong whom invented design for water clocks and rain gauge.
You will get to see the following mentioned in photos.

 photo IMG_3864 copy_zps53dliaaf.jpg
 photo IMG_3866 copy_zpsux8jnfpe.jpg
 photo IMG_3869 copy_zpsbfissc3t.jpg
 photo IMG_3870 copy_zpslmzuvkde.jpg
 photo IMG_3871 copy_zpsua7sxvzh.jpg
 photo IMG_3872 copy_zpsgk479kyr.jpg
#water clock

 photo IMG_3873 copy_zpsq7iyfm0c.jpg
Entrance to the tomb area :)

 photo IMG_3875 copy_zpsptiuyxhx.jpg
 photo IMG_3877 copy_zpste1fnchp.jpg
 photo IMG_3879 copy_zpsdc8o9u7i.jpg
King Sejong’s tomb.

 photo IMG_3881 copy_zpsz6vg16mc.jpg
 photo IMG_3884 copy_zpsmlbohzkg.jpg
 photo IMG_3892 copy_zpsmtoceefk.jpg

[UNESCO World Heritage, Historic Site No. 195] Royal Tomb
269-50, Yeongneung-ro,
Neungseo-myeon, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 여주시 능서면 영릉로 269-50
Closed on Monday

Silleuksa Temple at Yeoju
73, Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-eup, Yeoju-gun, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 여주시 신륵사길 73

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[Seoul] Florte Flower Cafe 플로르떼 꽃 카페

[Travel in May 2017]

Happy Birthday to myself. Birthday girl gets her way, decide how her day to be ;)

Florte Flower Cafe by Loving You, is one of the flower cafes I wanted to visit it since last year. I’m glad Carol and Cin were interested and agreed this should be the best cafe to start my birthday day! :)

 photo GOPR1537_1495944920410_high copy_zpsoujkjfgh.jpg photo 20170528_120026 copy_zps8vtzsg2l.jpg
 photo IMG_6935 copy_zps8br1hxah.jpg
 photo IMG_6936 copy_zpsop27cqph.jpg photo IMG_6952 copy_zps5hwdc9wv.jpg photo IMG_6968 copy_zpsuwl6juu6.jpg photo IMG_6953 copy_zpsoufa3frc.jpg
 photo IMG_6938 copy_zpsdxchbg9i.jpg
 photo IMG_6941 copy_zpszfscnalc.jpg
 photo IMG_6942 copy_zpsocnpnxkx.jpg
 photo IMG_6943 copy_zpsvau4rbtf.jpg photo 20170528_130158 copy_zps1o8ed05u.jpg photo IMG_6954 copy_zpshamiberf.jpg

Dessert time! :)

 photo IMG_6945 copy_zpshmc69rud.jpg
 photo 20170528_121342 copy_zpsrzeqt25h.jpg
The ice is in the shape of a Rose, so pretty!

 photo 20170528_121410 copy_zpslt0igscc.jpg
Everything just so pretty, words can’t express as much as the photo I shared.

 photo IMG_6950 copy_zpsvqny10h6.jpg

 photo 20170528_121421 copy_zpsq8midqgv.jpg
 photo 20170528_121645 copy_zpsik4bifvr.jpgThere’s a need to order this because its too pretty!

 photo IMG_6958 copy_zpsnhtqpizq.jpg photo 20170528_122112 copy_zpsiu6mvwbh.jpg
 photo 20170528_121733 copy_zpsccaqo4xj.jpg
 photo GOPR1533_1495944920410_high copy_zpsuyq7dqev.jpg

Direction to Florte Flower Cafe at Hongdae, Seoul

 photo IMG_6926 copy_zps5kn4wldc.jpg
Hongdae Exit 6, Walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6927 copy_zpswnjcdh6b.jpg
#continue to walk straight ;)

 photo IMG_6928 copy_zpsf9a3nhpy.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6929 copy_zpsf6uwxvlo.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_6930 copy_zpslhlily29.jpg
#and you reached!

 photo IMG_6931 copy_zpsfewvv3mc.jpg
#I love pretty cafe! :)


Florte Flower Cafe
Address: 22 Sinchon-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Nearest Subway: Hongik University Station Exit 6
Operating Hours: 10:30am – 11:00pm (Last order 10:30pm)
Wifi: Yes, ID: florte PW: florte22
Drama: Entertainer EP17, Yoseob Birthday (2017)on VAPP with Junhyung Cameo

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[Seoul] 팔팔민물장어

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I love Eel or some called it Unagi. I love fishes and almost all kinds except those fried type. So, when I first visited 황가네 꼼장군 I was excited to try this baby eel that I never ate it before. I thought its really tasty and I never ate something that taste like this at all. I guessed, I am really challenging when I travelling, I basically give a try to almost everything except anything-seaweed-or-vinegar haha! So, after the visit at  황가네 꼼장군, I searched around and found this 신촌 풍천장어. So the recent trip, I wanted to bring the girls to eat Eel yet its somewhere new. Really New & Luxury hahahahhahhaha!

Please forgive me of the not-so-sharp-photos for the direction guide as the rain was pretty heavy and I doesn’t have an umbrella.

 photo IMG_6630 copy_zpsvsryjztc.jpg
 photo IMG_6631 copy_zps1wzqoq8y.jpg
 photo IMG_6634 copy_zps2wvywgjf.jpg
#we took a normal seating because we so wet, doesn’t want to sit on the floor with our smelly socks too! HAHA

 photo IMG_6632 copy_zps0ggwtaul.jpg
Eel’s bone, its like crackers, and its quite addictive! :p

 photo IMG_6637 copy_zpsbyri3jfa.jpg
The menu, we accidentally ordered the luxury eel at 85,000won each (85USD) lol

 photo IMG_6638 copy_zps6vrxtmbo.jpg
 photo IMG_6640 copy_zpsnfulzhzg.jpg
 photo IMG_6642 copy_zpsu9ob7q9m.jpg
Their side dishes really yummy, and we were given 2 set each. We only have 4 pax and haha we refilled a few times because its too good! :)

 photo IMG_6643 copy_zpskcfwoqmr.jpg
quail eggs, who can resist!

 photo IMG_6644 copy_zpsfxus0aim.jpg
potato salad, one of my favourite!

 photo IMG_6645 copy_zpsivvufzne.jpg
# anchovies

 photo IMG_6646 copy_zps50kriscg.jpg
#its a type of squid/octopus etc, not sure haha

 photo IMG_6647 copy_zpsdxcuchxs.jpg

 photo IMG_6648 copy_zpscky3z5ee.jpg
#some greens finally!

 photo IMG_6650 copy_zps0cjebdeg.jpg
and our luxury eel arrived. It’s occupied more than half of our table height!

 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdi5dntzs.jpg
really luxury, look at the fat meat!

 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Oh my! i love unagi!

 photo IMG_6653 copy_zpslfthkihn.jpg photo IMG_6657 copy_zpsvxfbp4ev.jpg
 photo IMG_6658 copy_zpsz3kedoin.jpg
 photo IMG_6654 copy_zpsuehgnk0n.jpg
It’s really expensive as it cost 170,000won for this meal, but I think we all ended up have happy tummy! :)


Direction to 팔팔민물장어

I’m sorry that the photo turned out quite badly due to the heavy rains, and the lens was blurred, I didn’t realise it until I was back home.
But, its not too difficult to figure out the way, and its quite easy after exit too :)

 photo IMG_6609 copy_zps2fjkghtl.jpg
Exit 1 at Sinnohyeon Station & Walk straight

 photo IMG_6612 copy_zpsxw8sqwld.jpg
#continue to walk straight, Burger King on your right

 photo IMG_6613 copy_zpshjkfhlzf.jpg
Continue to walk straight, IBK bank on your right

 photo IMG_6616 copy_zpsihcvznzp.jpg
#Continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6617 copy_zpsu4xbjw1o.jpg
Did i told you all, I didnt have umbrella, so its really very wet! Husky on the right :)

 photo IMG_6619 copy_zpsx8ma9xq2.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6621 copy_zpsbgou9hsc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, dunkin donuts on your right

 photo IMG_6622 copy_zpsfcpqnobr.jpg
#you are almost, go all the way to the end! :)

 photo IMG_6624 copy_zps3sf16jo8.jpg
#you will see the shop name at the building on ur right. Walk in! :)

 photo IMG_6626 copy_zpslkfmdpc6.jpg
#the lens must be really wet!

 photo IMG_6628 copy_zpsgj4qenoa.jpg
 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Anyway, when I was checking the exact english name of this restaurant (which eventually I can’t find lol), I then realise, this is the one that Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin in Drinking solo) went. I love that drama, its so simply and actually telling quite alot of facts about working life too. 


Address in English: 745 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korean: 서초구 반포동 745
Contact: 02-549-1112~3
Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM (~10PM on Sat/Sun)
Nearest Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 1

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[Hongdae] Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I remembered I don’t really visit Hongdae that much and this year, I went there about 4-5 times? So, I need to research on places to eat around this area since we will be spending the evening here. And, I found this really interesting dinner place where you can cook your food with cheese and be creative with it. (I wanted, but i didn’t) But, heading somewhere new was something I always like to do in Korea, and now with my best cousin, she will delighted to try new food too! :D

 photo IMG_6174 copy_zpsbxlr8ft7.jpg
 photo IMG_6173 copy_zpsqweaihd6.jpg photo IMG_6156 copy_zpsqbi61fj9.jpg photo IMG_6159 copy_zpsavz7gwcg.jpg
The restaurant is really very small, we waited a while, maybe 15mins?

 photo IMG_6163 copy_zpsuiignvmn.jpg
 photo IMG_6171 copy_zps3dnksxwc.jpg
You can pick different meat style and spicy level :) And You can order add-ons too! :)

 photo IMG_6164 copy_zpskchbqfji.jpg
When it came! Yums!!! I love beansprout!!! :)

 photo IMG_6167 copy_zpsvc0zhvsi.jpg photo IMG_6169 copy_zpswxravzbe.jpg
haha i forget to take the photo of the cheese, but yeah, it’s quite a bit of portion of different cheese for us to cook with the meat/vege and make cute food! :)
And this was the best I did hahaha >

 photo IMG_6170 copy_zpsdm5jtdya.jpg

 photo IMG_6161 copy_zps1gkbjctt.jpg

Direction to Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈


 photo IMG_6196 copy_zps6s43hfgc.jpg
Exit 9 at Hongik Uni Station (Hongdae station) – Just walk straight after you exit! :D

 photo IMG_6195 copy_zpsecvg7hai.jpg
This is what you supposed to see, and continue to walk straight (sorry for the terrible photo guide, night time is arghh!)

 photo IMG_6193 copy_zpsbftqw846.jpg
Turn left here :)

 photo IMG_6192 copy_zpslvhaztnl.jpg
Walk straight here :)

 photo IMG_6189 copy_zpsjcxirwhj.jpg
you will pass by ecube, and continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6188 copy_zpsz77sy8li.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6186 copy_zpszbdgsmbv.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6185 copy_zpsuubmykdp.jpg
Continue till you reach the junction & turn right! :)

 photo IMG_6184 copy_zpsqahnvscf.jpg
Cross the road and turn left :)

 photo IMG_6183 copy_zpsujzm1nme.jpg
This way please, and turn right here :)

 photo IMG_6182 copy_zps0fmhvzqq.jpg
Here for the right turn! :)

 photo IMG_6181 copy_zpsg0gjrl5l.jpg
Turn right again at this path! :) -(this Isaac Toast is one of the famous one that many drama setting is!)

 photo IMG_6180 copy_zpsmrvabg19.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6179 copy_zpscxy3nruj.jpg
#and straight! :)

 photo IMG_6178 copy_zpsqzuadusx.jpg
#and you reached, up up level 2! :D

 photo IMG_6162 copy_zpsuw2ldawn.jpg
Get ready, you are eating this now! :) *we opt the chicken version, there’s seafood too!



Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈
Address in Korean:서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-36 2층
Address in English: Address: 358-36 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact:+82 2-3144-3922
Operating Hours:11am – 10:30pm
Nearest Subway:Hongdae Station Exit 9
Wifi: madebyOZ
Toilet PW: 4889


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[Sinsa Garosu-gil] Backen 바켄

[Travel in March/April 2017]

Hi! I am back with another bakery entry! I can’t remember when was the last one, was it Le Alaska or Mr Holmes Bakehouse haha. Honestly, I visited too many cafes in Korea, and they takes ages to finish sharing here, but I guessed, another bakery entry will break the chain haha. This is a very simple cafe, very small, located far end of Garosugil, one of my favourite place in Seoul. Every trip to Seoul, I must visit Sinsa, and I’m glad most of friends travelled together with me love Sinsa as much as I do too haha :) Yeah!

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
 photo IMG_6756 copy_zpskyshcpng.jpg
 photo IMG_6753 copy_zps9y8hs42o.jpg
 photo IMG_6755 copy_zpsrepquvnr.jpg
 photo IMG_6760 copy_zps4cziyhee.jpg
 photo IMG_6768 copy_zpslqidyjdg.jpg
#my drink really yummy! grapefruit soda! :D

 photo IMG_6765 copy_zpsmxtiifux.jpg
 photo IMG_6772 copy_zps2oiraicu.jpg
#Caramel Chocolate – 2800won – THIS IS OUR FAVOURITE! TRY THIS OKAY? :)

 photo IMG_6773 copy_zpssuw6zbhg.jpg
#Banana Churros – 3800won

 photo IMG_6779 copy_zpsadkybajc.jpg


Direction to Backen

 photo IMG_6837 copy_zpsbhru2tsd.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, my favourite! Continue to walk straight! :D 

 photo IMG_6793 copy_zpsoz4gebdw.jpg
#turn left at It’s skin to Garougil street! :D

 photo IMG_6791 copy_zps3ogewarn.jpg
#walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6789 copy_zpsikdgdmxt.jpg
#you will pass by Line Friend Cafe & Store :)

 photo IMG_6788 copy_zpscmze5me1.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6787 copy_zpsmuoiv4qb.jpg
#yes, continue haha

 photo IMG_6785 copy_zpswp0yy1nq.jpg
#good things are worth waiting, come on, a little more :)

 photo IMG_6783 copy_zps2ilgc3zk.jpg
#continue a little bit more now :)

 photo IMG_6737 copy_zpswxrmttf9.jpg
#turn left here, where tommy hilfiger is on your left :)

 photo IMG_6739 copy_zpspdjzpyir.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6741 copy_zpsneerfgyw.jpg
#3 level starbucks!

 photo IMG_6742 copy_zpsswjpikdj.jpg

 photo IMG_6744 copy_zpsscdpqqgl.jpg
#straight! :)

 photo IMG_6746 copy_zpsqlpyqdmt.jpg
#turn right here to the carpark! :)

 photo IMG_6747 copy_zpsxxcrsoim.jpg

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
#you reached! :D



Backen 바켄
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 528-3
Contact: 02-516-8889
Operation Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Station (Exit 8)
Wifi: Backen/ backen528

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[Sinsa Garosu-gil] Kitchen Lab 키친랩

[Travel in March/April 2017]

With Six+One or My cousins, I will always make the initiatives to plan for our Korea trip. That’s because, I visited really alot of times, and as someone so close to them, I will know where to bring them, and what type of holiday they probably looking for. As for my this #weseoulchio, they are really friends who can’t eat spicy foods, and most korean cuisine are spicy. There’s some i wanted to bring them to try but I guessed its too spicy for them (Sinsa Octopus / Potato Stew) so, I thought a pasta place will be good for them hence, we trying Kitchen Lab. (Oh, did I tell you before, in Korea, almost every other things taste good despite they might be non-korean dishes?)

So, let me share some of the dishes we ate during our last trip! :)

 photo IMG_6886 copy_zpsrqtlcaws.jpg
 photo IMG_6891 copy_zpsr73url7n.jpg
#very simple looking menu~

 photo IMG_6893 copy_zpscqbfpcd2.jpg
 photo IMG_6894 copy_zpsmc2iz6uj.jpg
 photo IMG_6896 copy_zpsq0watjxn.jpg
 photo IMG_6899 copy_zpsouhs7jp4.jpg
 photo IMG_6902 copy_zpsmjtykswm.jpg

 photo IMG_6904 copy_zpsmgxmp7gh.jpg
#aglio e olio looks really good, and its quite a big plate to share~!

 photo IMG_6908 copy_zpsy5cmrc5p.jpg
 photo IMG_6910 copy_zpsn6c3whbv.jpg
#hidden surprise, the pasta is inside this “bomb” Seafood pasta!

 photo IMG_6912 copy_zpsomycb5r7.jpg
#and creamy risotto (i think its like tomato + cream sauce mix?)


Direction to Kitchen Lab 키친랩

 photo IMG_6837 copy_zpsbhyc0gjl.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6838 copy_zpsjhvxj0ww.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6839 copy_zpsvkvjktmu.jpg
#Turn left at the coming junction :)

 photo IMG_6840 copy_zpsvj9yqvzu.jpg
#walk straight and turn right in awhile :)

 photo IMG_6841 copy_zpsthbeypaa.jpg
#turn right here :)

 photo IMG_6842 copy_zps7woo9erg.jpg
#turn left here – the holly coffee here has already start their operation :)

 photo IMG_6843 copy_zpscul6qj88.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6844 copy_zps64th2qnc.jpg
#still continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6845 copy_zpsd0tpsuix.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6847 copy_zpspsboychc.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6848 copy_zpswz0s1k5y.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6850 copy_zpseyjjfcnc.jpg
#still walking straight :p

 photo IMG_6852 copy_zpsuyse3zpx.jpg
#turn left here! :)

 photo IMG_6856 copy_zpsoqbgiumo.jpg
#here to be exact :)

 photo IMG_6853 copy_zpssvy1snl1.jpg
#walk along and turn right here

 photo IMG_6888 copy_zpsdolifo27.jpg
#Here you are! :) Kitchen Lab!



키친랩 (압구정/가로수길점)
Address in Korea: 서울 강남구 압구정로10길 30-1
Operation Hours: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Exit 8
Damage: 48,600won for 4 pax

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