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[Seoul] 팔팔민물장어

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I love Eel or some called it Unagi. I love fishes and almost all kinds except those fried type. So, when I first visited 황가네 꼼장군 I was excited to try this baby eel that I never ate it before. I thought its really tasty and I never ate something that taste like this at all. I guessed, I am really challenging when I travelling, I basically give a try to almost everything except anything-seaweed-or-vinegar haha! So, after the visit at  황가네 꼼장군, I searched around and found this 신촌 풍천장어. So the recent trip, I wanted to bring the girls to eat Eel yet its somewhere new. Really New & Luxury hahahahhahhaha!

Please forgive me of the not-so-sharp-photos for the direction guide as the rain was pretty heavy and I doesn’t have an umbrella.

 photo IMG_6630 copy_zpsvsryjztc.jpg
 photo IMG_6631 copy_zps1wzqoq8y.jpg
 photo IMG_6634 copy_zps2wvywgjf.jpg
#we took a normal seating because we so wet, doesn’t want to sit on the floor with our smelly socks too! HAHA

 photo IMG_6632 copy_zps0ggwtaul.jpg
Eel’s bone, its like crackers, and its quite addictive! :p

 photo IMG_6637 copy_zpsbyri3jfa.jpg
The menu, we accidentally ordered the luxury eel at 85,000won each (85USD) lol

 photo IMG_6638 copy_zps6vrxtmbo.jpg
 photo IMG_6640 copy_zpsnfulzhzg.jpg
 photo IMG_6642 copy_zpsu9ob7q9m.jpg
Their side dishes really yummy, and we were given 2 set each. We only have 4 pax and haha we refilled a few times because its too good! :)

 photo IMG_6643 copy_zpskcfwoqmr.jpg
quail eggs, who can resist!

 photo IMG_6644 copy_zpsfxus0aim.jpg
potato salad, one of my favourite!

 photo IMG_6645 copy_zpsivvufzne.jpg
# anchovies

 photo IMG_6646 copy_zps50kriscg.jpg
#its a type of squid/octopus etc, not sure haha

 photo IMG_6647 copy_zpsdxcuchxs.jpg

 photo IMG_6648 copy_zpscky3z5ee.jpg
#some greens finally!

 photo IMG_6650 copy_zps0cjebdeg.jpg
and our luxury eel arrived. It’s occupied more than half of our table height!

 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdi5dntzs.jpg
really luxury, look at the fat meat!

 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Oh my! i love unagi!

 photo IMG_6653 copy_zpslfthkihn.jpg photo IMG_6657 copy_zpsvxfbp4ev.jpg
 photo IMG_6658 copy_zpsz3kedoin.jpg
 photo IMG_6654 copy_zpsuehgnk0n.jpg
It’s really expensive as it cost 170,000won for this meal, but I think we all ended up have happy tummy! :)


Direction to 팔팔민물장어

I’m sorry that the photo turned out quite badly due to the heavy rains, and the lens was blurred, I didn’t realise it until I was back home.
But, its not too difficult to figure out the way, and its quite easy after exit too :)

 photo IMG_6609 copy_zps2fjkghtl.jpg
Exit 1 at Sinnohyeon Station & Walk straight

 photo IMG_6612 copy_zpsxw8sqwld.jpg
#continue to walk straight, Burger King on your right

 photo IMG_6613 copy_zpshjkfhlzf.jpg
Continue to walk straight, IBK bank on your right

 photo IMG_6616 copy_zpsihcvznzp.jpg
#Continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6617 copy_zpsu4xbjw1o.jpg
Did i told you all, I didnt have umbrella, so its really very wet! Husky on the right :)

 photo IMG_6619 copy_zpsx8ma9xq2.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6621 copy_zpsbgou9hsc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, dunkin donuts on your right

 photo IMG_6622 copy_zpsfcpqnobr.jpg
#you are almost, go all the way to the end! :)

 photo IMG_6624 copy_zps3sf16jo8.jpg
#you will see the shop name at the building on ur right. Walk in! :)

 photo IMG_6626 copy_zpslkfmdpc6.jpg
#the lens must be really wet!

 photo IMG_6628 copy_zpsgj4qenoa.jpg
 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Anyway, when I was checking the exact english name of this restaurant (which eventually I can’t find lol), I then realise, this is the one that Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin in Drinking solo) went. I love that drama, its so simply and actually telling quite alot of facts about working life too. 


Address in English: 745 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korean: 서초구 반포동 745
Contact: 02-549-1112~3
Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM (~10PM on Sat/Sun)
Nearest Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 1

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세상의 모든 아침. All morning, in the world.

[Travel in August 2016]

This is one of my most anticipate cafe that I wanted to visit for this trip. I have seen many photos of this cafe in Instagram, and have already listed as number 1 cafe in my heart to visit the next trip with my cousin on her birthday. Though, I have no idea is the food nice but the scenery make it all worth. I’m sure after reading this, you will listed this as one of the place to visit too! :)

And my August trip came unexpected, and we both got so excited because we both really wanted to visit here. And so, we made it happen! :)

 photo IMG_3088 copy_zpsj3r7jdk9.jpg photo IMG_3082 copy_zps3d3ywour.jpg photo IMG_3084 copy_zpstzxm3fn9.jpg photo IMG_3086 copy_zpsr6dlp4lh.jpg photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg
 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
 photo IMG_3076 copy_zpszwscoaem.jpg
 photo IMG_3079 copy_zpsqe1nxguc.jpg
 photo IMG_3091 copy_zpsaguchup0.jpg photo IMG_3109 copy_zps3nyaxylf.jpg
#You must be really lucky to get a window seat because this place is really popular! :) I have seen so many posting on instagrams!! :)

 photo IMG_3110 copy_zpsne8j4pam.jpg
 photo IMG_3112 copy_zpswj6susoq.jpg
 photo IMG_3116 copy_zpshm8s3gff.jpg
#the plate is so pretty! its floral :) and yes, my favourite marble table top! (you gonna expect…. layflat photo :p)

 photo IMG_3118 copy_zpswniwlwov.jpg
#and you get to oversee the Hangang River! :) Summer makes everything look clearer :p

 photo IMG_3121 copy_zpswyrpjyek.jpg
 photo IMG_3122 copy_zpslkqpxjk7.jpg
 photo IMG_3132 copy_zpsan6io3pc.jpg
Some breads for us before the meals. And, my always Earl Grey Tea :)

 photo IMG_3135 copy_zpsrwfutpt8.jpg
We ordered a brunch to share :) I love anything spinach :p

 photo IMG_3140 copy_zpssv75fkjq.jpg
Layflat photo again :p

 photo IMG_3148 copy_zps2fiddzj6.jpg
#Check out the eggs :p

 photo IMG_3154 copy_zpsne4oyc6n.jpg
#And we ordered a lobster pasta to share (but didnt know its a half tomato base, which I don’t really like it.)

 photo IMG_3160 copy_zps5vuzevft.jpg
 photo IMG_3162 copy_zps4gpg0gxv.jpg
 photo IMG_3165 copy_zpsrltf9miu.jpg photo GOPR0120 copy_zpspmhrs7ja.jpg
 photo IMG_3169 copy_zpsxv42irys.jpg
#its our last day in Korea, and we have a great meal before the flight. This place is really too pretty! :)

And, you might find all these photo familiar, as when I checked online for the exact full address, I realized many celebrities came here before :) Celebrities Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun celebrated their son first birthday here :) Many celebrities were invited to celebrate this great day with the family. On top of that, I also just realized this Sky Farm is also owned by YG (YG Food is established by YG Entertainment and Noh Hee Kyung – CEO of YG Food) too.

If you are a K-Drama fan, this is gonna be a very familiar filming scene too. I didn’t realise it as the W drama was set in the night. 

 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
Han Hyo Joo was “asked to wait” for Lee Jong-suk at the restaurant in the same building where LJS stayed. This is the restaurant setting where HHJ was waiting and got caught eventually. 

LJS also went to the sky farm near the little glass house (5th photo after this) :)

Another recent featuring is Girl Group – APINK also have their MV 내가 설렐 수 있게 here too :)

headed to the Sky Farm at Level 52 :)

 photo IMG_3181 copy_zpsgjsj9oyj.jpg
 photo IMG_3183 copy_zpszdvaozjs.jpg
 photo IMG_3184 copy_zpsektvrtyr.jpg
 photo IMG_3187 copy_zpsw6ebvktw.jpg photo GOPR0133 copy_zps2usppl8d.jpg
 photo IMG_3194 copy_zpswk86iyom.jpg
 photo IMG_3203 copy_zpsjtx3r15v.jpg
 photo IMG_3213 copy_zpsjxnrrssx.jpg

Direction to 100 photos Cafe ( I called it 100 photos cafe, because I can take more than 100 photos :p)

 photo IMG_3057 copy_zpsrrseotf6.jpg
Yeoudio Station Exit 2 and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3059 copy_zpsojeavnlw.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3060 copy_zpsbztmn9sy.jpg
(side track, the weather is so good, i can’t help to take many photos!)

 photo IMG_3061 copy_zpsw5vneahe.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_3063 copy_zpsqxrzmysf.jpg
#continue the road here :)

 photo IMG_3094 copy_zps0rgzur8n.jpg
#Enter this building, and go up to level 50 :)

 photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg

 photo IMG_3089 copy_zpsqwhvro3g.jpg
#tadah! you reached :)

 photo IMG_3149 copy_zps1cmelxir.jpg

세상의 모든 아침 • All morning, in the world.
Address: 28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korea: 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 28-1 전경련회관 50층, 51층
Contact: +82 2-2055-4442
Subway Station: Yeouido Station

Reservation needed if not you gonna wait like 1hr (at least) in the late morning like us :p

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Spending a day at Incheon, Songdo

[Travel in May 2015]

Incheon, the first thing that came to your mind was Incheon Airport. But do you know, there’s many places you can shop/play/visit just in Incheon itself? This time, my cousin and I ventured to Songdo as known as the world first smart city. The reason why its a smart city because they are built of reclaimed land along Incheon waterfront from scratch. Amazing! While taking the cab over from Incheon airport, we were told by the cab driver that this highway bridge (Incheon bridge) was 12.3kilometre long, which is pretty amazing and pretty to look at it from far :)

But, maybe most of us get to know more about Songdo because of the KBS’s Superman returns’s Song Triplets? The Central Park (next to it) is pretty a good hangout place for couple and friends. I’m not sure was it the best plan ever, but in late May and its afternoon, I’m sharing you that this is not just simply hot since its an open space :) So please get better of the heat if you are heading there soon :)

 photo IMG_1939 copy_zpsdc3eadni.jpg photo IMG_1942 copy_zpsiaameyrs.jpg photo IMG_1937 copy_zpsgjlxaqg1.jpg photo IMG_1947 copy_zpspnjswhw6.jpg photo IMG_1950 copy_zpsp5spipp6.jpg

Looking back at this few photos especially on the bridge, remind me of School 2015. I didnt know that this bridge was feature in the drama until I was back home :) Beautiful places always used in Korean drama. Awesome production teams for all the Korean’s dramas! :)

Anyway I look really tired but I wanted show a photo of myself on the bridge haha! :)

 photo IMG_1956 copy_zpseppmwbjw.jpg photo IMG_1959 copy_zpstkevqfm4.jpg photo IMG_1961 copy_zpsf4zstgwt.jpg photo IMG_1967 copy_zpsmcyt2nle.jpg

I shall do some duck cycling at this river here! :) It gonna be so fun! OK, do it in autumn or winter will make more sense. Summer is just too hot! Plus honestly, we were a little late for our schedule, so we didnt manage to do some of the rides we wanted.

 photo IMG_1968 copy_zpsuniv6cwn.jpg photo IMG_1972 copy_zps3xzlv9a4.jpg
 photo IMG_1974 copy_zpsfkewuhma.jpg
#Reset Reset Reset~~~
 photo IMG_1980 copy_zpsj8m9kf8r.jpg
#a photo of us at the bridge! :)

We visited the NC Cube, and having our brunch in Cafe La Lee (located at NC Cube) and a walk at Central Park :) You could plan a day visit to Songdo Central Park with food, shopping and scenery! :)

Songdo Smart City – Central Park
Filming Site for Who Are You: School 2015 and The Return of Superman – Song Triplets.
Nearest Subway: Central Park

Everyone’s Favourite – Sulbing 설빙

Sulbing which translate as 雪冰 (meaning Snow Ice) could be the best word to describe for this korean dessert. Sulbing looks very similar to bingsoo, but instead of shaved ice, its made just like snow flakes which is really really fine that melt into your mouth every mouthful. Its really yummy that my cousin and I actually finished the entire big bowl. I am so going to recommend my friends whom is going to Korea any soon to try this! :) Sulbing is a chain cafe that is quite popular in Korea, and you get to eat it in many place like Myeongdong and Sinchon.

If you can’t see the falling snow, how about a bowl of snow? :)

 photo PC223808 copy_zpsg8luakf4.jpg
 photo 2014_1222_145812_002 copy_zpsfrdcx3ue.jpg

설빙 Sulbing
Subway Station //  Sinchon
Direction //  Walk towards U-Plex, upon reaching, you see Missha & Smoothie King opposite Uplex (in the same direction you are walking). You will see Sulbing located at Level 2 & 3 of the building :)

Sulbing is a famous franchises all over Korea, and you can easily found them at popular places like Myeongdong and Hongdae. If you are a fan of CN Blue Lee Jong Hyun, maybe you can consider heading to the one that is owned by his family where you can find many of his photos in the cafe. If you watched Drama – Pinocchio starring Lee Jong Suk (LJS) and Park Shinhye where you will get to see LJS having the famous strawberry sulbing with the rest of the casts.  It was known that the exact sulbing that Pinocchio filmed at was owned by Lee Jong Hyun’s family! 

CN Blue Lee Jong Hyun Family Sulbing // Sillim Station Exit 6, Walk straight and its located at level 2 above Tom n Toms coffee.

You Who Came From the Stars / 2D1N: Hakrim Coffee 학림다방

I have problem with this entry because I can’t decide which title suit this entry totally. Here’s my choices

  1. The oldest cafe in Seoul: Hakrim Coffee
  2. You who came from the stars: Where Do Manager meet up with Jang Lawyer
  3. 2 Days 1 Night (Season 3): Seollal In Seoul 2014, Oldest Cafe in Seoul

My title of this entry can’t be too long, hence, I can’t put all details inside though they are all fact and the truth. Basically, Korea is a place where everything is a story to tell, be it a filming location, be it a shop opened by Idol’s family, or even international brand endorse by local artistes.

I know of this Hakrim Coffee from watching You who came from the star, but I remember its just a few scene filming? (I might be wrong or was it just 1 scene?) And it was actually from 2 Days 1 Night – Seasons 3: Seollal in Seoul Part 1 (video here), where I eventually know that this cafe have many stories to tell. It’s actually the oldest cafe in Korea since 1956, a cafe of almost 60 years old. The cafe is very vintage looking, where the interior tells you a lot. I heard you shouldn’t miss the coffee :)

 photo P4011258 copy_zpsrfxnbfex.jpg
 photo P4011259 copy_zpsl0bfy8n0.jpg photo P4011257 copy_zpsaozkxdho.jpg photo P4011244 copy_zpslzkfs9v9.jpg photo P4011242 copy_zpsdohwzwmd.jpg photo P4011241 copy_zpsg4m31oek.jpg photo P4011240 copy_zpsjwnqfa7z.jpg photo P4011238 copy_zpsne3v0ulm.jpg photo P4011247 copy_zpsub5dgdal.jpg
#i heard some of my friends love this cheesecake thingy and even went back for this, but sorry, I really can’t appreciate it haha!

 photo P4011243 copy_zpsz2ot8nfq.jpg
# And there’s always a reason. No, not that they are idol or someone, but they were sitting at the most popular seat EVER! It’s where Doo Min Joon and his friend Lawyer Jang sat (You who came from the star). I went here twice, its still very popular and most people love taking this seat :p

 photo 2014_1228_160041_001 copy_zpsy2zlixlt.jpg
#Overview of the cafe with Cousin & Myself :)


Address // 94-2 Myeongnyun 4(sa)ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact // 02-742-2877
Website //
Subway Station // Hyehwa Exit 2 and cross the road to the opposite street and you will reached! (the original exit was renovating so i thought Exit 2 is clearer :D)

신촌 안맛집 Winter Red Bean Noodles

Did I mentioned before that TVN is really good recently with all the nice good dramas? One of my favourite dramas from TVN will be Let’s Eat. This drama is talking about 3 different character and personality person staying in the same building same level. Every single role have a impact to the storyline that doesn’t bored you at all. At first, I was thinking how interesting can a ‘eating drama’ be… so I’m wronged. As the main lead actor is Beast’s Doojoon, it tells me nothing but give this drama a try. Then, shortly, I got hooked to the drama because of the 3 main leads as well as their introducing of yummy food in every episode.

In EP 4, Doojoon served this food to 2 of his neighbours, and mentioned that it is a healthy winter dish. I’m curious, really curious about how it going to taste like. It’s Red Bean Noodle. So, I told my 2 friends about this winter dish, because we were heading for a winter trip in Korea (in 2013). We have no idea where we can get to eat this, but, while looking for “supper” after Hyesung’s Concert… we managed to pass by this store in Sinchon – 신촌안맛집 수연국수&카레. And, we thought, how about ordering 1 to share to have a taste of winter dish – since we doesn’t have winter here T.T

 photo 20140101025856157copy_zps4172226f.jpg
#it’s quite interesting because we had to order from a vending machine :)

 photo 20140101025923444copy_zps838d4e97.jpg
 photo P1010153copy_zps6731bd5a.jpg
 photo P1010156copy_zps9b9dda28.jpg photo D325CE7CAD6DC218C0C9BCF4C815_zps2f163083.jpg
A Photo from the drama :)

YWCFTS Drama Tour Exhibition

You who came from the star – Drama have created yet another interesting KDrama wave to many countries such as China, Taiwan and even Singapore. Aside from Jun JiHyun 2nd drama till date, or rather, her very first drama after a long hiatus from the small screen is one of the highlight. Next the up-coming rising star – Kim Soo Hyun is the main male lead. Exciting enough? :)

Whatever Jun Ji Hyun worn in the drama gets sold out, include the lipsticks. WOW.

The drama had ended, yet it still create such a wave. Well, if you are YWCFTS lover, no worries, there’s an exhibition that you can’t ever imagine await for you. This drama exhibition have different zones to share their coincidence, their destiny and their love for each other. Aside from the exhibition zones, you get to see the original filming venue includes Do Min Jun (KSH) and Cheon Song Yi (JJH) houses and various display and props. Its an eye opening for the fans of YWCFTS.

Sadly, this exhibition wasn’t running for too long, its only till 15 August 2014. So if you are a fan, go for it :) This exhibition indeed recalls lots of dramas memories we had though this drama tour experience.

 photo 961_zpsb8656fe8.jpg photo 960copy_zpsb6f0716e.jpg photo 962_zpsfff62d82.jpg

 photo 963copy_zps1395e7a5.jpg
 photo 964copy_zps053efac6.jpg
#the hairpin that young ‘cheonsongyi’ worn.

 photo 965copy_zps94cdab59.jpg
 photo 967copy_zpsea240a21.jpg

#KSH saved little JJH because of this carriage.

 photo 968copy_zps3b125acc.jpg
 photo 969copy_zps64bf40fa.jpg
 photo 970copy_zps5ae294c7.jpg
 photo 971copy_zps88c4deb5.jpg
 photo 972copy_zps5007b467.jpg
 photo 973copy_zps1870c00f.jpg
 photo 974copy_zpsdcb5eba4.jpg photo 975copy_zps85c585b4.jpg photo 966copy_zps4a8943ca.jpg

 photo 976copy_zps2c95398f.jpg
#DMJ house, many many memories is created here. Remember CSY did her exercise here after having ramyeon the day before :p

 photo 977copy_zpsc9a1acd4.jpg
#DMJ house is indeed pretty.

 photo 978copy_zps41f5be32.jpg
#CSY actually watering the plants here, and she believes that their live symbolize DMJ’s life too.

 photo 980copy_zps5945b8ec.jpg
 photo 981copy_zps3b1efb09.jpg
 photo 982copy_zps8591bdc8.jpg
 photo 983copy_zps767b9a36.jpg
#the floor wasn’t unfamiliar, remember the caterpillar CSY? :P

 photo 985copy_zps8f010c8c.jpg
 photo 986copy_zps2af5d124.jpg
 photo 987copy_zps16e064a1.jpg
 photo 988copy_zps3577d2f4.jpg
 photo 989copy_zps94fd69a2.jpg
 photo 990copy_zps445956a9.jpg
 photo 991copy_zps5779e00f.jpg
 photo 992copy_zps81e44ec8.jpg
 photo 993copy_zpse5138d37.jpg
 photo 995copy_zpsb694bf23.jpg

#What KSH worn when he first reached Earth.

 photo 996copy_zpsf2d444ad.jpg
 photo 997copy_zpseebb1322.jpg
#secret chamber from DMJ house.

 photo 998copy_zpsc6910814.jpg
#Where DMJ cried for the first time for CSY. T.T That’s indeed a very sad scene.

 photo 984copy_zps4899aa4b.jpg
 photo 1000copy_zps3642f3f6.jpg
 photo 1001copy_zps72ee6d67.jpg
 photo 1002copy_zps67f8ae53.jpg
 photo 999copy_zps827f8a5b.jpg
 photo 1003copy_zps2ae06420.jpg
 photo 1010copy_zpse0ea2f81.jpg
 photo 1009copy_zpseeb39d6a.jpg
 photo 1012copy_zpsa4945f7c.jpg
 photo 1011copy_zps8bc91506.jpg
 photo 1014copy_zps27156f58.jpg
 photo 1013copy_zpse378731e.jpg
 photo 1015copy_zpsb97ea343.jpg
 photo 1016copy_zpsbdacb5c7.jpg
 photo 1018copy_zpsec096649.jpg
 photo 1019copy_zps38c75a6e.jpg
 photo 1020copy_zps69277a03.jpg
 photo 1021copy_zpse2c5a24b.jpg
#CSY house, remember the soft toy! Evil…~ >.<

 photo 1022copy_zpsa0716c95.jpg
 photo 1008copy_zps027bc01b.jpg
 photo 1004copy_zps465a2930.jpg
#CSY bedroom, where she keep calling for DMJ. That’s really cute! :D

 photo 1005copy_zps6a2c6983.jpg
 photo 1006copy_zps0f11c2b7.jpg
 photo 1007copy_zps272ae8af.jpg


Date: 10th June – 15th August
Opening hours: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
Venue: Alrimteo 1, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
Fee: 15,000 won (Global Interpark)
How to get there: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station Exit 1 (Seoul Subway Line 2,4,5).


(Thanks Cousin SY to take all this pretty photos for me! :D)