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[Sinsa Garosu-gil] Kitchen Lab 키친랩

[Travel in March/April 2017]

With Six+One or My cousins, I will always make the initiatives to plan for our Korea trip. That’s because, I visited really alot of times, and as someone so close to them, I will know where to bring them, and what type of holiday they probably looking for. As for my this #weseoulchio, they are really friends who can’t eat spicy foods, and most korean cuisine are spicy. There’s some i wanted to bring them to try but I guessed its too spicy for them (Sinsa Octopus / Potato Stew) so, I thought a pasta place will be good for them hence, we trying Kitchen Lab. (Oh, did I tell you before, in Korea, almost every other things taste good despite they might be non-korean dishes?)

So, let me share some of the dishes we ate during our last trip! :)

 photo IMG_6886 copy_zpsrqtlcaws.jpg
 photo IMG_6891 copy_zpsr73url7n.jpg
#very simple looking menu~

 photo IMG_6893 copy_zpscqbfpcd2.jpg
 photo IMG_6894 copy_zpsmc2iz6uj.jpg
 photo IMG_6896 copy_zpsq0watjxn.jpg
 photo IMG_6899 copy_zpsouhs7jp4.jpg
 photo IMG_6902 copy_zpsmjtykswm.jpg

 photo IMG_6904 copy_zpsmgxmp7gh.jpg
#aglio e olio looks really good, and its quite a big plate to share~!

 photo IMG_6908 copy_zpsy5cmrc5p.jpg
 photo IMG_6910 copy_zpsn6c3whbv.jpg
#hidden surprise, the pasta is inside this “bomb” Seafood pasta!

 photo IMG_6912 copy_zpsomycb5r7.jpg
#and creamy risotto (i think its like tomato + cream sauce mix?)


Direction to Kitchen Lab 키친랩

 photo IMG_6837 copy_zpsbhyc0gjl.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6838 copy_zpsjhvxj0ww.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6839 copy_zpsvkvjktmu.jpg
#Turn left at the coming junction :)

 photo IMG_6840 copy_zpsvj9yqvzu.jpg
#walk straight and turn right in awhile :)

 photo IMG_6841 copy_zpsthbeypaa.jpg
#turn right here :)

 photo IMG_6842 copy_zps7woo9erg.jpg
#turn left here – the holly coffee here has already start their operation :)

 photo IMG_6843 copy_zpscul6qj88.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6844 copy_zps64th2qnc.jpg
#still continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6845 copy_zpsd0tpsuix.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6847 copy_zpspsboychc.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6848 copy_zpswz0s1k5y.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6850 copy_zpseyjjfcnc.jpg
#still walking straight :p

 photo IMG_6852 copy_zpsuyse3zpx.jpg
#turn left here! :)

 photo IMG_6856 copy_zpsoqbgiumo.jpg
#here to be exact :)

 photo IMG_6853 copy_zpssvy1snl1.jpg
#walk along and turn right here

 photo IMG_6888 copy_zpsdolifo27.jpg
#Here you are! :) Kitchen Lab!



키친랩 (압구정/가로수길점)
Address in Korea: 서울 강남구 압구정로10길 30-1
Operation Hours: 11am – 10pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Exit 8
Damage: 48,600won for 4 pax

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Day Trip to Daejeon 2/3

Daejeon: ASOME LOUNGE Coffee & Brunch

[Travel in October/November 2016]

When Cin told me that she wanted to visit the famous bakery in Daejeon (next entry) and finalise the idea of throwing it into a Day Trip! I told her, I am very crazily-on with the idea and I will find a IG-worth cafe too. After using all my resources in researching the prettiest cafes in Daejeon… I shortlisted a few and decided to go for this – ASOME LOUNGE.

And the good new is, I have also document the direction for everyone of you reading now! I’m sure all this hassle are all worth-while! :)

(Remember this cafe is located in Daejeon, and it takes 1 hour via KTX from Seoul Station!)

 photo IMG_4317 copy_zps7pfdr0g5.jpg
#this cafe is like marble with rose gold / gold element. Definitely what i was attracted to! 

 photo IMG_4262 copy_zpsf0luxrui.jpg
#even the tile flooring looks nice!

 photo IMG_4268 copy_zpsfkzraqsr.jpg
#love the fur cushion on each chair because it makes it warm and really comfortable too!

 photo IMG_4266 copy_zpslxq75ot8.jpg
#aigoo, so pretty! gold hardware! gold element! so pretty!

 photo IMG_4267 copy_zps6vzhlvsv.jpg
#marble top! so love, perfect for layflat!

 photo IMG_4270 copy_zpszroxzkxt.jpg
#photo of us! :)

 photo IMG_4271 copy_zpszxtgrilt.jpg
#and us haha! everywhere we want to take a photo of it!

 photo IMG_4275 copy_zpsfhpdc2zw.jpg
#green grapes soda! yums!

 photo IMG_4277 copy_zpsd1u1ixaj.jpg
#cin’s cafe latte looks even more awesome!!!!

 photo IMG_4279 copy_zpspmxuizv7.jpg

 photo IMG_4285 copy_zpswh890emo.jpg
#mix and its gonna be awesome!

 photo IMG_4287 copy_zpsbzugdqdq.jpg
#we ordered a fruit+prawn salad, this is totally my type! OMG!

 photo IMG_4292 copy_zpsx7nhdl62.jpg
#look how generous they were with their food!

 photo IMG_4297 copy_zpscmoheqjn.jpg
#our pasta! yums, it looks as good as how it looks like!

 photo IMG_4303 copy_zpslpml2aot.jpg
#pasta lover yums!

 photo IMG_4300 copy_zps09r6boru.jpg

 photo IMG_4313 copy_zpshnkx60uq.jpg
 photo IMG_4315 copy_zpsmsd8u3cd.jpg
#view from inside!

 photo IMG_4319 copy_zpsej0kakvi.jpg
#perfect for afterwork girl’s date!

 photo IMG_4321 copy_zpstmhvvvjf.jpg

 photo IMG_4323 copy_zpsttnusmru.jpg
#almost perfect!

 photo IMG_4330 copy_zpslwqmk3qh.jpg
 photo IMG_4331 copy_zpsdyh4f051.jpg
 photo IMG_4333 copy_zpsrinaenzi.jpg
 photo IMG_4334 copy_zpsoz2tlcbo.jpg


>> Direction to ASOME LOUNGE.

 photo IMG_4236 copy_zpshuyrubmd.jpg
Exit 3 of Government Complex Daejeon and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_4237 copy_zpsygdlyfar.jpg
#continue to walk straight after the zebra-crossing

 photo IMG_4238 copy_zpsvdoqqmhe.jpg
#continue to walk straight, and I was definitely admiring the autumn colours!

 photo IMG_4239 copy_zpsk0juxtdu.jpg
#continue the path (turn slightly right and walk along)

 photo IMG_4240 copy_zpshc3zdclk.jpg
#continue to walk straight and see the bus stop right in front of us :) *Say hello to Cin!*

 photo IMG_4241 copy_zps4fiagrpr.jpg
#This is the bus stop! (Dunsan Police Station bus stop)

 photo IMG_4243 copy_zpss1iflvrg.jpg
#we will be taking Bus 301 & Alight at Daedeok high School! (about 20mins bus ride!)

 photo IMG_4254 copy_zpsqe6vq5fq.jpg
#this is the bus stop!

 photo IMG_4256 copy_zpskxxv2syz.jpg
#cross this zebra crossing and turn right! :)

 photo IMG_4257 copy_zps6bi8zbim.jpg
#all the maples leave <3

 photo IMG_4258 copy_zps97tfxcij.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4259 copy_zpskxday8n8.jpg

 photo IMG_4260 copy_zpsjkdzcpwv.jpg
#you reached, right at the end of the road! :)

 photo IMG_4261 copy_zpscqxumqco.jpg

어썸라운지 A SOME LOUNGE (Coffee & Brunch)
Address in Korean: 대전 유성구 대덕대로 604번길 25 (도룡동 383-25)
Address in English: 383-25 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Contact: 042-716-1211
Operating Hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00 (Close on Monday)
Nearest Subway: Government Complex Daejeon Station (Exit 3)
Total Cost: 50,500 won (drinks & food)

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New York B&C @ Sinchon

[Travel in March/April 2016]

Breakfast or Lunch is a difficult choice during holiday because most of the time, you only leave the house like 10am, and you might find yourself is there a need to buy a bread and milk while heading to your lunch place. I know, holidays are meant for no-diet-and-keep-eating, but you will not able to if you have something before that. So, main point! I love brunch alot, and this meal means, there’s no way you could say no to carbo! :D

Another new find in Sinchon that you shouldn’t miss! :)

 photo IMG_1955 copy_zpscwesdum2.jpg
 photo IMG_1971 copy_zpshbq8m8aw.jpg
#this remind me alot of the australia cafes I visited. Wooden stuff! :)

 photo IMG_1970 copy_zps3bmluc0l.jpg
#ordered at the cashier, and find your seat :)

 photo IMG_1968 copy_zpsvxifihtl.jpg
 photo IMG_1967 copy_zpsehlxmrom.jpg photo IMG_1961 copy_zps4oh6mnbj.jpg photo IMG_1957 copy_zps2ll2kmzc.jpg
#love the interior! :)

 photo IMG_1965 copy_zpship3uypd.jpg
#so many to choose, but we picked chicken mushroom cream pasta! :)

 photo IMG_1966 copy_zpsxdxwksgl.jpg
#the flag for us, after ordering! :D

 photo IMG_1959 copy_zpsfwwsv4yf.jpg
 photo IMG_1977 copy_zpszn8rapga.jpg
#the yummy pasta is so nice, my cousin who tried it a day before us, thought that the sauce was not creamy in taste. but my friend and I find the sauce not too creamy/not too overwhelming, in short just nice. So, it really depends on individual :) but overall, all 3 of us like this place! :)

 photo IMG_1974 copy_zpsimlihf0p.jpg
#we ordered this for sharing, and we actually didn’t manage to finish the bread and wedges! :p



 photo IMG_1486 copy_zps6qjqq1sz.jpg
#Sinchon Exit 3 :)

 photo IMG_1484 copy_zpsx63toxnx.jpg
#walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1483 copy_zpsfszcamt2.jpg
#continue to walk straight, you will see Paris Baguette on your right :)

 photo IMG_1481 copy_zpsrwpczgfo.jpg
#turned right at Nature Republic :D

 photo IMG_1480 copy_zpsryl8wz0o.jpg
#continue to walk straight, you will pass by the 24/7 awesome donut store :D

 photo IMG_1479 copy_zpsm0xyvqbr.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_1474 copy_zpsdmd9bnos.jpg
#continue to walk straight till you see Olive & Young on your right after this restuarant.
#cross the road on your left (you can actually see the zebra crossing in the photo!) :)

 photo IMG_1954 copy_zpsfyxqkiy1.jpg
#from olive and young, you can actually see this! :)

 photo IMG_1976 copy_zpstk18myl4.jpg
#are you going to order the same as us? if not, let me know what you ate! :)


뉴욕비앤씨 New York B&C
Address: 신촌 · 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 2-78
Contact: 070-7556-9863
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 1:00am, last order at 12:30pm. Monday & Sun closed at 10pm
WIFI available, password: shop1234
Subway: Sinchon Station

곰포차, the best pasta

[!!!] Visited during March 2017, the shop now expanded a little! So thankful there’s more seats, and definitely more people too. Remember don’t visit on Sunday as its their closing day too.

[Travel in March 2016]

I am so excited to share this pasta place with all of you, because its one of the best pasta I ever ate in Seoul. Its a small eatery place filled with many locals. Probably not a very well-known place to other yet. But, how can this awesome pasta place not to be share, since its such a worth visit :D So, we went twice and ate two different pasta! :) Now, let the photo speaks everything for you :)

 photo IMG_1675 copy_zpsh3g8oojx.jpg

 photo IMG_1674 copy_zps0wvuhz1q.jpg
#we were waiting silly outside here for a good 5minutes, then the owner realise us from the kitchen and told us to go in… but isn’t it packed we thought :p Afterall, they have a basement, with probably another 6 seats hehe. Its a very small eatery, but definitely not to miss it! :)

 photo IMG_2266 copy_zpspboh8sum.jpg
They have alot of type of dishes, but pasta are the main specialty include the raw beef too! :D

 photo IMG_2269 copy_zpsdwtn7igb.jpg
#this green chilis was so nice to eat together with the yummy pasta! :D

 photo IMG_2268 copy_zpsiitulrai.jpg
#my favourite snack! :D

 photo IMG_1671 copy_zpsp5xmqphb.jpg
#Look, how tasty, how delicious this Aglio Olio is. Its nearly impossible to stop at 1 mouth, you just keep eating and praise how nice it is :P

 photo IMG_1670 copy_zpskyfp0xpb.jpg
#I love how soupy it was, because it just make it even more tastier! :)

 photo IMG_2275 copy_zpsby6monfq.jpg
#we went another day to try their seafood pasta! :) The owner recognised us even though its like 6 days away from our first visit! :D

 photo IMG_2274 copy_zps9qpnsrlu.jpg
#Don’t you want to try this!? :)

 photo IMG_2271 copy_zpsrpvixhq2.jpg

 photo IMG_6575 copy_zpsq1ezabok.jpg
#our friends tried the raw beef and full of praise! You must eat it when you visit here hehe. I love the sides, its pear yums!

 photo IMG_4809 copy_zpswz5jd8rz.jpg
 photo IMG_4801 copy_zpshlubom5j.jpg
#Carbonara that is so awesome that we had it a few rounds this time. If you have 2 pax, there’s 2 eggs! If you have 5, there’s 5 eggs. There’s no way you need to fight for it haha! yums! I want to be back for best pasta!

I guessed, I visited this place 6th time in 2 years, and they probably remembered me a little :p I got my free desserts and free drinks for supporting them too! haha :) Nice owners with really nice foods!



 photo IMG_2260 copy_zpsb5u37bru.jpg
#Nambu Bus Terminal Exit 5, walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2262 copy_zpslirvdscc.jpg
#Cross the traffic light and walk straight :D

 photo IMG_1686 copy_zpspljeekl7.jpg
#continue to walk straight… (you will pass by a 7-11 on the left)

 photo IMG_1684 copy_zpsiaci7yjc.jpg
#Turn left at this junction where you see BABA CHICKEN on your left :)

 photo IMG_1680 copy_zps9pcgjpbx.jpg
#Turn right at this junction :) //sorry a little dark, its almost 1am when I took this photos :p

 photo IMG_1678 copy_zps2hsufsb2.jpg
#Almost!! :D

 photo IMG_1676 copy_zpst6ipmtba.jpg
#You reached! :D Now, time to order the food! :D

 photo IMG_2272 copy_zpsyidkax2c.jpg
 photo IMG_1669 copy_zpszcowfo9k.jpg

 photo IMG_4803 copy_zpsckv01yki.jpg

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1459-9
Opening Hours: 17:00 ~ 04:00
Contact: 02-521-8358
Serving: Good for 2-3
Food Rating: 5/5

Italian Restaurant in Itaewon: My Chelsea

[Travelled in December 2015]

My Chelsea, located at Itaewon, is definitely where I will go again whenever I need my pasta crave :)

 photo IMG_9061 copy_zpsyvmswiwa.jpg
 photo IMG_9014 copy_zpsipqsqnwo.jpg
 photo IMG_9015 copy_zpsb2gnuhwl.jpg
 photo IMG_9018 copy_zpsb7vmwoeu.jpg
Spoilt with choices when everything looks just simply delicious! :p

 photo IMG_9019 copy_zps4hbeqzlt.jpg
 photo IMG_9021 copy_zps6ktwg6nb.jpg
 photo IMG_9032 copy_zpsto8cidtb.jpg
 photo IMG_9027 copy_zpskix2amto.jpg
 photo IMG_9028 copy_zpsjsjuasja.jpg
 photo IMG_9031 copy_zpstxsjn3hc.jpg
This is very nice!

 photo IMG_9034 copy_zpsb1otoxgk.jpg
 photo IMG_9040 copy_zpsg1w5olfi.jpg
Risotto! :D The taste is just nice, not too cheesey, and we just can’t stop eating :p

 photo IMG_9036 copy_zpsucmi0xpp.jpg
 photo IMG_9045 copy_zpsll7f2akt.jpg
 photo IMG_9048 copy_zpsfts5mfqk.jpg
My Chelsea Pasta! Yums!!! This carbonara is very different from the rest I ate because the taste are not overpowering and they are really generous with the seafood that comes along! :)

 photo IMG_9051 copy_zpsmf4iycij.jpg
Tony Hong, a very famous comedian-model in Korea. He had showcase his talent in other area such Dancing 9, Masked Singer and Master Chef Korea. On top of that, he also owned many restaurants in Itaewon. I took this chance to visit one of them this trip! :)

 photo IMG_9052 copy_zpsmajap6ca.jpg
 photo IMG_9055 copy_zpsmsnmif9n.jpg
 photo IMG_9056 copy_zpsxu9pzjbk.jpg
 photo IMG_9059 copy_zps5uesv5r9.jpg


 photo IMG_9079 copy_zpsfzuypa8i.jpg
Itaewon Station, Exit 1, walk straight (with KFC on your right, the traffic is on your left)

 photo IMG_9076 copy_zpsttjgrofl.jpg
Turned right after KFC :)

 photo IMG_9075 copy_zps4anr8isa.jpg
Walk Straight and turned left here :)

 photo IMG_9072 copy_zpsq3ubff8s.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_9065 copy_zpsj3aitemb.jpg
On the left you will see My Thai China, other restaurants by Tony Hong!

 photo IMG_9068 copy_zpsdsfc7n54.jpg
 photo IMG_9064 copy_zpskjdutibb.jpg
My Chelsea is just opposite My Thai China :)

 photo IMG_9060 copy_zpsqgpxn3bm.jpg

이태원 마이첼시 홍석천 레스토랑
Celebrity Tony Hong’s Restaurant

Address in English: 116-7 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korea: 대한민국 서울특별시 용산구 이태원1동 116-7
Operating Hours: 12:00 – 02:00
Contact: 02-749-1373
Subway Station: Itaewon, Exit 1