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[Seoul] 팔팔민물장어

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I love Eel or some called it Unagi. I love fishes and almost all kinds except those fried type. So, when I first visited 황가네 꼼장군 I was excited to try this baby eel that I never ate it before. I thought its really tasty and I never ate something that taste like this at all. I guessed, I am really challenging when I travelling, I basically give a try to almost everything except anything-seaweed-or-vinegar haha! So, after the visit at  황가네 꼼장군, I searched around and found this 신촌 풍천장어. So the recent trip, I wanted to bring the girls to eat Eel yet its somewhere new. Really New & Luxury hahahahhahhaha!

Please forgive me of the not-so-sharp-photos for the direction guide as the rain was pretty heavy and I doesn’t have an umbrella.

 photo IMG_6630 copy_zpsvsryjztc.jpg
 photo IMG_6631 copy_zps1wzqoq8y.jpg
 photo IMG_6634 copy_zps2wvywgjf.jpg
#we took a normal seating because we so wet, doesn’t want to sit on the floor with our smelly socks too! HAHA

 photo IMG_6632 copy_zps0ggwtaul.jpg
Eel’s bone, its like crackers, and its quite addictive! :p

 photo IMG_6637 copy_zpsbyri3jfa.jpg
The menu, we accidentally ordered the luxury eel at 85,000won each (85USD) lol

 photo IMG_6638 copy_zps6vrxtmbo.jpg
 photo IMG_6640 copy_zpsnfulzhzg.jpg
 photo IMG_6642 copy_zpsu9ob7q9m.jpg
Their side dishes really yummy, and we were given 2 set each. We only have 4 pax and haha we refilled a few times because its too good! :)

 photo IMG_6643 copy_zpskcfwoqmr.jpg
quail eggs, who can resist!

 photo IMG_6644 copy_zpsfxus0aim.jpg
potato salad, one of my favourite!

 photo IMG_6645 copy_zpsivvufzne.jpg
# anchovies

 photo IMG_6646 copy_zps50kriscg.jpg
#its a type of squid/octopus etc, not sure haha

 photo IMG_6647 copy_zpsdxcuchxs.jpg

 photo IMG_6648 copy_zpscky3z5ee.jpg
#some greens finally!

 photo IMG_6650 copy_zps0cjebdeg.jpg
and our luxury eel arrived. It’s occupied more than half of our table height!

 photo IMG_6652 copy_zpsdi5dntzs.jpg
really luxury, look at the fat meat!

 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Oh my! i love unagi!

 photo IMG_6653 copy_zpslfthkihn.jpg photo IMG_6657 copy_zpsvxfbp4ev.jpg
 photo IMG_6658 copy_zpsz3kedoin.jpg
 photo IMG_6654 copy_zpsuehgnk0n.jpg
It’s really expensive as it cost 170,000won for this meal, but I think we all ended up have happy tummy! :)


Direction to 팔팔민물장어

I’m sorry that the photo turned out quite badly due to the heavy rains, and the lens was blurred, I didn’t realise it until I was back home.
But, its not too difficult to figure out the way, and its quite easy after exit too :)

 photo IMG_6609 copy_zps2fjkghtl.jpg
Exit 1 at Sinnohyeon Station & Walk straight

 photo IMG_6612 copy_zpsxw8sqwld.jpg
#continue to walk straight, Burger King on your right

 photo IMG_6613 copy_zpshjkfhlzf.jpg
Continue to walk straight, IBK bank on your right

 photo IMG_6616 copy_zpsihcvznzp.jpg
#Continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6617 copy_zpsu4xbjw1o.jpg
Did i told you all, I didnt have umbrella, so its really very wet! Husky on the right :)

 photo IMG_6619 copy_zpsx8ma9xq2.jpg
#continue to walk straight

 photo IMG_6621 copy_zpsbgou9hsc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, dunkin donuts on your right

 photo IMG_6622 copy_zpsfcpqnobr.jpg
#you are almost, go all the way to the end! :)

 photo IMG_6624 copy_zps3sf16jo8.jpg
#you will see the shop name at the building on ur right. Walk in! :)

 photo IMG_6626 copy_zpslkfmdpc6.jpg
#the lens must be really wet!

 photo IMG_6628 copy_zpsgj4qenoa.jpg
 photo IMG_6659 copy_zpsyn9xwsdx.jpg
Anyway, when I was checking the exact english name of this restaurant (which eventually I can’t find lol), I then realise, this is the one that Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin in Drinking solo) went. I love that drama, its so simply and actually telling quite alot of facts about working life too. 


Address in English: 745 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korean: 서초구 반포동 745
Contact: 02-549-1112~3
Opening Hours: 10AM – 11PM (~10PM on Sat/Sun)
Nearest Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 1

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[Hongdae] Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I remembered I don’t really visit Hongdae that much and this year, I went there about 4-5 times? So, I need to research on places to eat around this area since we will be spending the evening here. And, I found this really interesting dinner place where you can cook your food with cheese and be creative with it. (I wanted, but i didn’t) But, heading somewhere new was something I always like to do in Korea, and now with my best cousin, she will delighted to try new food too! :D

 photo IMG_6174 copy_zpsbxlr8ft7.jpg
 photo IMG_6173 copy_zpsqweaihd6.jpg photo IMG_6156 copy_zpsqbi61fj9.jpg photo IMG_6159 copy_zpsavz7gwcg.jpg
The restaurant is really very small, we waited a while, maybe 15mins?

 photo IMG_6163 copy_zpsuiignvmn.jpg
 photo IMG_6171 copy_zps3dnksxwc.jpg
You can pick different meat style and spicy level :) And You can order add-ons too! :)

 photo IMG_6164 copy_zpskchbqfji.jpg
When it came! Yums!!! I love beansprout!!! :)

 photo IMG_6167 copy_zpsvc0zhvsi.jpg photo IMG_6169 copy_zpswxravzbe.jpg
haha i forget to take the photo of the cheese, but yeah, it’s quite a bit of portion of different cheese for us to cook with the meat/vege and make cute food! :)
And this was the best I did hahaha >

 photo IMG_6170 copy_zpsdm5jtdya.jpg

 photo IMG_6161 copy_zps1gkbjctt.jpg

Direction to Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈


 photo IMG_6196 copy_zps6s43hfgc.jpg
Exit 9 at Hongik Uni Station (Hongdae station) – Just walk straight after you exit! :D

 photo IMG_6195 copy_zpsecvg7hai.jpg
This is what you supposed to see, and continue to walk straight (sorry for the terrible photo guide, night time is arghh!)

 photo IMG_6193 copy_zpsbftqw846.jpg
Turn left here :)

 photo IMG_6192 copy_zpslvhaztnl.jpg
Walk straight here :)

 photo IMG_6189 copy_zpsjcxirwhj.jpg
you will pass by ecube, and continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6188 copy_zpsz77sy8li.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6186 copy_zpszbdgsmbv.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6185 copy_zpsuubmykdp.jpg
Continue till you reach the junction & turn right! :)

 photo IMG_6184 copy_zpsqahnvscf.jpg
Cross the road and turn left :)

 photo IMG_6183 copy_zpsujzm1nme.jpg
This way please, and turn right here :)

 photo IMG_6182 copy_zps0fmhvzqq.jpg
Here for the right turn! :)

 photo IMG_6181 copy_zpsg0gjrl5l.jpg
Turn right again at this path! :) -(this Isaac Toast is one of the famous one that many drama setting is!)

 photo IMG_6180 copy_zpsmrvabg19.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6179 copy_zpscxy3nruj.jpg
#and straight! :)

 photo IMG_6178 copy_zpsqzuadusx.jpg
#and you reached, up up level 2! :D

 photo IMG_6162 copy_zpsuw2ldawn.jpg
Get ready, you are eating this now! :) *we opt the chicken version, there’s seafood too!



Made by [O:Z] 메이드바이오즈
Address in Korean:서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-36 2층
Address in English: Address: 358-36 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact:+82 2-3144-3922
Operating Hours:11am – 10:30pm
Nearest Subway:Hongdae Station Exit 9
Wifi: madebyOZ
Toilet PW: 4889


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Oido Island Seafood

Remember my previous post on Day trip to Daejeon?

Actually, we didn’t end our day just like this. We were pretty adventurous and wanted our trip to be a bit different lol. I mean, honestly, that’s a little crazy and I thought both of us were perfectly fine with such plan (like travel long hours in trains or buses). Previously we thought we might have more time, and manage to catch the orange sky (sunset lol), but the daylight was shorter since its almost winter. But, we decided to proceed and go ahead with the plan… So glad we did! :)

P.S. It takes about 1hr 20mins from Seoul Station to Oido Station :) 

I actually know of Oido when I was watching Beast Show Time (if you know, they have left Cube, and setup Around Us will be debuting as “Highlight” this year onwards. I’m support all the way!). It’s a little far, but you get to Oido just in 1hr 20mins via train :) 

We took a cab from the station to the Red Lighthouse :)

 photo IMG_4381 copy_zpsvrsxeiaj.jpg

 photo IMG_4384 copy_zpskn4c0k4p.jpg

 photo IMG_4388 copy_zpsfdmghsvg.jpg

 photo IMG_4387 copy_zpsajbrrthl.jpg

 photo IMG_4389 copy_zpsyv6lwvcj.jpg
#we randomly went to a restaurant that sell shelf-seafood :)

 photo IMG_4392 copy_zpscbos3xzn.jpg
#scallop me loves!

 photo IMG_4393 copy_zpstaftrznd.jpg

 photo IMG_4400 copy_zpsrlfzrgjc.jpg
#just when you tot thats the end?

 photo IMG_4398 copy_zps6ipgu52u.jpg

 photo IMG_4394 copy_zpsxbaa1n0x.jpg
#corn corn corn my favourite too!

 photo IMG_4408 copy_zpsakk5rbfl.jpg
Just when you thought, everything are almost done, there you goes…. noodle!

 photo IMG_4406 copy_zpsoiniwrov.jpg
 photo IMG_4405 copy_zpsfvxalyit.jpg
 photo IMG_4403 copy_zpsp5ekbqxb.jpg
 photo IMG_4402 copy_zpsz2ky2rbj.jpg
 photo IMG_4396 copy_zpsgzi84mrs.jpg
 photo IMG_4395 copy_zpsgxcmgpyi.jpg

 photo IMG_4410 copy_zpstxnkujku.jpg

Ended with a photo together! :)

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새마을식당 New Maul (Nonhyeon’s Outlet)

[!!!] This New Maul outlet had closed, you may want to visit the one at Sinchon
[Travel in August 2016]

My friend’s korean friend introduce 새마을식당 to us, when we told him that we are going to Gangnam after Manufact (a coffee place) for Ryan Cafe :) The restaurant located in Nonhyeon (subway station is sinnonhyeon) is their main restaurant before they started to have chain restaurants around the city! :)

As someone who do not really like BBQ food/ Pork/ Meat and everything in between, I have to say, this restaurant really serve very very decent and really good BBQ Pork. It’s so nice that, I must bring my cousin here again next year! :)

According to the friend, they have this 7 minutes kimchi-chige that is so good that you must remember to order! So, we were looking forward especially to this even though its pretty much a hot evening :p

 photo IMG_2616 copy_zpsww77ch76.jpg photo IMG_2617 copy_zpsqodehe3o.jpg
You probably very familiar with him – Mr Paik! He has many franchises such as Mr Paik’s Coffee / Paik Bibimbap etcetc :)

 photo IMG_2619 copy_zpswlakpqxj.jpg photo IMG_2620 copy_zpsjharu5jg.jpg photo IMG_2621 copy_zpslrbqunyl.jpg
The Menu :D

 photo IMG_2622 copy_zpsrvirh0hm.jpg
We ordered their main dish + pork skin (oh thats collagen!)

 photo IMG_2623 copy_zpsv8ivjmd4.jpg
its really thin, and really really good!

 photo IMG_2624 copy_zps27msttqa.jpg
 photo IMG_2627 copy_zpshiawzmiz.jpg
 photo IMG_2628 copy_zpszlacrkhb.jpg
#i know this look abit bloody and stuff, but its Pork Skin, so nice so yummy! :)

 photo IMG_2630 copy_zpsmkzt1qih.jpg
#cooking cooking :)

 photo IMG_2634 copy_zpsbij0yuvg.jpg
#almost cooked and almost in my stomach ;P

 photo IMG_2635 copy_zps49psi8pr.jpg
# teeheehehee, the must-eat :D

 photo IMG_2637 copy_zps6jd2od8p.jpg
#the pork is so fattening but so nice!

 photo IMG_2638 copy_zpsgg85thax.jpg
 photo IMG_2642 copy_zpshvbwgsns.jpg
 photo IMG_2645 copy_zps8cw3ndwr.jpg
 photo IMG_2647 copy_zpsp5uxksay.jpg
#yummy  food that i know, you want to know where and how to go :)

Direction to New Maul Restaurant (새마을식당 논현본점)

 photo IMG_2602 copy_zpszxlgbr2t.jpg
After exiting Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 3, make a u-turn to see this walking path! :)
강남아이원안과 building on your right (like the photo above :D)

 photo IMG_2603 copy_zpsmrawikp9.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2605 copy_zpsi9ovu30g.jpg
#continue to walk straight (kiwiyo on the right :)

 photo IMG_2608 copy_zpswfqrxcyk.jpg
#you will pass Tworld :)

 photo IMG_2611 copy_zpsu5n1jjlp.jpg
#and ABC Mart and turn right at the next junction :)

 photo IMG_2612 copy_zpsn8tavkoz.jpg
#turn right at this junction and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2613 copy_zpsqivwiraz.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_2614 copy_zpsedlhsfeb.jpg
and…… :)

 photo IMG_2615 copy_zpsdj3eym7l.jpg
#you reached! :DDDD

 photo IMG_2632 copy_zpsfgzmwjw5.jpg
 photo IMG_2626 copy_zpsawqnwrlb.jpg
#so what are you going to order? hehehehe! :D

새마을식당 논현본점 New Maul (Nonhyeon’s) 

Address in Korean: 강남구 강남대로122길 5 (논현본점)
Address in English: 5 Gangnam-daero 122-gil, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact: +82 2-544-3284
Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 3

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쭈꾸미 블루스 Baby Octopus with Pork Belly

[Travel in December 2015]

I have tried this stir-fried baby octopus dish at Inchang Octopus and one of the restaurants at Jegi-dong (octopus alley). I am so impressive with how chewy, how soft, how juicy it were. It was then, I really think the journey to jegi-dong or guri is too far and I need to find a place that is within Seoul, and best to be within mapo-gu area. So, here’s one I found in Sinchon! Hurrrray! :)

 photo IMG_8957 copy_zpsqf1skbnx.jpg
 photo IMG_8959 copy_zpsfp9stjgi.jpg
 photo IMG_8955 copy_zpstnrsvdy8.jpg photo IMG_8945 copy_zpslbqv9op4.jpg photo IMG_8944 copy_zps14of5djz.jpg photo IMG_8932 copy_zpswoyjm2op.jpgOur food came shortly after ordering! Yummy! We supposed to order 3 serving as there’s 3 of us, but they were SOOOO NICE and let us ordered just 2 serving instead teeheehee! Told you, koreans are really nice and helpful and not forceful! :) 

 photo IMG_8890 copy_zpsm8acfdwc.jpg
 photo IMG_8937 copy_zps04yhdlyi.jpg photo IMG_8885 copy_zpsix5ekqxd.jpg photo IMG_8886 copy_zpsfg3cjuxq.jpg photo IMG_8913 copy_zps7mgv5q7z.jpg photo IMG_8910 copy_zps1pkb2xwi.jpg photo IMG_8907 copy_zpstpfo5e0e.jpg photo IMG_8909 copy_zpslxku2apr.jpg photo IMG_8926 copy_zps0eqfmk6d.jpg photo IMG_8935 copy_zpspaszxywo.jpg photo IMG_8941 copy_zpsfyrtyyj7.jpgThen we were so full but the table next to us was eating something very photo-worth. And tiffani was sooo nice to help me to ask them if I can took a photo :) Thank you! :P

 photo IMG_8950 copy_zpsgh7x7tis.jpgAND, OUR MEAL INCLUDE THIS RICE & EGG TOO!!! Oh My God! But, we were so full to even have another serving! But, the waitress insisted that we should also have this rice too, so in the end, we gave in and ordered 1 serving to try this rice :p

 photo IMG_8953 copy_zpsitk6cpis.jpg
A heart for you :)


 photo IMG_8969 copy_zps6tfdsiet.jpg
Sinchon Station Exit 5

 photo IMG_8967 copy_zpsjpxpxm2f.jpg
Walk straight, and turn right here :)

 photo IMG_8965 copy_zpstjrx1fpo.jpg
Continue to walk, and turn right here :)

 photo IMG_8961 copy_zpszttdo4ur.jpg
#And you reached! Wooohooo!!!

 photo IMG_8926 copy_zps0eqfmk6d.jpg

쭈꾸미 블루스
Sinchon Station Exit 5
(Sorry, I cant remember the operation hours, but be there before 10pm is better!)


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited this restaurant via my guide :)

신촌 풍천장어

[Travel in December 2015]

I love eel, and I remembered my last visit to 황가네 꼼장군 for their baby eel. Its very different from the “unagi” we usually ate in a japanese restaurant. Now, I found a restaurant very near to my guesthouse, probably around 8minutes walk. I’m so excited to eat it when it was on my table! :)

 photo IMG_7957 copy_zpsio9dzi5h.jpg photo IMG_7944 copy_zpsi4rwqqnr.jpg photo IMG_7937 copy_zps3vp7pahn.jpg photo IMG_7938 copy_zpsjfuon3y1.jpg photo IMG_7961 copy_zpslwfwahft.jpg
Fried eel bone, surprisingly taste like cracker! :)

 photo IMG_7955 copy_zpswa19oruu.jpg
All for this! :)

 photo IMG_7953 copy_zpsxgvxnp6l.jpg
 photo IMG_7947 copy_zpsmic9wsy0.jpg
 photo IMG_7949 copy_zpshwwimzap.jpg
I can’t help it to show tons of different angle of the eel photos, because it taste yummy! :D

 photo IMG_7954 copy_zpsmspes4tv.jpg
 photo IMG_7958 copy_zps4yacxgpg.jpg
Now, you got it! Its that yummy! hahahahaha :)

 photo IMG_7988 copy_zpsyb1cor9t.jpg
Sinchon Station Exit 8.

 photo IMG_7990 copy_zpslt8k92ma.jpg
Walking straight from the exit, you will see this view :) Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_7984 copy_zpshpcgyqgf.jpgWalk straight till you see Lotte Market 999 on your left… and…

 photo IMG_7983 copy_zpsga4wnhgn.jpg
Turned left here :)

 photo IMG_7981 copy_zpsradtnkxm.jpgWalk straight till you see 풍천장어 (In Yellow Board)

 photo IMG_7976 copy_zpsugpwbqns.jpg
Turned left into the alley and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_7970 copy_zps3ggxrlzb.jpgWalk into the alley :)

 photo IMG_7968 copy_zpsuiejxvj0.jpg

 photo IMG_7964 copy_zpsmjaodbl9.jpg
All ready for your yummy dinner! :)

 photo IMG_7956 copy_zpsmbehm99i.jpg

신촌 풍천장어
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 신촌로18길 19-5
Operating Hours: AM 12:00 ~ PM 22:00
Please note that you need to order 1 serving for 1 pax :)

Running Man HAHA’s Loco Quan 401 at Hongdae (런닝맨 하하 401홍대)

I have blogged about Running Man HAHA’s Mak chang restaurant (Pal Ja Mak Chang) back then in 2012. In 2014, they actually went through some remodelling and back as Loco Quan 401 with changed menu. And during my recent trip (March/April 2015) I visited his brand new restaurant with my friends and tried their speciality – Jeju Black Pork. I remembered how tasty and juicy it was during my 2011 and 2013 Jeju trips! So, I’m pretty excited to try their new menu! :) If you visited Pal Ja Mak Chang before, Loco Quan 401 is located at the same place. (He even opened 401 at the most famous tourist spot – Myeongdong too)

 photo IMG_0314 copy_zpsj3cyvpac.jpg photo IMG_0313 copy_zpsse4n6gub.jpg photo IMG_0310 copy_zps3kylennh.jpg#no, i didn’t see the real HAHA. I only see this cute HAHA standing outside welcoming us haha!

 photo IMG_0283 copy_zps5lh0hlud.jpg photo IMG_0285 copy_zpssbaisabh.jpg
#the interior changes a little as compare :)

 photo IMG_0287 copy_zpsh5qbbdns.jpg
#the sauces for the meat was pretty awesome. I don’t visit much BBQ places, but this probably the only place that serve such yummy sauce :)

 photo IMG_0289 copy_zpsxkymxlm6.jpg
#I visited 401 twice, one with YS, Yuki and my cousin, and another time with six+one which we forgot about a photo haha! :p

 photo IMG_0288 copy_zpsgbdf7fbd.jpg
#cheers is a must for every meal :)

 photo IMG_0286 copy_zps7tjhukkd.jpg photo IMG_0293 copy_zpsz2apgjlo.jpg
#Kimchi Stew

 photo IMG_1053 copy_zpsyvi70j48.jpg
#Dongchimi Noodle (cold kimchi noodle that is really refreshing!)

 photo IMG_0291 copy_zpswknr4ah1.jpg photo IMG_1055 copy_zpsq8sa1eb4.jpg photo IMG_0296 copy_zpswdfu9nfs.jpg photo IMG_1060 copy_zpsnmnczk2y.jpg photo IMG_0301 copy_zpsxeqggc69.jpg photo IMG_0306 copy_zps4xcw0jvr.jpg
#Jeju Black Pork just taste better! Personally, I like 401 more as compare! :)

 photo IMG_1061 copy_zpszitub5eh.jpg
#This is collagen that makes you prettier haha! I read it somewhere to realise Korean girls love collagen like this too!

 photo IMG_0302 copy_zpsxcwxfuuu.jpg photo IMG_0303 copy_zpsuomv2cgk.jpg photo IMG_0311 copy_zpsufwvexmn.jpg

Running Man’s HAHA Loco Quan 401 BBQ Restaurant
Address: 서울특별시 마포구 서교동 395-17
Address in English: Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, 395-17
Hours: Mon – Thu, Sun ~ 4:00pm – 2:00am , Fri – Sat ~ 4:00pm – 4:00am
Direction: Hongik Station Exit 9, walk towards Sang Sang Ma Dang, you will passed by Luxury KTV before SSMD. 401 is just opposite SSMD.
Menu: You need to order at least 2 servings for 4 pax!