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Gaepan 개판 by Shinhwa’s Minwoo

[!!!!] Gaepan have officially closed on 29 November 2016. It’s been a great 7 years for Minwoo’s family. Lots of memories created too. For me, I bring most of my favourite people there to have a meal as well. It’s been a total of 23 trips and many of them makes me a happy person because the food is just so yummy just so tasty. I missed the egg roll alot because I don’t think I can or able to find one that taste this good. Thank you Gaepan :) 

[Last Travelled in March/April 2016]

I have been wanting to blog about this “a-must-visit-restaurant-every-korea-trip” since my first visit in 2013. But, I thought, I must leave the best to the last. And, I really want many people to try their SUPER DUPER YUMMY Cheese Egg Roll and Chicken Stew, and yes even their Lunch Box is nicer than any other restaurants I visited! :)

(Note, if you have bought “Oppa! Take me to Korea!” travel book, I have guest-feature in the book on Gaepan too! I’m also 1 of the creative designers behind this awesome travel book too!)

Every Korea trip since then, is a must visit to Gaepan! I checked my swarm for the address and realise, I actually check-in for 19 times! Hence, you can imagine how many foods I have tried here before listed my favourite dish here! :p

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#exterior of the restaurant, not-those-glam-restaurant, but something very friendly-casual-looking type!

 photo P3180377 copy_zps5sgra2hm.jpg#Gaepan will be very very crowded on during March, as SHINHWA usually have their anniversary concert during march, and fans from all over the world will be heading here for a lovely dinner/supper :D

 photo P3180389 copy_zpszrspwwjs.jpg photo IMG_8691 copy_zpsj4xqrnnb.jpg
Menu have in english and chinese these days to cater to foreign fans! :) You know, you cant underestimate the power of SHCJs!

 photo P3180387 copy_zpsjprmokqq.jpg
#Kimchi stew :)

 photo P8013579 copy_zpsawnr8rt5.jpg
 photo Photo 3-1-14 6 33 44 pm copy_zpslhuucrdq.jpg
#Seafood Egg Stew

 photo IMG_0172 copy_zpslfhhneqt.jpg
#hot plate squid!

 photo P4192785 copy_zpssuogn4id.jpg
#gaepan egg pizza!

 photo P4192781 copy_zps0xme2ied.jpg
#Potato Pancake

 photo IMG_1702 copy_zpskevofrgc.jpg
#Seafood Pancake

 photo IMG_0164 copy_zpsypfg2afe.jpg
#Lunch box that most of my friends like! :)

 photo P8013577 copy_zpsupyt5txt.jpg photo IMG_0168 copy_zpsby5mmd7m.jpg
 photo IMG_0169 copy_zpshh9nxdj2.jpg

 photo IMG_0166 copy_zpsftctrjyw.jpg
#EGG ROLL WITH CHEESE, is a must eat too!!!

 photo IMG_8693 copy_zpsl5izbxeb.jpg photo IMG_8697 copy_zpsuygaa25r.jpg
 photo P3180380 copy_zpsu95guihe.jpg#First visit to gaepan with my favourite friends #3doryinKR, this happened during 2013, where we embarked a wonderful 39 days journey together! :) No photos of us, dunno why :P But we visited together for at least 11 times!!! :p

 photo IMG_0963 copy_zpspg53pfeq.jpg
#with half of six+one :) the clearest photo of all the blurs one :p oh yeah, there’s Joie too! :)

 photo IMG_1715 copy_zpsdomirsal.jpgBought so many of my friends here, and some we didn’t actually took photos together too! :p but, so many of them! :) 19 times is pretty much deserve some awards! hehehehehe :p

DIRECTION TO GAEPAN 개판 (Sorry for the low and bad lighting for direction)

 photo IMG_1691 copy_zpsgkunapnq.jpgApgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5 and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_1692 copy_zpslxdbb3x7.jpg
#you will pass by Canon on your right :) Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1695 copy_zpskzlwoej8.jpg
#continue to walk straight, you will see a Paris Baguette on your right too! Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1696 copy_zps72oxcaoe.jpg
#turn right here! :)

 photo IMG_1697 copy_zpsy7fdfhes.jpg
#continue to walk straight (you are actually walking towards Dosan Park direction) :)

 photo IMG_1698 copy_zpsspfayl9c.jpg
#Turn right till you reach the T junction! :)

 photo P3180392 copy_zpswropwxh5.jpg
#you should see the bright lightbox here! :)

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#and yes, you reached! :)

 photo IMG_0167 copy_zpsmw8oyqmi.jpg#a photo of the yummy cheese egg roll that you must have in gaepan! :)

Gaepan 개판
Address:서울 강남구 신사동 647-4 1층
Contact: 02-515-8381
Operation Hours: 7pm – till last guest leave
Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5
*This restaurant belongs to SHINHWA’s Minwoo’s sister. She is often in the restaurant, and if you are lucky, you might meet celebrities there too. There’s once when I was there, I saw BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung! :) Pretty much of lucks and love! <3<3<3

*If you like SHINHWA like I do, and wish to visit places that they visited before, read here! :)

Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited this restaurant via my guide :)


Spending a day at Incheon, Songdo

[Travel in May 2015]

Incheon, the first thing that came to your mind was Incheon Airport. But do you know, there’s many places you can shop/play/visit just in Incheon itself? This time, my cousin and I ventured to Songdo as known as the world first smart city. The reason why its a smart city because they are built of reclaimed land along Incheon waterfront from scratch. Amazing! While taking the cab over from Incheon airport, we were told by the cab driver that this highway bridge (Incheon bridge) was 12.3kilometre long, which is pretty amazing and pretty to look at it from far :)

But, maybe most of us get to know more about Songdo because of the KBS’s Superman returns’s Song Triplets? The Central Park (next to it) is pretty a good hangout place for couple and friends. I’m not sure was it the best plan ever, but in late May and its afternoon, I’m sharing you that this is not just simply hot since its an open space :) So please get better of the heat if you are heading there soon :)

 photo IMG_1939 copy_zpsdc3eadni.jpg photo IMG_1942 copy_zpsiaameyrs.jpg photo IMG_1937 copy_zpsgjlxaqg1.jpg photo IMG_1947 copy_zpspnjswhw6.jpg photo IMG_1950 copy_zpsp5spipp6.jpg

Looking back at this few photos especially on the bridge, remind me of School 2015. I didnt know that this bridge was feature in the drama until I was back home :) Beautiful places always used in Korean drama. Awesome production teams for all the Korean’s dramas! :)

Anyway I look really tired but I wanted show a photo of myself on the bridge haha! :)

 photo IMG_1956 copy_zpseppmwbjw.jpg photo IMG_1959 copy_zpstkevqfm4.jpg photo IMG_1961 copy_zpsf4zstgwt.jpg photo IMG_1967 copy_zpsmcyt2nle.jpg

I shall do some duck cycling at this river here! :) It gonna be so fun! OK, do it in autumn or winter will make more sense. Summer is just too hot! Plus honestly, we were a little late for our schedule, so we didnt manage to do some of the rides we wanted.

 photo IMG_1968 copy_zpsuniv6cwn.jpg photo IMG_1972 copy_zps3xzlv9a4.jpg
 photo IMG_1974 copy_zpsfkewuhma.jpg
#Reset Reset Reset~~~
 photo IMG_1980 copy_zpsj8m9kf8r.jpg
#a photo of us at the bridge! :)

We visited the NC Cube, and having our brunch in Cafe La Lee (located at NC Cube) and a walk at Central Park :) You could plan a day visit to Songdo Central Park with food, shopping and scenery! :)

Songdo Smart City – Central Park
Filming Site for Who Are You: School 2015 and The Return of Superman – Song Triplets.
Nearest Subway: Central Park

Cafe La Lee (Incheon, Songdo)

[Travel in May 2015]

Thanks to my cousin, we visited another cafe in NC Cube. I actually found this cafe in instagram, and realise many people tried their strawberry cake. I’m not sure if is really good, but it looks pretty awesome in photo. “you never try, you will never know” Since, we will be around the area, it will be great to visit it and have our brunch there ;)

 photo IMG_1891 copy_zpsccdwjebl.jpg

 photo IMG_1899 copy_zpsgewfv03k.jpg

 photo IMG_1895 copy_zpsrtny2gzc.jpg

 photo IMG_1897 copy_zps5xouompb.jpg

 photo IMG_1900 copy_zpsr5oz4dsa.jpg

 photo IMG_1901 copy_zpsveijqon8.jpg

 photo IMG_1917 copy_zps1r75na3q.jpg

 photo IMG_1889 copy_zpswyrzjinr.jpg

The cafe looks very pretty with flora print. I feel happy just looking at every little things this cafe gave :)

 photo IMG_1923 copy_zpsine9knwy.jpg

 photo IMG_1920 copy_zps8m7iq8qm.jpg

 photo IMG_1918 copy_zpsjktwxwkz.jpg

I was pretty early, and they were just opened so its pretty empty? haha, but its pretty filled when I’m leaving ;)

 photo IMG_1916 copy_zps3h8lm81o.jpg

a little old-french english feel, super like :)

 photo IMG_1907 copy_zpsggpsyh1r.jpg

they even have alfresco seating. but its afternoon now and its pretty hot in May, so i guessed its better for dining time ;)

 photo IMG_1912 copy_zpsflu5anin.jpg

 photo IMG_1915 copy_zpsezaw0h9g.jpg

 photo IMG_1930 copy_zpsnytxyyom.jpg

yes, we didnt manage to order the strawberry cake because its SOLD OUT! OMG!!! Sob Sob, and I wont be able to come anytime soon. Its incheon, its far! haha :p Well, we ordered some-fruit tart instead. It looks pretty normal on its own…. But after a few bites, its pretty decent :) I would like to try the strawberry cake one day!

 photo IMG_1927 copy_zpspkqwtubx.jpg

 photo IMG_1926 copy_zpsoc5iuifs.jpg

 photo IMG_1881 copy_zps1jyrjdzn.jpg
 photo IMG_1931 copy_zpshd3pq7qx.jpg

Cafe Lalee
Address: 연수구 송도동 19-1번지 커넬워크202동175,229호
Contact: +82 32-833-7355
Tips: Cafe Lalee is located in NC Cube.
Nearest Station: Central Park

NC Cube, Songdo, Incheon

[Travel in May 2015]

A visit to NC Cube is a must when you are staying in Incheon. The main attraction about NC Cube was the canal walk, i have seen photos of it in day and night view, both looks amazing pretty. So, we took a cab from Incheon Airport and arriving NC Cube in less than 20minutes. And i saw a bed of purple and red flowers just beside the road next to NC Cube. I can’t resist and went ahead to take photos ;)

Its not the best decision because its scorching hot at 11am, but pretty flowers are the reason why :)

 photo IMG_1846 copy_zpsfr89lkfx.jpg

 photo IMG_1872 copy_zpsvd837tk3.jpg
after having xxx amount of photos, we proceed to NC Cube :)

 photo IMG_1877 copy_zpsprrrrbur.jpg

 photo IMG_1842 copy_zpsizppmuw6.jpg

 photo IMG_1878 copy_zps1ho2rsbn.jpg

the mall is divided into 4 season and they are full of restaurants, cafes and many korean and international brands too. ABC Mart is a must visit if you wish to get any shoes.

 photo IMG_1845 copy_zpsvwkzkuxr.jpg

 photo IMG_1884 copy_zpsfbkrgobk.jpg

 photo IMG_1934 copy_zpsvqrmalz3.jpg

 photo IMG_1936 copy_zpsxexoghga.jpg

You might not be unfamiliar with NC Cube because its often used recently in drama series too :) If not for the distance far from Seoul, I guessed many people will visit it more often :) For me, staying at Incheon, wasn’t an excuse at all. To add on, I will be sharing a cafe we visited in NC Cube and a trip to central park nearby too!


BEAST’s Cube Cafe and Studio

[Travel in March 2013 – December 2015]

[!!! •  Updated on 20 February 2016] Cube Entertainment have shifted to Seongsu, Cube cafe is currently located at the level 1 of their new office building. Note that, the cafe now is currently renovating! :)

Every trip I will pay a visit to Cube Cafe, first their drinks are pretty not bad, and its a great place for a rest before heading to my favourite restaurant – Gaepan (which I will shortly share this place). And, of cos, it will be even awesome to see BEAST here too. If not, having a drink will be equally good and awesome :)

 photo IMG_1684 copy_zpssmflnyzh.jpg

 photo IMG_1686 copy_zpssqdvbej1.jpg
#a large poster of the current artist promoting – at that point of time is Hyunseung from BEAST :)

 photo IMG_1679 copy_zpselhxir0p.jpg

 photo IMG_1688 copy_zpsmlp88vmo.jpg

 photo IMG_1656 copy_zpsufmdjoeq.jpg
#cube is in pretty mint and pink. I quite like the colors!

 photo IMG_1653 copy_zpstwuqp3ue.jpg
#more spacious and more seats as compare :)

 photo IMG_1657 copy_zpsjdpi4vj0.jpg

 photo IMG_1676 copy_zpspbhih9ze.jpg

 photo IMG_1678 copy_zpsnwqkyqsv.jpg
#new showcase area of their official merchandise and concert merchandise. you can get them here too! :)

 photo IMG_1677 copy_zpsfdyz1kyk.jpg

 photo IMG_1651 copy_zps09up5tul.jpg

After ordering our drinks, we started to tour around the new revamp cafe :) and one of the best thing ever, there’s WIFI here too! :) Pretty good wifi teeheehee… my cousin downloaded a bit of dramas here too hehe!

So, we headed over to the “Showroom Area” :)

 photo IMG_1632 copy_zpsvumnydru.jpg#a common practice for the fans to do Rice Support for their idols. They will support their idol via doing donations for the needy – such a great practice that I think it shld widely spread around the world. In short, you doing a good deed! :) And during my May trip, its was 4Minutes – Gayoon’s birthday + BEAST’s Hyunseung solo comeback! :)

 photo IMG_1634 copy_zps6y34i7xo.jpg#Showcase of CUBE artists’ album and their signature cup PLUS cube cafe cup sleeves! :)

 photo IMG_1636 copy_zps0wkemkur.jpg
#cup sleeveless through the days of their artists’ comeback or fan supports during their birthdays :) *Very thoughtful!*

 photo IMG_1640 copy_zpsgdmwozlg.jpg
 photo IMG_1641 copy_zpsthtddcbb.jpg
 photo IMG_1642 copy_zpskjxho11v.jpg
 photo IMG_1643 copy_zpsngayfiwn.jpg
 photo IMG_1644 copy_zpsz1qkpyqd.jpg
 photo IMG_1645 copy_zps2qqmn9n6.jpg photo IMG_1647 copy_zps0gou4hgs.jpg
#hyunseung solo album introduction wall decal :)

 photo IMG_1648 copy_zpswkuvm0fj.jpg
#BEAST albums

 photo IMG_1670 copy_zpsdpgn3rlu.jpg

Outdoor POP ART decals :)

 photo 2015_0102_172324_003 copy_zpszdr6hnty.jpg

 photo 20141224_200636 copy_zpsb1bsnxc2.jpg

 photo 20141224_200643 copy_zps8gqchbkn.jpg

 photo 20141224_200829 copy_zps7ajjpxua.jpg
#during my december trip, Junhyung Birthday banner was up! :)

 photo 20141224_200722 copy_zpsgwtxqqtd.jpg

 photo 20141224_200746 copy_zpswoylyks1.jpg

 photo 20141224_200558 copy_zpsnjg2cwcu.jpg

 photo 20141224_200532 copy_zpshhy5rg8g.jpg

The FOOD in the cube! 

 photo IMG_1659 copy_zpsnwwokcaj.jpg
 photo IMG_1660 copy_zps1xun15vp.jpg
 photo IMG_1661 copy_zpsiqwc41xy.jpg
#my cousin and I picked something that is CUBE’s specialities plus something that will be great for summer! The drink from cube now is much bigger, no they doesnt have Black Tea Latte anymore T.T Cheesecake frappe is pretty interesting and tasty, my cousin loves it alot :) – It does cost more now as well, but my cousin think is worth because the cup is so much bigger haha :)

 photo IMG_1674 copy_zpsipxinnzh.jpg

 photo IMG_1664 copy_zps47dchwju.jpg

 photo IMG_1669 copy_zpssd4e4hck.jpg

 photo IMG_1671 copy_zpspk0ypcg3.jpg

I supposed to blog about the cube cafe when I first visited it in 2013, but I didn’t have the chance? or maybe I was too busy? Maybe I wanted and always love to keep the best last? That why Cube Cafe posting have always been delay. But, since I have already prepared to blog about the cube cafe back then, I thought will be interesting to share here to give everyone a recap how the old cube cafe look like. My cousins love the new cube cafe because its more lively and cheerful. Something very different. I love the new cube cafe color too. mint x pink is nothing but awesome. But, the old cube cafe looks very much like “CUBE” more. But, they removed the handprints from the old cube cafe. And, I missed out Dongwoon’s thought I will be able to take the picture the recent May trip but T.T its all gone!

– Old look of Cube Cafe

 photo P8094129 copy_zpsie4tk9js.jpg
#during August 2013.

 photo 20150102_195428 copy_zpsw7d5pjny.jpg
#during december 2014

 photo 2015_0102_172602_009 copy_zpscflsjwxj.jpg
#during january 2015 (I got to see Junhyung birthday support + Yoseob birthday support)

 photo 20141224_180134 copy_zpskqtnlccg.jpg

 photo 20150330_214921 copy_zps0cryxcut.jpg
#March 2015, during Gikwang birthday!

 photo 20150330_214911 copy_zpsfkxw5qbo.jpg

 photo IMG_0458 copy_zpswffvkdgu.jpg
 photo IMG_20150330_211819 copy_zpsuhlq9121.jpg
#and yeah to Gikwang birthday sleeve! :)

 photo 2014_1227_154613_001 copy_zpsopjbqrya.jpg
#old cube cafe, where its no longer looking like this :)

 photo IMG_0460 copy_zpsstmdonzq.jpg
#cube cafe interior.

 photo IMG_0160 copy_zpscireknjb.jpg
#cube cafe’s toast, where they no longer sell it now.

 photo IMG_0154 copy_zpskenovanh.jpg
#cube cafe’s brownie with ice cream – they no longer sell it now.

 photo P8124233 copy_zpsnn15f0q7.jpg
 photo IMG_0159 copy_zpsngfodvgy.jpg
 photo IMG_0158 copy_zpsgvlvchvu.jpg
 photo IMG_0464 copy_zpskkoxpawy.jpg
#brownie was a great birthday dessert for the birthday girls! that day was shumin’s birthday! :)

 photo IMG_20150102_194343 copy_zpspyzzrt6c.jpg
#my last day on january where I get to see dongwoon at cube cafe! lucky me! :)

 photo IMG_20150102_181719 copy_zpsporrjqzh.jpg

Remember I mentioned about the handprints? They have all their cube artist handprints there.

 photo PC243965 copy_zpseakq4kfw.jpg

 photo PC243964 copy_zpsnki3opf5.jpg

 photo PC243962 copy_zpse423g6nn.jpg

 photo PC243966 copy_zpsudapgfhg.jpg

 photo PC243963 copy_zpspxrpsvju.jpg

 photo PC243961 copy_zpszhxgopg0.jpg
#merchandises corner where you can grab some of them back home! :)

 photo P8094117 copy_zpsbiofnhtg.jpg

 photo P8124230 copy_zpsg15kabsg.jpg

 photo P8094124 copy_zpsxhdzduiw.jpg
 photo P8094119 copy_zpsocqhigdq.jpg
#throw an surprise event with carol that year for her birthday too :) Together with dooly hehe!

 photo 2015_0102_172322_002 copy_zpshcyjn1xz.jpg


Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 3

Walking RouteExit 3 you will able to see MCM, walk straight till you see the beautiful Dior Building on ur right, that very traffic junction next, turn left and continue to walk straight till you BaskinRobbins and turned left and continuing walking and you will see CUBE Building on your right, continue walking…. You will see JYP building on your left, turn right and you will reach Cube Cafe

Bus RouteExit 3, Take the bus 143/362/240/4318 and alight the next stop. Cross the road and walk into the street beside Baskin-Robbins. You will see CUBE Building on your right, continue walking…. You will see JYP building on your left, turn right and you will reach Cube Cafe

To visit any BEAST related cafe, read here

Cacao Green in Myeongdong (Video)

[Travel in May 2015]

Yummy Strawberry Gelato Pie with Strawberry Sauce! :)

Cacao Green in Myeongdong

[Travel in May 2015]

Every trip needs a cafe visit! :) Despite my short visit this time round, I managed to visit one of the cafes in Myeongdong. A place where everyone is familiar and will definitely visit it during their trip. After walking nearly 20K steps (according to my friend and me – we did walked 20k step at myeongdong lol!) for your skincare shopping, how about heading to Cacao Green for a dessert? I’m sure you won’t regret…. teeheehee~

 photo IMG_1771 copy_zpshmwk48rv.jpg photo IMG_1770 copy_zpspqh1mf6n.jpg photo IMG_1728 copy_zpstsn1jevu.jpg photo IMG_1727 copy_zpswnqrrndk.jpg photo IMG_1721 copy_zpsfon56afk.jpg
#we placed our order for the Strawberry Gelato Pie! :)  and we walked around to take photos! :)

 photo IMG_1724 copy_zpsm1dc9neq.jpg photo IMG_1723 copy_zpsbe7cb0xu.jpg photo IMG_1716 copy_zpsxr3vssbq.jpg photo IMG_1726 copy_zpsa6yejlil.jpg photo IMG_1733 copy_zpsfg8cziev.jpg photo IMG_1730 copy_zps9k8cwv26.jpg photo IMG_1744 copy_zpscgenep6z.jpg photo IMG_1734 copy_zpsbjczawie.jpg photo IMG_1742 copy_zpsfgrfneb6.jpg
#this happen… when, I have already took all corners of the cafe, except myself haha – Selca yo! :)

 photo IMG_1756 copy_zpsybglk9ty.jpg
#looking really awesome right? looking really delicious right? Yum yum! Strawberry My favourite!!!! :D

 photo IMG_1761 copy_zpsvkaelub6.jpg
#this dessert took quite a while to prepare, but its definitely worth the wait! :) Everything is amazing when you have a bite of it :)

 photo IMG_1766 copy_zpsbswiyip8.jpg
#we poured the strawberry sauce over the ice cream and pie which makes the dessert even amazing hahahahaha! Its really nice!

 photo IMG_1769 copy_zpsnk4wz6j0.jpg photo IMG_1755 copy_zpsfkn1b53l.jpg
 photo IMG_1750 copy_zpsyay9z3z1.jpg
 photo IMG_1763 copy_zpsm4rm4k9z.jpg
#how can we not take photo with the dessert right right right? :)


 photo IMG_1773 copy_zpsyakn9hkn.jpg
#conveniently located at the main street of Myeongdong, next to MIXXO. (MIXXO is also one of my favourite shopping outlet! ^^)

 photo IMG_1772 copy_zpsdbzvxr0c.jpg
#Take a lift to Level 3 :)

 photo IMG_1764 copy_zpssy2mhmir.jpg

Cacao Green 카카오그린
Address: 중구 명동8길 17 (명동점), 명동, 서울특별시, 100-809, 대한민국
Subway: Myeongdong Exit 6
Direction: Myeongdong main street, walk straight for about 5mins. Its just located next to MIXXO on your right :)
WIFI available. Password: 02 3789 3102