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Hong Kong: Baby Mon Cher Cafe

Every trip of mine includes a visit to a cafe. I was doing the itinerary for my HK trip and came across this Japanese bakery – Baby Mon Cher which located in the basement of Sogo. Baby Mon Cher is a smaller baby version of the Japan Patisserie Mon Cher, which is also originally from Osaka.

 photo PB012893copy_zps9e5a64ee.jpg photo PB012895copy_zps58c63c4d.jpg
 photo PB012892copy_zpsf5ef12f8.jpg
 photo PB012891copy_zps5782e42d.jpg
 photo PB012890copy_zpsa68d9049.jpg
 photo PB012887copy_zps52e50deb.jpg
 photo PB012886copy_zps06bc5447.jpg
 photo PB012882copy_zps4640d1a1.jpg
 photo PB012881copy_zps3bbcc100.jpg
 photo PB012880copy_zps01c78a6c.jpg
 photo PB012876copy_zpse186df40.jpg
 photo PB012875copy_zps16d6256e.jpg
 photo PB012874copy_zps3abcaff4.jpg
 photo IMG_20141101_112705copy_zpsdb00dab2.jpg

#i didn’t have high expectation on cake that looks pretty, but honestly, its REALLY NICE! :D

Address // B1/F, Sogo, 555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay
Address // 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道555號崇光百貨B1地庫層


HongKong: Mak’s Noodle

During my last trip to HongKong which was 2 years ago, I visited Mak’s Noodle at the peak which eventually became my most favourite dish in Hong Kong ever. I missed the wanton noodle they served because its the only wanton I ate that have fully wrapped with fresh prawn and nothing else. The wanton we often ate were prepared with pork minced and prawn… which was nothing like Mak’s Noodle. Aside from that, the soup is heavenly tasty. I love the serving because its really just nice for 1, despite many people think its really way too small. We visited the outlet at Wellington Street which is the original outlet that the founder and his son-in law ran till 1996. Right now, the business was succeeded by his second son.

 photo PB022926copy_zpsd86c1128.jpg
 photo PB022923copy_zps19916358.jpg
 photo PB022922copy_zpsaf835c9b.jpg
 photo PB022920copy_zps70c7a10c.jpg
 photo PB022919copy_zpsf8e11160.jpg
 photo PB022918copy_zpsfb3fe7c3.jpg
 photo PB022917copy_zps2bfa8535.jpg
 photo 2014_1102_113658_008copy_zps46565eec.jpg
 photo 2014_1102_113408_006copy_zpsfe0f10df.jpg

麥奀雲吞麵世家 Mak’s Noodle
Address // 77 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong
Tel // +852 2854 3810
MTR // The Central Station

HongKong: Ichiran Ramen (一蘭ラメン)

when I knew that Ichiran opened their franchise in Hong Kong, I was so delighted.
Ichiran have been around for many years and has been really popular in Japan.
Many people tried it and agrees how great the soup is, and how different it taste from others.

And so, I visited Ichiran in Hong Kong, Causeway Bay.

 photo 2014_1101_085626_002copy_zpscff8caf7.jpg
# the reason behind this concept is because, japanese want you to savour the soup in a silence environment.

 photo 20141101_090554copy_zps6796cfee.jpg
 photo PB012832copy_zpsd38f80b6.jpg
 photo PB012833copy_zpsf7ea6da9.jpg
#quite an ideal place for one who eat alone, not for me, not for doojoon :)

 photo PB012835copy_zps301fbbf5.jpg#you will have your own personal space and drinking water dispenser at every single “table” :)

 photo PB012837copy_zps98e8a026.jpg
 photo PB012840copy_zpsd0fa58bd.jpg
 photo PB012844copy_zps5bd2dd8b.jpg
 photo PB012845copy_zpsc9dc0dec.jpg#pardon me for taking and post so many different yet look alike same picture of the ramen.
good food are worth posting really. and, I have already minimise from 15 ramen picture to 7 haha!

 photo PB012850copy_zpsf59fc0b1.jpg
 photo PB012851copy_zpsd5624d21.jpg#after mixing it well, I hope, but its really tasty. The pork taste different, the noodles too. The soup is heavenly good.
I’m not a fan of pork base soup, but this gonna be the best ramen I ever eat.

 photo PB012852copy_zpsa116cedd.jpg#please order the egg, its really at its tip of awesome-ness haha

 photo 20141101_094147copy_zps5f1a9967.jpg
#a visit to the toilet, is really surprise and full of laughter. so will you just get any or follow your zodiac?
#when you slide open the toilet door, the toilet bowl just flip open automatically. Its so JAPAN!

 photo PB012854copy_zps4cb86d3b.jpg#bits of surprise when you finish everything and leave nothing.

 photo PB012856copy_zpsc27d5607.jpg
 photo PB012857copy_zps1d081ad7.jpg
 photo PB012861copy_zps9fbac3a9.jpg
 photo PB012864copy_zpsb32a81cd.jpg
#you can get a instant pack back home at 280HKD if I never remember wrongly. and yes, I did :D

 photo PB012865copy_zpsd944a7a2.jpg
 photo PB012867copy_zps37fa1839.jpg

This gonna be my favourite ramen ever!
Definitely a must visit again if I’m ever going to Hong Kong again.


Address: Shop H & I, Ground Floor, Lockhart House, Block A, 440 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay
Address in Chinese: 銅鑼灣謝斐道440號駱克大廈A座地下H及I舖
Operation Hours: 24/7 (perfect for travellers to plan their meal!)
MTR Exit: Exit C

Autumn HongKong 2014

Holiday is fun, but an impromptu holiday will be even more exciting!
We probably just looking at the fare for fun, without knowing we will booked a ticket.
And off I go, and here I’m back too. 5 days of happiness and fun.

so, I’m sharing my 5 days happiness in a short photoblog entry :)
This is where happiness begins…

 photo 2014_1104_230718_002copy_zps8579a873.jpg
#Steamboat at Mongkok.

 photo 20141104_105756copy_zps1a00f933.jpg
#Tim Ho Wan

 photo 2014_1104_101922_001copy_zps27a30824.jpg
#Waiting for our dimsum :)

 photo PB022985copy_zpsb77df197.jpg
#every HK Drama setting

 photo PB022975copy_zps4b59b9ed.jpg
#Night is still young

 photo 2014_1102_214747_006copy_zpsa119703f.jpg photo PB022968copy_zps28b78b04.jpg#typical hongkong housing style

 photo PB022965copy_zpse21a1768.jpg
#smelly tofu

 photo PB022959copy_zpsacf74913.jpg
#small bus

 photo 2014_1102_150106_003copy_zps14305fe9.jpg photo PB022952copy_zpscb931df1.jpg#Three Eyed Monster/Alien :)

 photo PB022928copy_zps1e71c0c2.jpg
#HK Style Yakut from 7/11

 photo PB022923copy_zps16db8b26.jpg
#Mak Noodle, my favourite because the wanton is fully prawn :)

 photo PB022917copy_zpsc648d16d.jpg
#hongkong style

 photo 2014_1102_113658_008copy_zpsfce7d2bd.jpg
#hello for breakfast :)

 photo PB012891copy_zpsa7b873df.jpg
#there’s always room for dessert. It taste really nice ;)

 photo IMG_20141101_115025copy_zpse89df31d.jpg
 photo PB012870copy_zps24e4a898.jpg

 photo PB012869copy_zps9db70b54.jpg
#HongKong estate never change from 14years ago

 photo IMG_20141101_100105copy_zpsac9f9f62.jpg
#all kinds of transport

 photo 20141101_094147copy_zps6ea141b3.jpg

 photo PB012850copy_zpsdaeec5ba.jpg
#most awesome ramen I ever eaten! :)

 photo 2014_1101_090428_004copy_zps565855e5.jpg
#awesome could even be the best word to describe

 photo 2014_1101_085626_002copy_zps1d14ac03.jpg
#you have to eat alone

 photo 2014_1101_072019_003copy_zps343d640f.jpg
#look refreshing because its the first day :)

And happiness begins…
 photo PB033614copy_zps8abb2539.jpg
#Disneyland fireworks are really gorgeous

 photo PB033462copy_zps334e18e9.jpg
#Light Parade at Night (7pm) – Hello Beauty!

 photo PB033453copy_zpsc16c64bd.jpg
#and so, we finally get to see Ariel

 photo PB033435copy_zps24161e15.jpg
#Sulley looks so cute and friendly!

 photo 2014_1103_190406_006copy_zps0db22368.jpg
#how about selma with the disney character?

 photo 2014_1103_184650_004copy_zps0bf733d7.jpg
#my pal mickey! :)

 photo PB033406copy_zps1234ab30.jpg
#this is so pretty

 photo 2014_1103_184009_002copy_zps691f66f7.jpg
#honey lover – winnie the pooh!

 photo 2014_1103_183501_001copy_zps2169fe90.jpg
#naughty goofy!

 photo 2014_1103_182803_001copy_zps68caa727.jpg
#pluto looking so cute, and posing for a selma

 photo PB033384copy_zpsd4c82afb.jpg
#hi-tea at corner cafe was awesome! we had it like near dinner time :)

 photo PB033361copy_zps3b5a8161.jpg
#the light-up ice cube on this interesting (blueberry + lemon lime) drink!

 photo PB033189copy_zps39501fd3.jpg
#Sleeping Beauty looking for his prince…?

 photo 2014_1103_143838_001copy_zps31f21eaa.jpg
#my favourite princess :)

 photo 2014_1103_143001_002copy_zps86cde147.jpg
#you need a mickey mouse ice cream if you visited Disneyland!

 photo PB033166copy_zps4a7eac2a.jpg
#and of cos, the waffle :p

 photo PB033159copy_zpsea147767.jpg

 photo 2014_1103_112406_001copy_zps3ca3c62d.jpg
#and definitely, a selma with my pal, mickey!

 photo PB033099copy_zpse6d15c35.jpg
#everything starts from the train. Its so pretty!

 photo PB033091copy_zps7daa1dcd.jpg photo 2014_1103_094725_004copy_zps57d973da.jpg

 photo 2014_1103_094624_002copy_zps257679f6.jpg

I will, I will…. try (my very best haha) to finish up my travelogue soon :p

Photo taken either by Olympus EP3 / Samsung Note 3 / SJ4000
More at Instagram: #2HuiInHK / #hellosihuigoeshk