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Taiwan: 傳奇星 ★ a Corner Cafe

This taiwan trip was highly made possible because of 潘玮柏 2014 Kingdom of Eve 伊殿園 Concert. A concert that he had been waiting for and share the love together with his fans at 臺北小巨蛋 once again. Previously when there’s news of him retiring at the age of 36, jinfeng and I decided we should just fly over to Taiwan and catch it before, its too late. And this is why after 5 years, I am back to Taiwan :) Definitely, no one expected, and looking at his recovering and slowly back to his working mode… I am so glad. Nothing beat a healthy body. Don’t blame yourself too much, everything happen for a reason… and definitely, I will be back next year! 瑋柏,小巨蛋,明年見!我一定會飛去的!我和你有約喔!I am already looking very forward to my next taiwan trip, though its not in my holiday plan next year, in fact, I have already planned well for my next year trip, and definitely its gonna burst my budget of the year. I will work double hard, harder than 2014, to earn more :) 你這麼加油這麼拼,我也不能輸你喔!

We continued our plan of visiting a cafe before the concert “start”… and here we are at a Corner Cafe (傳奇星) which is opened by Andy and Blackie. It wasn’t too easy to find, we took a cab over from a station, its always easier to return from a cafe, than heading there. I think we made a right choice, because, when we headed back to the Taipei Arena and 101 its pretty far by walking…. though it actually look pretty near. Did we walked at least 45minutes to 101? haha!

 photo PA242662copy_zps3e6513e6.jpg
 photo PA242661copy_zps7f2c0f73.jpg
 photo PA242660copy_zps00336363.jpg
 photo PA242659copy_zpscf5a9959.jpg
 photo 2014_1024_180945_001copy_zpsa2276311.jpg
 photo PA242658copy_zps211d6623.jpg
 photo 2014_1024_180902_001copy_zps5f2278e5.jpg
 photo PA242654copy_zps570d81a3.jpg
 photo PA242651copy_zps5d8f217c.jpg
 photo PA242650copy_zpsaa69fb02.jpg
 photo PA242648copy_zps70130159.jpg
 photo PA242647copy_zpsbe2baede.jpg
 photo PA242646copy_zps428542fa.jpg
 photo PA242644copy_zps3ffbcae5.jpg
 photo PA242642copy_zps0767b1ac.jpg
 photo PA242641copy_zpscb1c9b01.jpg
 photo PA242633copy_zps38b34376.jpg

Address // 台灣台北市八德路四段106巷2弄1號1樓


Taiwan: Honey Creme


 photo PA191647copy_zps869b52ae.jpg
 photo PA191645copy_zps9507b8fe.jpg
 photo PA191644copy_zpsd45ab207.jpg
 photo PA191643copy_zps8e0de090.jpg
 photo PA191642copy_zps68933a5f.jpg#I quite like the ice cream because its quite unique and there’s milky taste. I thought the honeycomb makes it a little special.
But honestly, I don’t think I wanted to pay 150TWD for something like this. Its a little expensive. But deserved a good try.
At least, I don’t need to wait 1hour and I have a seat outside the cafe :)

 photo PA191641copy_zps98313a89.jpg
 photo PA191638copy_zps8ec4d10c.jpg

Address // 台北市敦化南路一段 169 巷 8 號 1 樓 D 室
Tel // (02)2740-7070
Operating Hours // Weekdays 11:30- 21:30, Weekend & Eve of PH 11:30- 22:30
Subway Station // Zhong Xiao Dun Hua Station Exit 7

Taiwan: 吉马陈蚵仔面线大王


Whether you have been to taiwan before, there’s something that most people will talk about. And that’s 蚵仔面线 (Oyster Noodles). I have ate the popular one at XiMenDing which I personally think is quite nice. My friend told me there’s one that we shouldn’t missed. And I know why after visiting.

“如果來到臺北,沒吃過吉马陈,就是沒來過臺北了” – jfeng

 photo PA242632copy_zps403657c6.jpg
 photo PA242630copy_zpsd1b27a8b.jpg
#one of the best fried oyster egg I ever ate in taiwan.
the generous amount of big fat oysters cover with cabbage and traditional homemade red sauce.

 photo PA242629copy_zps281ebdc1.jpg
#hot and yummy oyster mee sua, its really yummy! The oysters really a lot, and really big and fat juicy one too!

 photo PA242628copy_zps65e68457.jpg
 photo PA242626copy_zps222cfeef.jpg
 photo PA242622copy_zpsc1a5ce41.jpg
 photo PA242621copy_zpscf4f5f91.jpg#intestine that my friend and cousin loves! :)

 photo PA242619copy_zpsf0e41825.jpg
 photo PA242627copy_zps72130b7b.jpg#our delicious yummy brunch! we did order their 酸梅湯 too. 酸梅湯 is actually a drink :)

 photo 2014_1024_135602_003copy_zpsec2dd82c.jpg#But you can see, we love our own drinks more. we bought our bubble tea that is just 1 street away from our hotel :)


吉马陈蚵仔面线大王 (台北)
Address // No. 41號, Nanjing West Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103
Phone  // 886 2 2556 1188
Hours // AM 11:00 – PM 10:00
Subway Station // Zhongshan Station, Exit 4

Must Eat 👍 蚵仔大腸麵線、滷大腸、山豬肉香腸、乾蚵、酸梅湯

Taiwan: StayReal Café by Gabee

StayReal probably very familiar among May Day fans as the shops are opened by one of their members. StayReal is supposed to be a creative shop that have collaboration with different artists to produce really pretty clothings. Some of their collaboration are Japan fashion designer Jun Watanabe as well as Hong Kong 公仔 artist Kenny. Which eventually, they captured the heart of the youngsters and people who loves street fashion and at the same time, bringing them another side of creatives and arts.

The cafe that located at 台北東區, is a combination of art gallery with sense of creative retail boutique. At the same time, you can always order and enjoy a cup of latte. Walking into the cafe, you get to see different art pieces and 公仔 that they had collaborated with. Somehow, its like a modern art cafe that give you everything from a cafe to art culture.

 photo PA191654copy_zps4265ff82.jpg
 photo PA191655copy_zps3cccd827.jpg
 photo PA191656copy_zps8cd5d980.jpg
 photo PA191657copy_zps44321564.jpg
 photo PA191658copy_zps83e68ae6.jpg
 photo PA191659copy_zps9c1be2e4.jpg
 photo PA191660copy_zpse2c0446e.jpg
 photo PA191661copy_zpse890423e.jpg
 photo PA191662copy_zpsf015e20e.jpg
 photo PA191663copy_zpsd42f1a66.jpg
 photo PA191664copy_zpsc9bc3246.jpg
 photo PA191666copy_zps9f34a8e7.jpg
 photo PA191667copy_zps8a2884eb.jpg
 photo PA191669copy_zps33d58179.jpg#Best waffle I ate during my entire Taiwan trip. It’s very soft and puffy! It’s really nice :)

 photo PA191670copy_zps877cecf7.jpg
 photo PA191675copy_zps4f8150af.jpg
 photo PA191677copy_zpsb682b4b8.jpg
 photo PA191678copy_zps824cbfac.jpg
 photo PA191681copy_zps2408d14c.jpg
 photo PA191682copy_zps581ed526.jpg
 photo PA191684copy_zps4a0e36d6.jpg
 photo PA191685copy_zps8fc5f83e.jpg
 photo PA191686copy_zps19d53573.jpg
 photo PA191688copy_zps5254fdfa.jpg
 photo PA191689copy_zpsf65b19df.jpg
 photo PA191690copy_zps828e1f21.jpg
 photo PA191691copy_zps5fb79407.jpg
 photo PA191692copy_zps4bc082a0.jpg
 photo PA191693copy_zps786c9a3f.jpg
 photo PA191694copy_zpsf9c15e42.jpg
 photo PA191695copy_zps428f1b44.jpg

StayReal Café by Gabee (敦南店)
Operating Hours // 12:00-22:00
Address // 台北市敦化南路一段177巷21號
Tel // +886-2-2731-8011


Awesome 9 days taiwan trip with my childhood friend.
our first trip together though we known each other since 5.
its pretty awesome, fun and thankful that she planned everything.
taipei, cingjing and changhua with different colours and cultures.

 photo PA242699copy_zps7588511c.jpg
#shihlin night market

 photo 2014_1024_135602_003copy_zpsf3f90212.jpg
#one of the best meals in taipei.

 photo 2014_1023_141253_002copy_zps5359ed85.jpg
#always start a day with bubble tea! :)

 photo 2014_1022_195620_001copy_zps5cb573a1.jpg
#dinner at dazzling cafe

 photo PA222454copy_zps718c3b22.jpg

 photo PA222416copy_zpsc1c3ec80.jpg
#i love railway tracks

 photo 2014_1022_140018_003copy_zpsd5b07319.jpg
#tourist spot at changhua

 photo PA222368copy_zpsa62ab812.jpg
#famous cafe in dacun

 photo 2014_1022_100108_003copy_zpsb80e49f5.jpg
#vineyard behind our guesthouse :)

 photo PA222275copy_zps60619479.jpg
#balcony view of our guesthouse

 photo PA212019copy_zpsebdd6152.jpg
#sunrise at hehuanshan

 photo PA211998copy_zpsf1c42f6a.jpg

 photo 2014_1021_063117_001copy_zps6bdb438f.jpg
#tourist spot :p

 photo PA201899copy_zps773325fc.jpg
#sunset at cingjing

 photo PA201854copy_zps29b34ecf.jpg
#awesome view

 photo PA201842copy_zps87ba94f6.jpg
#land of sheep

 photo PA201833copy_zps1149e4df.jpg
#silver grass

 photo PA201820copy_zpsd69c221f.jpg
#hello meh meh

 photo PA201801copy_zps2d95b6bd.jpg
#beautiful cingjing

 photo IMG_20141019_213459copy_zps66107ffc.jpg
#smelly tofu & duck blood

 photo IMG_20141019_152828copy_zps861bebb7.jpg
#honey creme

 photo PA181581copy_zpsebd16594.jpg
#you had to bring one back!

 photo PA181570copy_zpsae319017.jpg
#in the train

 photo PA181561copy_zps33dd2789.jpg
#shi da :)

I will try to finish up my travelogue soon :p

Photo taken either by Olympus EP3 / Samsung Note 3 / SJ4000
More at Instagram: #hellosihuigoestaiwan