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Gaepan 개판 by Shinhwa’s Minwoo

[!!!!] Gaepan have officially closed on 29 November 2016. It’s been a great 7 years for Minwoo’s family. Lots of memories created too. For me, I bring most of my favourite people there to have a meal as well. It’s been a total of 23 trips and many of them makes me a happy person because the food is just so yummy just so tasty. I missed the egg roll alot because I don’t think I can or able to find one that taste this good. Thank you Gaepan :) 

[Last Travelled in March/April 2016]

I have been wanting to blog about this “a-must-visit-restaurant-every-korea-trip” since my first visit in 2013. But, I thought, I must leave the best to the last. And, I really want many people to try their SUPER DUPER YUMMY Cheese Egg Roll and Chicken Stew, and yes even their Lunch Box is nicer than any other restaurants I visited! :)

(Note, if you have bought “Oppa! Take me to Korea!” travel book, I have guest-feature in the book on Gaepan too! I’m also 1 of the creative designers behind this awesome travel book too!)

Every Korea trip since then, is a must visit to Gaepan! I checked my swarm for the address and realise, I actually check-in for 19 times! Hence, you can imagine how many foods I have tried here before listed my favourite dish here! :p

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#exterior of the restaurant, not-those-glam-restaurant, but something very friendly-casual-looking type!

 photo P3180377 copy_zps5sgra2hm.jpg#Gaepan will be very very crowded on during March, as SHINHWA usually have their anniversary concert during march, and fans from all over the world will be heading here for a lovely dinner/supper :D

 photo P3180389 copy_zpszrspwwjs.jpg photo IMG_8691 copy_zpsj4xqrnnb.jpg
Menu have in english and chinese these days to cater to foreign fans! :) You know, you cant underestimate the power of SHCJs!

 photo P3180387 copy_zpsjprmokqq.jpg
#Kimchi stew :)

 photo P8013579 copy_zpsawnr8rt5.jpg
 photo Photo 3-1-14 6 33 44 pm copy_zpslhuucrdq.jpg
#Seafood Egg Stew

 photo IMG_0172 copy_zpslfhhneqt.jpg
#hot plate squid!

 photo P4192785 copy_zpssuogn4id.jpg
#gaepan egg pizza!

 photo P4192781 copy_zps0xme2ied.jpg
#Potato Pancake

 photo IMG_1702 copy_zpskevofrgc.jpg
#Seafood Pancake

 photo IMG_0164 copy_zpsypfg2afe.jpg
#Lunch box that most of my friends like! :)

 photo P8013577 copy_zpsupyt5txt.jpg photo IMG_0168 copy_zpsby5mmd7m.jpg
 photo IMG_0169 copy_zpshh9nxdj2.jpg

 photo IMG_0166 copy_zpsftctrjyw.jpg
#EGG ROLL WITH CHEESE, is a must eat too!!!

 photo IMG_8693 copy_zpsl5izbxeb.jpg photo IMG_8697 copy_zpsuygaa25r.jpg
 photo P3180380 copy_zpsu95guihe.jpg#First visit to gaepan with my favourite friends #3doryinKR, this happened during 2013, where we embarked a wonderful 39 days journey together! :) No photos of us, dunno why :P But we visited together for at least 11 times!!! :p

 photo IMG_0963 copy_zpspg53pfeq.jpg
#with half of six+one :) the clearest photo of all the blurs one :p oh yeah, there’s Joie too! :)

 photo IMG_1715 copy_zpsdomirsal.jpgBought so many of my friends here, and some we didn’t actually took photos together too! :p but, so many of them! :) 19 times is pretty much deserve some awards! hehehehehe :p

DIRECTION TO GAEPAN 개판 (Sorry for the low and bad lighting for direction)

 photo IMG_1691 copy_zpsgkunapnq.jpgApgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5 and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_1692 copy_zpslxdbb3x7.jpg
#you will pass by Canon on your right :) Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1695 copy_zpskzlwoej8.jpg
#continue to walk straight, you will see a Paris Baguette on your right too! Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1696 copy_zps72oxcaoe.jpg
#turn right here! :)

 photo IMG_1697 copy_zpsy7fdfhes.jpg
#continue to walk straight (you are actually walking towards Dosan Park direction) :)

 photo IMG_1698 copy_zpsspfayl9c.jpg
#Turn right till you reach the T junction! :)

 photo P3180392 copy_zpswropwxh5.jpg
#you should see the bright lightbox here! :)

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#and yes, you reached! :)

 photo IMG_0167 copy_zpsmw8oyqmi.jpg#a photo of the yummy cheese egg roll that you must have in gaepan! :)

Gaepan 개판
Address:서울 강남구 신사동 647-4 1층
Contact: 02-515-8381
Operation Hours: 7pm – till last guest leave
Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5
*This restaurant belongs to SHINHWA’s Minwoo’s sister. She is often in the restaurant, and if you are lucky, you might meet celebrities there too. There’s once when I was there, I saw BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung! :) Pretty much of lucks and love! <3<3<3

*If you like SHINHWA like I do, and wish to visit places that they visited before, read here! :)

Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited this restaurant via my guide :)


황가네 꼼장군 Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue) Family Eel Restaurant

All thanks to TVN Drama – Let’s Eat, I’m able to find out this yummy dish – 꼼장어. I can’t wait to help it and wish I could eat it right now haha! Looking at the actors and actresses eating it really make me hungry! I wish Gu Dae-young food blog is for real, and we get to know all the delicious foods during all 16 episodes. (side track a little, Yeah to Let’s Eat Season 2 this coming April)

I was trying very hard to find out more about 꼼장어 right after the drama air, and so glad to find out that we get to eat it at CN Blue’s drummer Kang Minhyuk’s Family Restaurant. Some of my friends actually asked about this place after I posted on my instagram. So, I thought I shall share a little bit more in my blog too :)

 photo P3311232 copy_zpsueevshnf.jpg#not difficult to spot the shop because its decorate with many many CN Blue photos. Daddy & Mummy Kang must be feeling very proud!

 photo PC243950 copy_zpstkmskola.jpg photo P3311229 copy_zpsyzldplaa.jpg photo P3311227 copy_zpsfiw2ataa.jpg photo P3311203 copy_zpsf1bthztw.jpg photo P3311228 copy_zpsueglkoyq.jpg photo P3311202 copy_zpsrldrmktn.jpg photo PC243949 copy_zpsyt8edfhe.jpg#Menu is in english (chinese too) as well, all cater for their foreigner fans :)

 photo PC243960 copy_zpssdn6j0w6.jpg#Steam egg was the main attraction why we decided to go over! :)

 photo PC243954 copy_zpsdbabompa.jpg photo P3311211 copy_zpsxvu8taac.jpg photo P3311208 copy_zpscg9egu49.jpg#I love this vege, fresh and yummy!

 photo PC243953 copy_zpsesbjmyzp.jpg#the main attraction of this entry! The eel might looks very different from what you thought, but its REALLY GOOD!

 photo P3311210 copy_zpsikuwdud8.jpg
 photo P3311204 copy_zps96fgogur.jpg#Pork Rib, was really nice and some of my friends told me they really like this better!

 photo P3311213 copy_zpsaz5dcd2t.jpg#baby octopus! My cousin brought her colleagues over, they prefer this over the eel :) But, I still have full praise for the eel more than anything else in the shop! :)

 photo P3311222 copy_zps06kkzose.jpg photo P3311224 copy_zpsjucya1wm.jpg#told you the pork rib is good, it does look good right! haha!

 photo P3311217 copy_zpsplluboio.jpg photo P3311221 copy_zpso6pwgezq.jpg#so now its the eel turn! Honestly, It does look delicious right!!!! Trust me, you got to try this! :) 

 photo P3311201 copy_zps08xysowa.jpg
 photo PC243951 copy_zpslk3dcxjh.jpg#Messages to CN Blue was all over the shop that it become one of the attractions! :)

황가네 꼼장군

Address // 서울 영등포구 영등포동 3가 5-2
Subway // Yeongdeungpo Station Exit 3
Direction // Yeongdeungpo Station Exit 3, Enter Yeongdeungpo Rotary Underground Shopper Centre Exit 1. You will see the shop on your right after exit :)

– Thanks Minhyuk Dad for pointing out the underground exit because we were shivering and goes “wah, omg!” on the very first day of 2015 when we walked out of the restaurant. It’s really really cold that day, and Minhyuk dad told us to walk underground instead of the normal way via the traffic light. And, its our new way to walk over and this actually give us a little more excuse to shop at the underground shopping centre hahahahaha! Both my cousin and I bought a sweater each that day! Happy New Year haha!


You Who Came From the Stars / 2D1N: Hakrim Coffee 학림다방

I have problem with this entry because I can’t decide which title suit this entry totally. Here’s my choices

  1. The oldest cafe in Seoul: Hakrim Coffee
  2. You who came from the stars: Where Do Manager meet up with Jang Lawyer
  3. 2 Days 1 Night (Season 3): Seollal In Seoul 2014, Oldest Cafe in Seoul

My title of this entry can’t be too long, hence, I can’t put all details inside though they are all fact and the truth. Basically, Korea is a place where everything is a story to tell, be it a filming location, be it a shop opened by Idol’s family, or even international brand endorse by local artistes.

I know of this Hakrim Coffee from watching You who came from the star, but I remember its just a few scene filming? (I might be wrong or was it just 1 scene?) And it was actually from 2 Days 1 Night – Seasons 3: Seollal in Seoul Part 1 (video here), where I eventually know that this cafe have many stories to tell. It’s actually the oldest cafe in Korea since 1956, a cafe of almost 60 years old. The cafe is very vintage looking, where the interior tells you a lot. I heard you shouldn’t miss the coffee :)

 photo P4011258 copy_zpsrfxnbfex.jpg
 photo P4011259 copy_zpsl0bfy8n0.jpg photo P4011257 copy_zpsaozkxdho.jpg photo P4011244 copy_zpslzkfs9v9.jpg photo P4011242 copy_zpsdohwzwmd.jpg photo P4011241 copy_zpsg4m31oek.jpg photo P4011240 copy_zpsjwnqfa7z.jpg photo P4011238 copy_zpsne3v0ulm.jpg photo P4011247 copy_zpsub5dgdal.jpg
#i heard some of my friends love this cheesecake thingy and even went back for this, but sorry, I really can’t appreciate it haha!

 photo P4011243 copy_zpsz2ot8nfq.jpg
# And there’s always a reason. No, not that they are idol or someone, but they were sitting at the most popular seat EVER! It’s where Doo Min Joon and his friend Lawyer Jang sat (You who came from the star). I went here twice, its still very popular and most people love taking this seat :p

 photo 2014_1228_160041_001 copy_zpsy2zlixlt.jpg
#Overview of the cafe with Cousin & Myself :)


Address // 94-2 Myeongnyun 4(sa)ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact // 02-742-2877
Website //
Subway Station // Hyehwa Exit 2 and cross the road to the opposite street and you will reached! (the original exit was renovating so i thought Exit 2 is clearer :D)

YAY to Chocolate Tree

 photo P3160200copy_zps9db9d792.jpg

I always have friends asking me about Korea itinerary, Korea accommodation and everything in between. Yes, I love Korea, I been to Korea quite a lot. Lucky 7, yes 7, and all of them were Free & Easy. I have to thank all my travel companions to be really awesome. There’s times, where my friends will made effort looking around for nice places to visit, while others did a great research on accommodation as well. Everyone plays a part in planning which I really think this is why a trip is successful.

During my 3rd trip to Korea, which was my longest trip ever – 6 weeks with my dory. We were a little worried about our accommodation because its a long 6 weeks for 3 pax. All thanks to Carol, who found our favourite accommodation till date – Chocolate Tree (CT) via some reviews online. We contacted CT via email, everywhere was pretty smooth since its all convey in English.

So, 3 months passed, and we were all ready to head for our longest trip ever. Definitely, we were a little worried about our guesthouse, because 1) Its our very first time staying in Sinchon and 2) If we doesn’t like the guesthouse, it will be a straight 6 weeks of discomfort. Many thoughts since we boarded the plane, but trying our best to look positive that nothing can be worst.

 photo PC294576copy_zps119cc6e7.jpg

We reached CT without hassle, pretty happy that its not too difficult to get around Sinchon as well. CT is located pretty near the main road, which I really really like. Some of the guesthouses I stayed were really far away from the road, and took about 15minutes walk along the dark alley. Hence I really like the location of CT. Our guesthouse check-in time is around 2pm, and we were pretty early (10am). Hence, we won’t be able to do any check-in but CT offered us to keep our luggage so that we will able to come back later. 3 of us, actually were heading straight to the concert venue at Olympic Park and will be only back at night. So, we were really delighted after a crazy-high-session of 3 hours straight concert without any sleeps from our midnight flight to find our luggages seated in a all clean and neat room.

Look like, my previous worries were gone. The first impression was awesome enough that all these were taken of. CT wasn’t the biggest guesthouse I stayed, but definitely a comfortable and clean one. In the morning, we will definitely greet by the CT Staff (CTS) with a cheerful voice, and at the end of the tired shopping day… we will still greeted by them. How nice? Its my first time where guesthouse staff was so friendly and always bring smile to us.

Reason why I was back again in August 2013, December 2013, March 2014 and my most recent trip December 2014?

 photo PC243943copy_zps0a90dcb7.jpg#CT is really very clean and neat. They have everything we need :)

 photo PC243944copy_zps53c701eb.jpg#and they have awesome TV for us

 photo PC294577copy_zps7dc4b9c2.jpg#I watched MBC Variety Awards LIVE straight from the tv. Not only that, I can even watch Running Man, Shinhwa Broadcast, We Got Married that was probably 1 year ago too!

 photo PC243947copy_zpsfd33e506.jpg#I know some of my friends like to load their photos to FB etc, but really lazy to bring 1.2kg laptop along? CT have computer for you! Perfect? ^^ I do have friends need hair dryer during their trip, but to be honest, it does takes up space too right? And worry no more, they have it for you! Yeah! :) Extra heater for the room, if you really worried about winter :)

 photo PC243945copy_zps2304f91f.jpg
#The toilet might not be as big as hotel’s, small but acceptable. Most importantly, its really clean.
And friends, they have lovely hot water. You doesn’t need to bath in cold water :)

 photo 20150102_104221copy_zps14c39f94.jpg#I always hate to pack bottles and bottles of shampoo, facial wash and body wash. They takes up so much space, and bring it back home – waste of my luggage space too. Especially, most of my Korea trips are at least a good 2 weeks. So, I am so happy that CT provide all these… and they are in prestige brand like DOVE and TFS :) I no longer bring bottles of all these to all my Seoul Trips! Yuppie!

 photo 20150102_104242copy_zps9a15db40.jpg#AND, they have WIFI for each room too! Something that I can’t live without. Korea wifi is so much better than you ever can imagine :)

 photo 2015_0101_192310_005copy_zps3e51854b.jpg#Common Area for everyone! Where you can prepare your breakfast which they provided Bread/Egg/Jams/Coffee. And not forgetting, CT even prepared some nail polish for their female guests too!

 photo 20150101_192156copy_zps9bd9df8e.jpg
 photo 2015_0101_192324_006copy_zpsb09f19ee.jpg#Washing Machine at no cost, is really important for long trip! :) You need to wash your clothes, I am very sure ^^ Thank goodness for the Dryer too! Its 500won for 15mins :)

 photo 2015_0101_192253_003copy_zps14e11b1d.jpg#Common Area, which we used quite often because at times, you have friends in different rooms. And you want a bigger place for chats and food – i mean chicken and coke :p

 photo P3230817copy_zps9402a608.jpg#and this happened to us one of the day! :) And, best of all, we have the awesome tv for us to watch Shinhwa Broadcast :)

 photo PC264064copy_zps11ce5089.jpg#Did I always mentioned that I think CT Jajangmyeong Delivery is really one of the best we ate? Every trip we will order jjm delivery with help from CT :) Its really nice. Please order! :) Aigoo, I want it now too! :(

 photo IMG_20150101_024328copy_zpsed68295b.jpg
#First meal of 2015, Thank you Eric :)

I remembered, a few times during my stay at CT, they really helped me a lot which not all guesthouse have such friendly boss and staff. I guessed CT trained their staff really well. They are all very proactive, helpful and always smiling :) That could be why, I don’t feel worried staying in a foreign country and always think they give their very best to help us. I remembered, we have a few problem the other trips when we need to book our sea train tickets, Thomas actually helped us to book, even paying in advance for us. Thomas even helped us with purchase of WOLFM cap hurhur~ And at times, late night, we actually asked help from Haein and Mei to call for delivery too *I miss eating Kyochon Honey Chicken & Chicken Mania*

-Chicken Mania: first meal of 2015 picture- 
I have to really praise Cho who helped us with the order and our ‘greedy’ request too. It was 31st December that day, my cousin and I was heading out in the morning and won’t be back so early because we were heading for Dongwan’s Starlight Concert that starts at 10pm. Since it is a countdown concert, I guessed we won’t be able to ask help from the staff when we are back. Hence, in the morning, I have ‘troubled’ Eric (once again) to help us order the chicken before they knocked off work and left it in the pantry. I will collect it when I came back from the concert. Eric offered to place it in the room, if we doesn’t mind (how nice, I mean, they doesn’t mind going up 3 levels and leave it there!). I also requested for a chicken mania calendar if possible. Back in our room at around 2am odd, we found the food smell deliciously on our dressing table, and Cho whom was really thoughtful to put the can of pepsi in the fridge to keep it cold! And, because of our greedy request for the calendar, Cho asked for posters for us since the store have run out of calendar. Thank you Cho, I didn’t manage to see you in person, but really thank you so much for helping and being so extremely thoughtful too!

And, of cos, Eric the boss of CT really have been the nicest host ever during all my Korea trips! Eric have really helped us at all times – from carrying the heavy luggage up, and down the stairs when we leave for airport. Eric even helped us with the 4D movie booking, and, keke, the photo card ticket as well. You know your guesthouse owner doesn’t need to help you to this extend, but ERIC did! :) Thank you Eric. Thank for being such a nice host :) See you soon!

(I’m glad to introduce CT to some of my friends. They loves it and become a regular too ^^) 

For More Information:
Address: 서울시 마포구 노고산동 109-91 초콜릿 트리
Nearest Subway: Sinchon (Line 2) / Seogang Univ (Gyeongui Line)


Myeongdong is a street of skincare and fashion, where you will definitely visit whenever you head over to Korea. But, in between the shopping, I am very sure that your hungry stomach will growl and you need a meal. If its at night, street food is usually your number 1 choice, how about when its lunch time? The answer will be Myeongdong Kyoja! I love the place when Im visiting there in group of 3-4 persons, so I can get to order all 3 items from the menu.  And with no fear, the kalguksu’s noodles are available for free refill! Omg! How I wish, the soup does come for free refill too, its too tasty with flavourful broth that you can’t stop tasting it. hehe.

 photo IMG_6188copy_zps8acdd945.jpg
 photo IMG_6191copy_zps203817a1.jpg
 photo IMG_2351copy_zps46462c8c.jpg
 photo IMG_2352copy_zps9ba7f3b0.jpg
 photo IMG_2353copy_zpsf4179b74.jpg#clarice and jacintha told me that, this kimchi is so spicy that make their tastebuds adapting to other spicy food in Korea. haha

 photo IMG_2354copy_zpscb438154.jpg photo P3200588copy_zps8e2e363e.jpg photo IMG_2355copy_zps9b6e1b48.jpg photo P3200590copy_zpscd1887a3.jpg photo IMG_2357copy_zpsa0557120.jpg photo P3200593copy_zps2a63b3c7.jpg photo P3250568copy_zps29b372e0.jpg photo P3200597copy_zps673004f7.jpg


Address // 29, Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (Myeong-dong 2-ga)
Address // 서울특별시 중구 명동10길 29 (명동2가)
Specialty // Kalguksu
Operating Hours // 10:30AM – 9:30PM
Website //

신촌 즉석생만두

만두, 만두~ It’s a typical korean dish that I think most people will like it. It’s not too heavy for a breakfast, nor its exactly a meal of itself. Oh I really love such meal haha! Much thanks to Cin who found this really cheap and good 만두 at Sinchon on her way to salon that very summer trip. (I think its a summer trip right?! Travel 3 trips to Korea with her in the same year made me forget in details keke, not forgetting we are 3dory!)

A very typical small store located just outside the sinchon subway exit was pretty much convenient for many. And, more over, its located pretty near to our guesthouse too. I love sinchon so much that I think I will stay there often :)

 photo P3311198copy_zpsf225bdcc.jpg
 photo P3311197copy_zpsb050184b.jpg
 photo P3311196copy_zps3d6a6bec.jpg photo P3311199copy_zps1a3e12e3.jpg
 photo PC290092copy_zpsda848f46.jpg

Subway // Sinchon Station
Direction // Exit 5, you will see the store on your right.

Korea: Caffe Bene

(I can’t believe I actually typed this in June, and have missed this out totally. I was still talking about busy with beast promo haha and thats Good Luck comeback when they already ended their 12:30 comeback haha! I insist, I have been really busy with work. Despite being busy, I love the fact that I am really busy especially this very year. Let’s continue to be busy and blessed :)

Caffe Bene is a cafe house chain in Korea that have the largest number of stores. I visited Caffe Bene thrice out of my 6 trips to Seoul, and usually they were my last or 2nd last breakfast of my trip. Its always awesome to have a sweet meal before you leave. And this conclude a sweet holiday that you never wish that its going to end.

Cafe Bene in Sinchon

 photo P4021290copy_zps5f568e96.jpg
 photo P4021289copy_zps9d7c3afb.jpg
 photo P4021293copy_zps7c1f991a.jpg#the waffle is so nice that you wish you could have more, but 1 is always enough :)

 photo P4021292copy_zpsbcd67cc2.jpg

Cafe Bene in Myeongdong

I went to this outlet twice :)

 photo IMG_4038copy_zps263520e6.jpg
 photo IMG_4042copy_zpsc44ceedb.jpg
 photo IMG_4044copy_zps58806068.jpg
 photo IMG_4046copy_zps3d81dc13.jpg
 photo IMG_4047copy_zpse6ff972c.jpg
 photo IMG_4048copy_zps8132f677.jpg
 photo IMG_4049copy_zps46040ff4.jpg
 photo IMG_4051copy_zps64541221.jpg
 photo IMG_4058copy_zpsd841daae.jpg
 photo IMG_4059copy_zps23d50ab1.jpg
 photo IMG_4060copy_zps73bfd57e.jpg
#the strawberry waffles was soon good. In fact, this set of myeongdong photos (above) were my first visit to caffe bene!

 photo P8124178copy_zps689c7072.jpg
 photo P8124179copy_zps3dbbe78d.jpg