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[Travel in August 2016]

We thought a roof top cafe during summer is one of the best way to enjoy the summer. But, we were too late to reach there and they are kind of popular too. haha. Why all the places we went so popular and doesn’t have a seat immediately. lol. Anyway, we managed to get a indoor seat shortly and we thought we were lucky enough.

We didn’t go to the roof top area (its too cold that day, yes its changing season time i think, that why its getting cold already!) I really think if you are there around 4am will be good, so go there earlier to have a sunset view :)

 photo IMG_3053 copy_zpspz1ij5hw.jpg photo IMG_3022 copy_zpsn6rdydoz.jpg photo IMG_3024 copy_zpsrwd3zfnl.jpg photo IMG_3025 copy_zpsza5ztzbb.jpg photo IMG_3029 copy_zpspbdaj6xw.jpg photo IMG_3035 copy_zpsxjs3wqpz.jpg photo IMG_3039 copy_zpsl8dvpgkl.jpg photo IMG_3052 copy_zpsqitkhqb5.jpg photo IMG_3046 copy_zps5ot6wgz3.jpg photo IMG_3054 copy_zps0zlcwfek.jpg

Tel:+82 2-749-9195
Address: 용산구 이태원동 258-199 2층 Seoul 258-199
Direction: There’s a bus stop (Namsan Gymnasium stop) nearby , but advise to take a cab for easy purposes :)

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세상의 모든 아침. All morning, in the world.

[Travel in August 2016]

This is one of my most anticipate cafe that I wanted to visit for this trip. I have seen many photos of this cafe in Instagram, and have already listed as number 1 cafe in my heart to visit the next trip with my cousin on her birthday. Though, I have no idea is the food nice but the scenery make it all worth. I’m sure after reading this, you will listed this as one of the place to visit too! :)

And my August trip came unexpected, and we both got so excited because we both really wanted to visit here. And so, we made it happen! :)

 photo IMG_3088 copy_zpsj3r7jdk9.jpg photo IMG_3082 copy_zps3d3ywour.jpg photo IMG_3084 copy_zpstzxm3fn9.jpg photo IMG_3086 copy_zpsr6dlp4lh.jpg photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg
 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
 photo IMG_3076 copy_zpszwscoaem.jpg
 photo IMG_3079 copy_zpsqe1nxguc.jpg
 photo IMG_3091 copy_zpsaguchup0.jpg photo IMG_3109 copy_zps3nyaxylf.jpg
#You must be really lucky to get a window seat because this place is really popular! :) I have seen so many posting on instagrams!! :)

 photo IMG_3110 copy_zpsne8j4pam.jpg
 photo IMG_3112 copy_zpswj6susoq.jpg
 photo IMG_3116 copy_zpshm8s3gff.jpg
#the plate is so pretty! its floral :) and yes, my favourite marble table top! (you gonna expect…. layflat photo :p)

 photo IMG_3118 copy_zpswniwlwov.jpg
#and you get to oversee the Hangang River! :) Summer makes everything look clearer :p

 photo IMG_3121 copy_zpswyrpjyek.jpg
 photo IMG_3122 copy_zpslkqpxjk7.jpg
 photo IMG_3132 copy_zpsan6io3pc.jpg
Some breads for us before the meals. And, my always Earl Grey Tea :)

 photo IMG_3135 copy_zpsrwfutpt8.jpg
We ordered a brunch to share :) I love anything spinach :p

 photo IMG_3140 copy_zpssv75fkjq.jpg
Layflat photo again :p

 photo IMG_3148 copy_zps2fiddzj6.jpg
#Check out the eggs :p

 photo IMG_3154 copy_zpsne4oyc6n.jpg
#And we ordered a lobster pasta to share (but didnt know its a half tomato base, which I don’t really like it.)

 photo IMG_3160 copy_zps5vuzevft.jpg
 photo IMG_3162 copy_zps4gpg0gxv.jpg
 photo IMG_3165 copy_zpsrltf9miu.jpg photo GOPR0120 copy_zpspmhrs7ja.jpg
 photo IMG_3169 copy_zpsxv42irys.jpg
#its our last day in Korea, and we have a great meal before the flight. This place is really too pretty! :)

And, you might find all these photo familiar, as when I checked online for the exact full address, I realized many celebrities came here before :) Celebrities Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun celebrated their son first birthday here :) Many celebrities were invited to celebrate this great day with the family. On top of that, I also just realized this Sky Farm is also owned by YG (YG Food is established by YG Entertainment and Noh Hee Kyung – CEO of YG Food) too.

If you are a K-Drama fan, this is gonna be a very familiar filming scene too. I didn’t realise it as the W drama was set in the night. 

 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
Han Hyo Joo was “asked to wait” for Lee Jong-suk at the restaurant in the same building where LJS stayed. This is the restaurant setting where HHJ was waiting and got caught eventually. 

LJS also went to the sky farm near the little glass house (5th photo after this) :)

Another recent featuring is Girl Group – APINK also have their MV 내가 설렐 수 있게 here too :)

headed to the Sky Farm at Level 52 :)

 photo IMG_3181 copy_zpsgjsj9oyj.jpg
 photo IMG_3183 copy_zpszdvaozjs.jpg
 photo IMG_3184 copy_zpsektvrtyr.jpg
 photo IMG_3187 copy_zpsw6ebvktw.jpg photo GOPR0133 copy_zps2usppl8d.jpg
 photo IMG_3194 copy_zpswk86iyom.jpg
 photo IMG_3203 copy_zpsjtx3r15v.jpg
 photo IMG_3213 copy_zpsjxnrrssx.jpg

Direction to 100 photos Cafe ( I called it 100 photos cafe, because I can take more than 100 photos :p)

 photo IMG_3057 copy_zpsrrseotf6.jpg
Yeoudio Station Exit 2 and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3059 copy_zpsojeavnlw.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3060 copy_zpsbztmn9sy.jpg
(side track, the weather is so good, i can’t help to take many photos!)

 photo IMG_3061 copy_zpsw5vneahe.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_3063 copy_zpsqxrzmysf.jpg
#continue the road here :)

 photo IMG_3094 copy_zps0rgzur8n.jpg
#Enter this building, and go up to level 50 :)

 photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg

 photo IMG_3089 copy_zpsqwhvro3g.jpg
#tadah! you reached :)

 photo IMG_3149 copy_zps1cmelxir.jpg

세상의 모든 아침 • All morning, in the world.
Address: 28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korea: 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 28-1 전경련회관 50층, 51층
Contact: +82 2-2055-4442
Subway Station: Yeouido Station

Reservation needed if not you gonna wait like 1hr (at least) in the late morning like us :p

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[Gangnam] Kakao Friends + Ryan Cafe

[Travel in August 2016]

Yeah! I heard SCREAMMMMMM~ When Kakao Friends Flagship Store opens at Gangnam, It’s so so crowded and everyone wants a piece of Ryan! As much as, there’s some pop-up store in Myeongdong and Sinchon, and one official store in Coex, we knew we can’t have enough of them. So glad that KKF decided to open a gigantic one in Gangnam. This 3 storey high building have all sort of merchandises – from casual, travel, home, bedroom to camp goods :) Level 3 feature my most favourite – the cafe “Ryan Cafe!”

Let me bring you some virtual tour through photos :)

 photo IMG_2648 copy_zpsa87huhwk.jpg
 photo IMG_2651 copy_zpsqg98zlcw.jpg
 photo IMG_2653 copy_zpsyvdlewkj.jpg
 photo IMG_2657 copy_zpsz1vbhyjq.jpg
 photo IMG_2658 copy_zps4vqts1td.jpg
 photo IMG_2659 copy_zpsehjbnlmi.jpg
 photo IMG_2660 copy_zpsv4a8od95.jpg
 photo IMG_2662 copy_zpsbso0ba6n.jpg
 photo IMG_2663 copy_zps9fjaokdv.jpg
 photo IMG_2664 copy_zpsv8bbqc2p.jpg
 photo IMG_2665 copy_zpso0dd3y4y.jpg
 photo IMG_2667 copy_zps4l1z0vwv.jpg
 photo IMG_2669 copy_zps0qmnk0fn.jpg
 photo IMG_2670 copy_zpscgwvjjob.jpg
 photo IMG_2672 copy_zpsxmnq3jhz.jpg
 photo IMG_2673 copy_zps8di5fjth.jpg
 photo IMG_2676 copy_zpsfgte7osw.jpg
 photo IMG_2678 copy_zpskynojxtf.jpg
 photo IMG_2681 copy_zpswk1l8yju.jpg
 photo IMG_2682 copy_zpszkatkqer.jpg
 photo IMG_2683 copy_zpspavch9rs.jpg
 photo IMG_2684 copy_zpsziljszn2.jpg
 photo IMG_2685 copy_zpsotbdigxa.jpg
 photo IMG_2686 copy_zps4uzyyuil.jpg
 photo IMG_2687 copy_zps42nh4h5e.jpg
 photo IMG_2688 copy_zpsndm43jgf.jpg
 photo IMG_2689 copy_zps0y6jtqyi.jpg
 photo IMG_2691 copy_zpsij2yadub.jpg
 photo IMG_2692 copy_zps2owxqb2r.jpg
 photo IMG_2693 copy_zpsrarf4feb.jpg
 photo IMG_2694 copy_zpshlstmiro.jpg
 photo IMG_2695 copy_zpss2qz9010.jpg
 photo IMG_2696 copy_zpshlmoppjv.jpg
 photo IMG_2697 copy_zpsgt4c4day.jpg
 photo IMG_2698 copy_zpsyab0r9te.jpg
 photo IMG_2700 copy_zpsonwou53f.jpg
it’s a video of Con sending message in the group chat but no one replied despite all of them read the message haha!

 photo IMG_2701 copy_zpstlglscqs.jpg
and he got angry! haha

 photo IMG_2702 copy_zpsjvopt0rz.jpg
 photo IMG_2703 copy_zpsupbmaprp.jpg
 photo IMG_2708 copy_zpsgrpghe9u.jpg
 photo IMG_2710 copy_zpss6nbooxg.jpg
 photo IMG_2711 copy_zpsdmnlqtma.jpg
 photo IMG_2713 copy_zpsphbx4sj3.jpg
 photo IMG_2715 copy_zpsim61lfb1.jpg
 photo IMG_2720 copy_zpsgmnsieie.jpg
 photo IMG_2726 copy_zpsgfcmobhi.jpg
 photo IMG_2727 copy_zpsioodpcya.jpg
 photo IMG_2729 copy_zps5zfifnhl.jpg
 photo IMG_2730 copy_zpsskkose9q.jpg
 photo IMG_2733 copy_zpsxqtfow2g.jpg
 photo IMG_2734 copy_zpswq2c35u2.jpg
 photo IMG_2735 copy_zpsplg8nkwa.jpg
 photo IMG_2736 copy_zpskv4n7hij.jpg
 photo IMG_2737 copy_zpsyj7dzwav.jpg
 photo IMG_2738 copy_zpstsh94e39.jpg
 photo IMG_2739 copy_zpsogymbi2q.jpg
 photo IMG_2741 copy_zpsidsgl2qr.jpg


Direction to Kakao Talk Shop + Ryan Cafe
 photo 20160823_212513 copy_zpsdez8mg2b.jpgGangnam station exit 10, and walk straight once exit.

 photo IMG_2649 copy_zpsdabrumyv.jpg#you will see this big building with big ryan on your left :)


Kakao Friends @ Gangnam
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:00pm daily
Contact: 02-6494-1100
Address: 서울 서초구 서초동 1305-7 유창빌딩 1~3층

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새마을식당 New Maul (Nonhyeon’s Outlet)

[!!!] This New Maul outlet had closed, you may want to visit the one at Sinchon
[Travel in August 2016]

My friend’s korean friend introduce 새마을식당 to us, when we told him that we are going to Gangnam after Manufact (a coffee place) for Ryan Cafe :) The restaurant located in Nonhyeon (subway station is sinnonhyeon) is their main restaurant before they started to have chain restaurants around the city! :)

As someone who do not really like BBQ food/ Pork/ Meat and everything in between, I have to say, this restaurant really serve very very decent and really good BBQ Pork. It’s so nice that, I must bring my cousin here again next year! :)

According to the friend, they have this 7 minutes kimchi-chige that is so good that you must remember to order! So, we were looking forward especially to this even though its pretty much a hot evening :p

 photo IMG_2616 copy_zpsww77ch76.jpg photo IMG_2617 copy_zpsqodehe3o.jpg
You probably very familiar with him – Mr Paik! He has many franchises such as Mr Paik’s Coffee / Paik Bibimbap etcetc :)

 photo IMG_2619 copy_zpswlakpqxj.jpg photo IMG_2620 copy_zpsjharu5jg.jpg photo IMG_2621 copy_zpslrbqunyl.jpg
The Menu :D

 photo IMG_2622 copy_zpsrvirh0hm.jpg
We ordered their main dish + pork skin (oh thats collagen!)

 photo IMG_2623 copy_zpsv8ivjmd4.jpg
its really thin, and really really good!

 photo IMG_2624 copy_zps27msttqa.jpg
 photo IMG_2627 copy_zpshiawzmiz.jpg
 photo IMG_2628 copy_zpszlacrkhb.jpg
#i know this look abit bloody and stuff, but its Pork Skin, so nice so yummy! :)

 photo IMG_2630 copy_zpsmkzt1qih.jpg
#cooking cooking :)

 photo IMG_2634 copy_zpsbij0yuvg.jpg
#almost cooked and almost in my stomach ;P

 photo IMG_2635 copy_zps49psi8pr.jpg
# teeheehehee, the must-eat :D

 photo IMG_2637 copy_zps6jd2od8p.jpg
#the pork is so fattening but so nice!

 photo IMG_2638 copy_zpsgg85thax.jpg
 photo IMG_2642 copy_zpshvbwgsns.jpg
 photo IMG_2645 copy_zps8cw3ndwr.jpg
 photo IMG_2647 copy_zpsp5uxksay.jpg
#yummy  food that i know, you want to know where and how to go :)

Direction to New Maul Restaurant (새마을식당 논현본점)

 photo IMG_2602 copy_zpszxlgbr2t.jpg
After exiting Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 3, make a u-turn to see this walking path! :)
강남아이원안과 building on your right (like the photo above :D)

 photo IMG_2603 copy_zpsmrawikp9.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2605 copy_zpsi9ovu30g.jpg
#continue to walk straight (kiwiyo on the right :)

 photo IMG_2608 copy_zpswfqrxcyk.jpg
#you will pass Tworld :)

 photo IMG_2611 copy_zpsu5n1jjlp.jpg
#and ABC Mart and turn right at the next junction :)

 photo IMG_2612 copy_zpsn8tavkoz.jpg
#turn right at this junction and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2613 copy_zpsqivwiraz.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_2614 copy_zpsedlhsfeb.jpg
and…… :)

 photo IMG_2615 copy_zpsdj3eym7l.jpg
#you reached! :DDDD

 photo IMG_2632 copy_zpsfgzmwjw5.jpg
 photo IMG_2626 copy_zpsawqnwrlb.jpg
#so what are you going to order? hehehehe! :D

새마을식당 논현본점 New Maul (Nonhyeon’s) 

Address in Korean: 강남구 강남대로122길 5 (논현본점)
Address in English: 5 Gangnam-daero 122-gil, Nonhyeon 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact: +82 2-544-3284
Subway: Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 3

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20 SPACE : The Mint Universe (Cube’s Cafe)

[Travel in August 2016]

Since Cube Entertainment have shifted their office (& studio) to Seongsu, many can’t wait for their cafe to be opened since their shift. After months and months of wait, they finally opened! This time, while making my way to watch Beautiful Show 2016, I visited their newly rebrand cafe – 20 SPACE :)

Some recaps on the old cube cafe :)

When I first visited Cube Cafe, I love their Black Tea Latte! Its one of my favourite drink in (Korea too) Cube Cafe. Ever since they renovate the cafe, they have removed the drink option :( So, I have been praying hard that the rebrand (cube) cafe will have it! :)

 photo IMG_2763 copy_zpsm0pw9f57.jpg
 photo IMG_2764 copy_zpsuqoqvjy1.jpg
Cafe located at level 1 of the building ;)

 photo IMG_2765 copy_zpss3wt9cea.jpg
 photo IMG_2767 copy_zpsi4rajrmn.jpg
 photo IMG_2769 copy_zpsxewv7of4.jpg
 photo IMG_2770 copy_zpsh87g8bi9.jpg
 photo IMG_2771 copy_zpssyoxdtpk.jpg
The Menu is alot more choices, and there’s many desserts for us to choose! :D and I took a closer menu for you to see :)

 photo IMG_2802 copy_zpsm8s3akuu.jpg photo IMG_2801 copy_zpsmzpwfroe.jpg photo IMG_2799 copy_zpseudkg0e3.jpg
 photo IMG_2803 copy_zps1ixqh2as.jpg
 photo IMG_2775 copy_zps9duv42qg.jpg
View from my seat :)

 photo IMG_2777 copy_zpsuttju0e6.jpg photo IMG_2787 copy_zpsoejklsco.jpg photo IMG_2790 copy_zpsy6ppfnnn.jpg photo IMG_2793 copy_zpsftes5um0.jpg photo IMG_2794 copy_zpswoncqasb.jpg

and our order came :)
 photo IMG_2779 copy_zpstyfadlwb.jpg
 photo IMG_2783 copy_zps9dko30t8.jpg
 photo IMG_2795 copy_zpsa4tzbel5.jpg
 photo IMG_2797 copy_zpszkna7js3.jpg
with my happy happy milk tea dosage from 20 SPACE :) Yippppppeeee!!!

Direction to 20 SPACE – The Mint Universe (The new rebrand Cube Cafe)

 photo IMG_2754 copy_zpsbb3mlq94.jpg
Seongsu Station Exit 1 :)

 photo IMG_2755 copy_zps6qzn7agv.jpg
Take the escalator down

 photo IMG_2756 copy_zps1zdoptcj.jpg
Walk Straight :)
 photo IMG_2758 copy_zpsp3eqa7ju.jpg
Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2759 copy_zpssjoquh9v.jpg
Less than 5minutes and you reached! :D

 photo IMG_2761 copy_zpspg7b3jfe.jpg
 photo IMG_2762 copy_zpsnwodh38i.jpg

20 SPACE • The Mint Universe (Rebrand Cube Cafe)
Address: 83 Achasan-ro Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Subway: Seongsu Station Exit 1
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm
Wifi: YES (ID: 20SPACE / PW: 0000002020a)

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