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[Travel in December 2015]

If you are Kakao Talk users, I am very sure you know who is Muzi and Neo etc. So, you shouldn’t give this character shop a miss! I was on the way to HABRUNCH, and saw this character store and I had to visit it and bring something back! :p My favourite is Muzi, whom is a sweet potato wearing a rabbit suit! So Cute Right! :P

 photo IMG_8755 copy_zps2gz0rd5o.jpg photo IMG_8752 copy_zpsv1x7znei.jpg
 photo IMG_8750 copy_zps2ot8stmc.jpg
 photo IMG_8748 copy_zpshr4oi2ca.jpg
 photo IMG_8747 copy_zpspxjv0w3p.jpg
 photo IMG_8744 copy_zps1uk3xikd.jpg
 photo IMG_8741 copy_zpsyoyqff7g.jpg
 photo IMG_8738 copy_zpsbqcrjw0l.jpg


 photo IMG_0255 copy_zps0auyzjuv.jpg
#Apgujeong Station Exit 3 (I took a photo of this station exit, but you should walk straight once exit, walk straight towards CGV :)

 photo IMG_8754 copy_zpspivsq2h0.jpg
WOOHOO! :) Now, prepare your pockets! :P


Common Ground, Konkuk University

[Travel in December 2015]

Korea first pop-up store with containers with different theme of shopping brands located near Konkuk University Station – Common Ground. A perfect location where university students will gathers and head over after their school. Perfect shopping location, and there’s Dora Dora cafe, where the famous rainbow swiss roll will be found too. I went there during winter, hence lots of winter clothings :)

// Superman’s return twin boys head there during the show :) As well as, Sistar’s Shake it MV is filmed there too :) 

 photo IMG_8445 copy_zps6jebs48j.jpg
 photo IMG_8451 copy_zpsptpmf4ze.jpg
 photo IMG_8453 copy_zpsv4yh0puy.jpg
 photo IMG_8454 copy_zpsp12g7daa.jpg
 photo IMG_8455 copy_zps7lb1t7ek.jpg
 photo IMG_8457 copy_zps3g2siw4q.jpg
 photo IMG_8459 copy_zpsu0ujecnf.jpg
 photo IMG_8461 copy_zpsq0ee5qgf.jpg
 photo IMG_8463 copy_zps3yl3o4wm.jpg
 photo IMG_8464 copy_zpsopglyb7s.jpg
 photo IMG_8465 copy_zps9aobilru.jpg
 photo IMG_8466 copy_zpsyujy1j6g.jpg
 photo IMG_8467 copy_zpsdzheeerj.jpg
 photo IMG_8470 copy_zpsj6hc7jap.jpg
 photo IMG_8472 copy_zpsklhqtx0j.jpg
 photo IMG_8475 copy_zpsofwml1th.jpg
 photo IMG_8477 copy_zpsrm9vlexn.jpg
 photo IMG_8481 copy_zps7eejqtsd.jpg
 photo IMG_8483 copy_zps9axnvecf.jpg
 photo IMG_8484 copy_zpsr0hldjxo.jpg
 photo IMG_8491 copy_zpsulsw80lk.jpg

Common Ground 커먼그라운드
Subway: Konkuk University
Direction: Exit 6, and walk straight, you will see Commonground after 5 minutes :)

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung’s Cafe – HABrunch 하이브런치

[Travel in December 2015]

[!!!] 30th April 2016, Goodbye! I can’t forget that I visited it after attending BEAST’s GIVEMI Challenge Concert where Junhyung was injuried and not able to attend. Junhyung’s uncle updated us at the cafe that he was getting better now :) Thank you Junhyung’s appa personally made the black tea latte that I really love! :) I will miss every good memories, and hopefully one day, we will all get to drink and eat it again :)

[!!!] Updates, HABRUNCH will be opened till 28 April 2016, your last 2 weeks to do the last visit before its closed! Let Junhyung’s father knows that everyone actually love his cafe, and the black tea latte he made was really awesome! :) 

I visited Cafe The Med in March 2015, and during 2015 July, there’s news regards that they changed the franchise to HABRUNCH. As Junhyung’s fan, how can I not visit this cafe after they remodelled it? hehehe!!! So, I am taking this opportunity to revisit the cafe, and try their juk! :)

From their latest updates March 2016, HABRUNCH have more varieties on their All-Day-Breakfast/Dessert options. I have yet went to the cafe since they had the new menu. So, I need to revisit it again to try their new dish hahaha :)

 photo IMG_8758 copy_zpsvlaya6gk.jpg
Since its a franchise cafe, the outlook definitely look different from Cafe the Med :)

 photo IMG_8760 copy_zpszklfp6ph.jpg
 photo IMG_8762 copy_zps8laukdws.jpg
 photo IMG_8763 copy_zpsatwyrnqb.jpg
More interiors decor that symbolise Junhyung! :)

 photo IMG_8766 copy_zpssjim98vl.jpg
Got myself a new card, as the previous one was for Cafe the Med :)

 photo IMG_8767 copy_zpsxa8ivuga.jpg
I went during Junhyung Birthday week, so that explain Junhyung Birthday Sleeve! :DDDDD

 photo IMG_8770 copy_zpszc6xenyy.jpg
 photo IMG_8771 copy_zpskkuqwkzz.jpg
 photo IMG_8773 copy_zpsaptlw2ak.jpg
 photo IMG_8775 copy_zps70bmkjuz.jpg
 photo IMG_8776 copy_zpsgyjxbv5i.jpg
 photo IMG_8777 copy_zpsg1t0y1o5.jpg
 photo IMG_8779 copy_zpsqttilekx.jpg
 photo IMG_8781 copy_zpstvyi9gau.jpg
 photo IMG_8782 copy_zps8ymi8nb5.jpg
 photo IMG_8783 copy_zpss33fi2t5.jpg
 photo IMG_8784 copy_zps4l4hklr3.jpg
 photo IMG_8785 copy_zpszfqbju79.jpgI bought this! Maybe because its Junhyung birthday? Junhyung appa wrote a 1 for 1 discount promotion for that week! And I bought it immediately! :)

 photo IMG_8786 copy_zpsbi5klcdp.jpg
 photo IMG_8787 copy_zps7iog56hq.jpg
 photo IMG_8791 copy_zps3spom3gg.jpg
 photo IMG_8793 copy_zpsvhho8z0s.jpgAnd our food came shortly after the drinks! :DDD

 photo IMG_8798 copy_zpsmiye1taw.jpg
 photo IMG_8799 copy_zpsr5axgsbf.jpg
 photo IMG_8802 copy_zps572kbcp9.jpg
 photo IMG_8806 copy_zpsucnjmxqr.jpg
 photo IMG_8808 copy_zpsovfxlpq2.jpg

Direction to BEAST’s Junhyung HABRUNCH 하이브런치 (Apgujeong)

 photo IMG_0255 copy_zps0auyzjuv.jpg #Apgujeong Station Exit 3 (I took a photo of this station exit, but you should walk straight once exit, walk straight towards CGV :)

 photo IMG_0254 copy_zpsttqbynie.jpg # Turn left here at the junction after CGV

 photo IMG_0253 copy_zpsjmsnxfvm.jpg #Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_0252 copy_zpsmr7luhwq.jpg #continue to walk straight~~  you will see it shortly, on your right side :)

 photo IMG_8758 copy_zpsvlaya6gk.jpgPlease give more support to Junhyung’s family business :)


BEAST’s Yong Junhyung HABRUNCH 하이브런치
Address: 서울시 강남구 신사동 595-11번지
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm – Check more details on twitter!
Subway: Apgujeong Station Exit 3
Direction: Exit 3, walk straight, and turn left at CGV, continue to walk straight for 5mins you will see HABRUNCH on your right :)

To visit any BEAST related cafe, read here

Haneul Sky Park

[Travelled in December 2015]

I want to go this, I want to go there, I want to be here, I want to go. There’s so many things in my mind every times I see nice photos of Korea. And, right now, another strike off my list – Haneul Sky Park.

I know, going to Haneul Sky Park during Autumn will be the best choice because its filled with Redwood Trees. Its so pretty. Honestly, I never a flower/plants/or trees or person. But, I love pretty things, and capture them into my camera :) Beautiful things are always on my mind :)

Autumn was over, I’m not sure if the Redwood Trees are dying by then. Its a battle of 50-50 on whether I get to see a dying park or a redwood trees park haha. Since, its my first time going Korea on 2nd week of December… I think, there still might be a tiny little hope. (worried over cant see redwood trees are silly, but I really feel that, I might be disappointed too!)

 photo IMG_8008 copy_zpsisng9kbb.jpg
#the stairs from far, yes, you need to climb the stairs. Honestly, pretty refreshing to do this in the morning.

 photo IMG_8010 copy_zps1faqdtkh.jpg
#291 steps, not too much, not too little. Good enough to shed a little calories before our next meal (which was the lobster roll at Lobster Bar, Itaewon!)

 photo IMG_8011 copy_zpshzpt2yke.jpg# I see some autumn in you. I really want an autumn seoul next time! Maybe next year!

 photo IMG_8012 copy_zpsr6m0uxdh.jpg

 photo IMG_8016 copy_zps3ycxb0pz.jpg

 photo IMG_8025 copy_zpsyijfvuwx.jpg
Finally at Hanuel Park! :)

 photo IMG_8030 copy_zpswra56ljd.jpg
Some of the redwood trees are drying off, but I still get to see some! :p

 photo IMG_8033 copy_zpssxfwm0zg.jpg

 photo IMG_8042 copy_zpsiennkghe.jpg
 photo IMG_8048 copy_zpsuwckb63l.jpg
 photo IMG_8054 copy_zpshmeolhsv.jpg
 photo IMG_8059 copy_zps84ibfafw.jpg
 photo IMG_8062 copy_zpswrpjbabd.jpg
 photo IMG_8068 copy_zpsup56dg9j.jpg
 photo IMG_8072 copy_zps5ysydxir.jpg
 photo IMG_8081 copy_zpsxgzqftca.jpg
 photo IMG_8085 copy_zpszyubymvk.jpg
 photo IMG_8088 copy_zpsywoj3sdn.jpg
 photo IMG_8090 copy_zpsenfbopu2.jpg
 photo IMG_8095 copy_zpsexkbtflu.jpg
 photo IMG_8096 copy_zpsdqck0xwh.jpg
 photo IMG_8100 copy_zpsvkseg8je.jpg
#we took about 1hours around to take photos, walk around, rest a little. If only we had some hot drink will be awesome. I mean, something like Black Tea Latte? :p

 photo IMG_8103 copy_zpsyybwijwj.jpg
#overview of the stadium at Haneul Park.

 photo IMG_8105 copy_zpslcaamvj3.jpg
 photo IMG_8108 copy_zpspbt57a45.jpg
#healthy lifestyle even back in the hometown! :)


 photo IMG_8149 copy_zpsagznekse.jpg photo IMG_8146 copy_zpsydwhrwfz.jpg
World Cup Stadium, Exit 1….

 photo IMG_8145 copy_zpsuqvlrwm7.jpg
Walk straight and you will see this stair, walk up :)

 photo IMG_8144 copy_zpsgb2hlyq4.jpg
Enjoy climbing the stairs :)

 photo IMG_8143 copy_zpsdmjmeb4f.jpg
Continue, and turn left :D

 photo IMG_8142 copy_zps25jlskuz.jpg
Continue to walk up :D

 photo IMG_8141 copy_zpsn8axyvad.jpg
You are at the right gate at the moment! :D Turn left….

 photo IMG_8140 copy_zpsqfqmyrlu.jpg
Walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_8139 copy_zpsaiszvlki.jpg
Turn left here :D

 photo IMG_8137 copy_zpsgla6rohn.jpg
Continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_8133 copy_zps8xmtim2g.jpg
Turn right after this gate

 photo IMG_8132 copy_zpsvwd9otsw.jpg
Continue walk straight to the carpark

 photo IMG_8130 copy_zpsujqbqyci.jpg
Cross the carpark :)

 photo IMG_8127 copy_zpsssukikrg.jpg
Continue to walk straight to the roadside and turn right.

 photo IMG_8124 copy_zpsejonzqsj.jpg
Walk straight to zebra crossing

 photo IMG_8122 copy_zpshcjpwmyl.jpg
Cross the road, and turn right :)

 photo IMG_8121 copy_zpspz3lh0j6.jpg
Turn left :)

 photo IMG_8118 copy_zps1ah8k7cp.jpg
Tadah, you reached! :)

My friend told me that, this was the park that Shinhwa went for the thieves episode in Shinhwa Broadcast. I was surprised because, I didn’t realise it when I wanted to visit it so badly. haha, anyway its pretty and its also a form of exercising, why not! :)

Haneul (Sky) Park
Subway Station: World Cup Stadium, Exit 1


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited there via my guide :)

Gaepan 개판 by Shinhwa’s Minwoo

[!!!!] Gaepan have officially closed on 29 November 2016. It’s been a great 7 years for Minwoo’s family. Lots of memories created too. For me, I bring most of my favourite people there to have a meal as well. It’s been a total of 23 trips and many of them makes me a happy person because the food is just so yummy just so tasty. I missed the egg roll alot because I don’t think I can or able to find one that taste this good. Thank you Gaepan :) 

[Last Travelled in March/April 2016]

I have been wanting to blog about this “a-must-visit-restaurant-every-korea-trip” since my first visit in 2013. But, I thought, I must leave the best to the last. And, I really want many people to try their SUPER DUPER YUMMY Cheese Egg Roll and Chicken Stew, and yes even their Lunch Box is nicer than any other restaurants I visited! :)

(Note, if you have bought “Oppa! Take me to Korea!” travel book, I have guest-feature in the book on Gaepan too! I’m also 1 of the creative designers behind this awesome travel book too!)

Every Korea trip since then, is a must visit to Gaepan! I checked my swarm for the address and realise, I actually check-in for 19 times! Hence, you can imagine how many foods I have tried here before listed my favourite dish here! :p

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#exterior of the restaurant, not-those-glam-restaurant, but something very friendly-casual-looking type!

 photo P3180377 copy_zps5sgra2hm.jpg#Gaepan will be very very crowded on during March, as SHINHWA usually have their anniversary concert during march, and fans from all over the world will be heading here for a lovely dinner/supper :D

 photo P3180389 copy_zpszrspwwjs.jpg photo IMG_8691 copy_zpsj4xqrnnb.jpg
Menu have in english and chinese these days to cater to foreign fans! :) You know, you cant underestimate the power of SHCJs!

 photo P3180387 copy_zpsjprmokqq.jpg
#Kimchi stew :)

 photo P8013579 copy_zpsawnr8rt5.jpg
 photo Photo 3-1-14 6 33 44 pm copy_zpslhuucrdq.jpg
#Seafood Egg Stew

 photo IMG_0172 copy_zpslfhhneqt.jpg
#hot plate squid!

 photo P4192785 copy_zpssuogn4id.jpg
#gaepan egg pizza!

 photo P4192781 copy_zps0xme2ied.jpg
#Potato Pancake

 photo IMG_1702 copy_zpskevofrgc.jpg
#Seafood Pancake

 photo IMG_0164 copy_zpsypfg2afe.jpg
#Lunch box that most of my friends like! :)

 photo P8013577 copy_zpsupyt5txt.jpg photo IMG_0168 copy_zpsby5mmd7m.jpg
 photo IMG_0169 copy_zpshh9nxdj2.jpg

 photo IMG_0166 copy_zpsftctrjyw.jpg
#EGG ROLL WITH CHEESE, is a must eat too!!!

 photo IMG_8693 copy_zpsl5izbxeb.jpg photo IMG_8697 copy_zpsuygaa25r.jpg
 photo P3180380 copy_zpsu95guihe.jpg#First visit to gaepan with my favourite friends #3doryinKR, this happened during 2013, where we embarked a wonderful 39 days journey together! :) No photos of us, dunno why :P But we visited together for at least 11 times!!! :p

 photo IMG_0963 copy_zpspg53pfeq.jpg
#with half of six+one :) the clearest photo of all the blurs one :p oh yeah, there’s Joie too! :)

 photo IMG_1715 copy_zpsdomirsal.jpgBought so many of my friends here, and some we didn’t actually took photos together too! :p but, so many of them! :) 19 times is pretty much deserve some awards! hehehehehe :p

DIRECTION TO GAEPAN 개판 (Sorry for the low and bad lighting for direction)

 photo IMG_1691 copy_zpsgkunapnq.jpgApgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5 and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_1692 copy_zpslxdbb3x7.jpg
#you will pass by Canon on your right :) Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1695 copy_zpskzlwoej8.jpg
#continue to walk straight, you will see a Paris Baguette on your right too! Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_1696 copy_zps72oxcaoe.jpg
#turn right here! :)

 photo IMG_1697 copy_zpsy7fdfhes.jpg
#continue to walk straight (you are actually walking towards Dosan Park direction) :)

 photo IMG_1698 copy_zpsspfayl9c.jpg
#Turn right till you reach the T junction! :)

 photo P3180392 copy_zpswropwxh5.jpg
#you should see the bright lightbox here! :)

 photo P3180391 copy_zpsdo3pq8xu.jpg
#and yes, you reached! :)

 photo IMG_0167 copy_zpsmw8oyqmi.jpg#a photo of the yummy cheese egg roll that you must have in gaepan! :)

Gaepan 개판
Address:서울 강남구 신사동 647-4 1층
Contact: 02-515-8381
Operation Hours: 7pm – till last guest leave
Subway: Apgujeong Rodeo Station Exit 5
*This restaurant belongs to SHINHWA’s Minwoo’s sister. She is often in the restaurant, and if you are lucky, you might meet celebrities there too. There’s once when I was there, I saw BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung! :) Pretty much of lucks and love! <3<3<3

*If you like SHINHWA like I do, and wish to visit places that they visited before, read here! :)

Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited this restaurant via my guide :)

Line Friends Flagship Store, Itaewon

[Travel in December 2015]

Previously, I have blogged the Line Flagship Store at Sinsa, and I’m really sure, this one at Itaewon is even worth the visit! :) There’s a total of 3 flagship store in Seoul right now, and, the one in Itaewon make you speechless and wish that you have bring more cash to buy everything back! :) A building of total 3 storey high, with a concept cafe at the top level is a must visit too. A place to have a drink before impulsive purchase :p

 photo IMG_8225 copy_zpss7jrrman.jpg
 photo IMG_8215 copy_zps5z3kql8o.jpg
 photo IMG_8219 copy_zpsy7sbgoaq.jpg
 photo IMG_8221 copy_zpsrsmupiw2.jpg
and guess who, is waiting for us at the doorstep? :)

 photo IMG_8291 copy_zpskxptxfvn.jpg
 photo IMG_8245 copy_zps6wcgsjml.jpg
 photo IMG_8227 copy_zps7cjk3mg7.jpg
 photo IMG_8231 copy_zpsr8yj4hth.jpg
 photo IMG_8232 copy_zps981bsjgb.jpg
its just level 1 and, there’s so much things to buy!!!

 photo IMG_8233 copy_zpsnrcecbv7.jpg
 photo IMG_8234 copy_zpsomrtegup.jpg
 photo IMG_8237 copy_zpsmmlhnbcu.jpg
 photo IMG_8242 copy_zpsp6uaxt4k.jpg
 photo IMG_8247 copy_zpsj23pa6uo.jpg
 photo IMG_8246 copy_zps89kcfuh8.jpg
 photo IMG_8249 copy_zpsfsdvecvb.jpg
 photo IMG_8251 copy_zps3gjx83jm.jpg
 photo IMG_8254 copy_zps0mcqi5ha.jpg
 photo IMG_8256 copy_zpsnqcjpvft.jpg
 photo IMG_8259 copy_zpsrpebm7in.jpg
 photo IMG_8260 copy_zpsadumywpc.jpg
 photo IMG_8261 copy_zpso8bcgple.jpg
 photo IMG_8262 copy_zpso6vl6ulc.jpg
 photo IMG_8263 copy_zpsmyvfravq.jpg
 photo IMG_8275 copy_zpsnvdvrobt.jpg

I think we probably spent 30mins (at least) at level 1 just plainly taking photos haha :p

 photo IMG_8230 copy_zpsbij231oe.jpg

Proceed to level 2 now :) woohooo!~

 photo IMG_8229 copy_zpsasbhloxr.jpg
 photo IMG_8302 copy_zpstgcbuufp.jpg
 photo IMG_8305 copy_zpsd6lqqado.jpg
 photo IMG_8307 copy_zpsojgm6gav.jpg
 photo IMG_8308 copy_zpsmy5j63jt.jpg
 photo IMG_8313 copy_zpsosovzsrl.jpg
 photo IMG_8315 copy_zpsbtfg12rv.jpg
 photo IMG_8318 copy_zpsvehxysfp.jpg
 photo IMG_8319 copy_zps3dvcwi9w.jpg
 photo IMG_8320 copy_zps9ugqur7v.jpg
 photo IMG_8321 copy_zps07fbruvb.jpg
 photo IMG_8322 copy_zpsr59tii8i.jpg

Level 2 is full of clothings + home living! How i wish i can bring them back too!

 photo IMG_8323 copy_zps8zlhgnbz.jpg
 photo IMG_8324 copy_zps4ifvju1y.jpg
 photo IMG_8326 copy_zps48pzf9cq.jpg
 photo IMG_8327 copy_zps4ty8mfyh.jpg
 photo IMG_8333 copy_zpszxc5mo2a.jpg
 photo IMG_8334 copy_zpsemga1oec.jpg
 photo IMG_8341 copy_zpsjsksldbg.jpg
 photo IMG_8348 copy_zpsnlww4pz8.jpg
 photo IMG_8350 copy_zpsmccvmebl.jpg
I want the Lamp! I want the Bear! I want the Quilt! Aiya, I want to bring all home! :/

 photo IMG_8440 copy_zpssdc7wfwk.jpg
 photo IMG_8353 copy_zpsygbu6xnv.jpg
 photo IMG_8354 copy_zpsotll51mu.jpg
 photo IMG_8357 copy_zpsds8l6hop.jpg
 photo IMG_8360 copy_zpss87peqw0.jpg
 photo IMG_8363 copy_zpsidp1xtc1.jpg
 photo IMG_8364 copy_zpscxpsfwy4.jpg
 photo IMG_8370 copy_zpsrecr6ulb.jpg

Level 3, the cafe! :)

 photo IMG_8373 copy_zpsffpiwzdi.jpg
 photo IMG_8374 copy_zps8ztvn3z3.jpg
 photo IMG_8377 copy_zpsd3pt4lne.jpg
Naughty Brown ate Sally Macarons :p

 photo IMG_8378 copy_zpscdklpuqe.jpg
 photo IMG_8380 copy_zpsirudukns.jpg
 photo IMG_8381 copy_zpsep5mvwx5.jpg
 photo IMG_8384 copy_zps4gev2hyb.jpg
 photo IMG_8386 copy_zps1eykbvzl.jpg
Dont you want to have everything!?

 photo IMG_8387 copy_zpswbeiyooi.jpg
 photo IMG_8388 copy_zpspwzf0n9t.jpg
 photo IMG_8392 copy_zpsrgajz3hb.jpg
 photo IMG_8393 copy_zpspditn7zv.jpg
 photo IMG_8394 copy_zpslcuzukpg.jpg
 photo IMG_8395 copy_zpsajsjiffs.jpg
 photo IMG_8397 copy_zpsomygqik6.jpg
 photo IMG_8399 copy_zpsu1pjrrmw.jpg
 photo IMG_8401 copy_zpsiuuxgkqi.jpg
 photo IMG_8402 copy_zpsrts6w8nu.jpg
Our Orders! :p

 photo IMG_8404 copy_zpsdpff4gqb.jpg
 photo IMG_8406 copy_zpse4wpnn7k.jpg
yes, i bring back that bottle! :p

 photo IMG_8408 copy_zpsi815mgud.jpg
 photo IMG_8412 copy_zpse4a6vcqs.jpg
 photo IMG_8416 copy_zps27msynhj.jpg
 photo IMG_8421 copy_zpsatxfydoz.jpg
 photo IMG_8425 copy_zpsokttoupj.jpg
 photo IMG_8426 copy_zpstnhsluwv.jpg
 photo IMG_8428 copy_zps90nxatvn.jpg
 photo IMG_8430 copy_zpsw20ujmfi.jpg
 photo IMG_8433 copy_zpsa1vpjvsr.jpg
 photo IMG_8435 copy_zpsbr2rcwya.jpg
#we actually waited for quite awhile, before the person went off!!!

 photo IMG_8438 copy_zpsw6ewls1z.jpg
 photo IMG_8439 copy_zpskxzvofph.jpg


 photo IMG_8213 copy_zpsbopbpolb.jpg
#Itaewon Station, Exit3, Walk straight and you will spot a pink building on your right in less than 5 minute walk :)

 photo IMG_8215 copy_zps5z3kql8o.jpg
#and tadah~ you arrived :)

 photo IMG_8225 copy_zpss7jrrman.jpg

Line Flagship Store @ Itaewon

Address: 126 Hangangno-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact: +82 2-790-0901
Operation Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Station: Itaewon Station, Exit 3


Hashtag #thankyouhellosihui if you visited there via my guide :)

A to Z Cafe at Sinchon

[Travelled in December 2015]

Exploring cafes during holidays seem to be one of the things I love to do. Spending my free time at home when there’s no work, scrolling on my phone (forever) looking for hidden gems. And, the list just get longer and longer… I’m not complaining because its really enjoyable to spend like 1 hour plus in a (different) cafe every time, drinking my favourite black tea latte and have a chat or looking through the photos (we took) with your travel companion :) It just spelled perfect :)

 photo IMG_8556 copy_zps56tcrswv.jpg
 photo IMG_8559 copy_zpszsgjxtps.jpg
 photo IMG_8562 copy_zpsj8jzpcst.jpg

 photo IMG_8566 copy_zpswibhek9d.jpg
 photo IMG_8568 copy_zpsteaqudtx.jpg
 photo IMG_8570 copy_zpsgalccccs.jpg photo IMG_8563 copy_zpshm9vh5ou.jpg photo IMG_8575 copy_zpsgcippzoj.jpg photo IMG_8584 copy_zpsovo2danb.jpg
 photo IMG_8577 copy_zps0tf6emac.jpg photo IMG_8581 copy_zpsvyz4r2ua.jpg
 photo IMG_8580 copy_zpseju1uph4.jpgMenu :)
 photo IMG_8578 copy_zpsdohnrrop.jpg
 photo IMG_8586 copy_zps5odpi5oi.jpg
 photo IMG_8591 copy_zpspl0fhetd.jpg
ordered their special – Strawberry Latte :)

 photo IMG_8601 copy_zpshhc33np4.jpg photo IMG_8599 copy_zpsgbwjtetg.jpg
 photo IMG_8595 copy_zpsroacswda.jpg
 photo IMG_8596 copy_zpsdu0j3yga.jpg
 photo IMG_8608 copy_zpsdiamec27.jpg
 photo IMG_8612 copy_zps9fwofrkj.jpg


 photo PC254024 copy_zpszmrk8nrt.jpg
#Sinchon Exit 3

 photo PC254025 copy_zpsf4lgawws.jpg
#Walk straight

 photo PC254019 copy_zpsjla7ongi.jpg
#Turn into the lane where Paris Baguette is.

 photo PC254018 copy_zpstlet1t2t.jpg
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#walk towards the mini stop lane

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#continue to walk straight and you will find, A to Z Cafe on your right :)

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A to Z Cafe 에이투지 카페

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 서대문구 창천동 13-42
Contact: 02-313-7523
Operating Hours: 11:30am – 2:00am
Subway: Sinchon Station, Exit 3
Wifi Available: atozcafe
Speciality: Strawberry Latte :D

You may also wish to visit the other pretty cafe – Chloris Tea & Coffee that is just few unit away :)