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[Sinsa Garosu-gil] Backen 바켄

[Travel in March/April 2017]

Hi! I am back with another bakery entry! I can’t remember when was the last one, was it Le Alaska or Mr Holmes Bakehouse haha. Honestly, I visited too many cafes in Korea, and they takes ages to finish sharing here, but I guessed, another bakery entry will break the chain haha. This is a very simple cafe, very small, located far end of Garosugil, one of my favourite place in Seoul. Every trip to Seoul, I must visit Sinsa, and I’m glad most of friends travelled together with me love Sinsa as much as I do too haha :) Yeah!

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
 photo IMG_6756 copy_zpskyshcpng.jpg
 photo IMG_6753 copy_zps9y8hs42o.jpg
 photo IMG_6755 copy_zpsrepquvnr.jpg
 photo IMG_6760 copy_zps4cziyhee.jpg
 photo IMG_6768 copy_zpslqidyjdg.jpg
#my drink really yummy! grapefruit soda! :D

 photo IMG_6765 copy_zpsmxtiifux.jpg
 photo IMG_6772 copy_zps2oiraicu.jpg
#Caramel Chocolate – 2800won – THIS IS OUR FAVOURITE! TRY THIS OKAY? :)

 photo IMG_6773 copy_zpssuw6zbhg.jpg
#Banana Churros – 3800won

 photo IMG_6779 copy_zpsadkybajc.jpg


Direction to Backen

 photo IMG_6837 copy_zpsbhru2tsd.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, my favourite! Continue to walk straight! :D 

 photo IMG_6793 copy_zpsoz4gebdw.jpg
#turn left at It’s skin to Garougil street! :D

 photo IMG_6791 copy_zps3ogewarn.jpg
#walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6789 copy_zpsikdgdmxt.jpg
#you will pass by Line Friend Cafe & Store :)

 photo IMG_6788 copy_zpscmze5me1.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6787 copy_zpsmuoiv4qb.jpg
#yes, continue haha

 photo IMG_6785 copy_zpswp0yy1nq.jpg
#good things are worth waiting, come on, a little more :)

 photo IMG_6783 copy_zps2ilgc3zk.jpg
#continue a little bit more now :)

 photo IMG_6737 copy_zpswxrmttf9.jpg
#turn left here, where tommy hilfiger is on your left :)

 photo IMG_6739 copy_zpspdjzpyir.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6741 copy_zpsneerfgyw.jpg
#3 level starbucks!

 photo IMG_6742 copy_zpsswjpikdj.jpg

 photo IMG_6744 copy_zpsscdpqqgl.jpg
#straight! :)

 photo IMG_6746 copy_zpsqlpyqdmt.jpg
#turn right here to the carpark! :)

 photo IMG_6747 copy_zpsxxcrsoim.jpg

 photo IMG_6782 copy_zpsrrlgu6dt.jpg
#you reached! :D



Backen 바켄
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 528-3
Contact: 02-516-8889
Operation Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm
Nearest Subway: Sinsa Station (Exit 8)
Wifi: Backen/ backen528

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용두동 쭈꾸미 @ Sinsa

Its my third time sharing a 쭈꾸미 restaurant, and this is located conveniently at Sinsa :) Love Sinsa because its filled with Cafes, and I can simply spent a day over there having a good chat with my friends over cake and tea! Spell perfect indeed! My type of holiday! :)

Previously, I have shared one that located at Guri, which is really far! Hence to make my travel time shorter, I visited another one in Jegi-dong (which I have yet share, haha!). I realised, I had to find those that are nearer my accommodation so I can get to eat it easily and I founded 쭈꾸미 블루스 located just 10 minutes away from my guesthouse :) So, next is the current one that I am going to introduce you (with direction guide! say yes!)

 photo IMG_2100 copy_zps9pwb9czp.jpg photo IMG_2077 copy_zpstopof8lf.jpg
 photo IMG_2094 copy_zps2vxxr57t.jpg
#the steam egg is really die for! So nice and puffy! :)

 photo IMG_2092 copy_zpspzj2ewns.jpg
 photo IMG_2080 copy_zpsyrbch942.jpg
#we only ordered the octopus portion since we were really FULL!

 photo IMG_2083 copy_zpshyuthqs0.jpg photo IMG_2085 copy_zpsudccqpbe.jpg photo IMG_2081 copy_zpsjb8mwzzs.jpg
#we were given this curry sauce that we supposed to dip with the octopus! :) Its really good! Its a little like the japanese curry :) Its my first time trying 쭈꾸미 given this sauce!

 photo IMG_2089 copy_zpshfto1pxf.jpg
 photo IMG_2097 copy_zpsoohkqhm4.jpg
#so nice that I want to re-visit it again! :)

 photo IMG_2090 copy_zpsisryfdle.jpg
 photo IMG_2101 copy_zpsmiewmmsa.jpg
#Pricing! :D Not expensive right! :D


DIRECTION to 용두동 쭈꾸미 @ Sinsa

 photo IMG_2014 copy_zps0msahfzd.jpg
#Sinsa Station Exit 8, walk straight.

 photo IMG_2017 copy_zpsy4vaupmk.jpg
#Continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2019 copy_zpsmyhgtvj5.jpg
#pass by Mcdonald, and continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2022 copy_zps5r2eurpw.jpg
#turned left at this small street :)

 photo IMG_2023 copy_zpscp6affgv.jpg
#walked straight and ….

 photo IMG_2025 copy_zpsxsdtp5qh.jpg
#Turned right here :)

 photo IMG_2027 copy_zps71fh3emn.jpg
#Walked straight, and turned left at the upcoming street! :)

 photo IMG_2028 copy_zpsrwih1utv.jpg
(side track, here’s the restaurant owned by Gary!!!) You supposed to turn left here too! :)

 photo IMG_2029 copy_zpsuxqwuldx.jpg
#after turning left, go straight all the way! :)

 photo IMG_2030 copy_zpsadhou6e7.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_2031 copy_zpsrsptxpma.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_2103 copy_zps4jwceya2.jpg
#turn left here! :) (don’t get alert due to the night shot, because I actually visited here after Mr. Holmes Bakehouse teeheehee)

 photo IMG_2102 copy_zpsq8k7a6kc.jpg
#continue to walk straight, and you will reach shortly! :)

 photo IMG_2100 copy_zps9pwb9czp.jpg#tadah! arrived! :DDD

 photo IMG_2093 copy_zpssm6tittf.jpg

용두동쭈꾸미 신사점
Address: 서울 강남구 도산대로11길 21
Contact: (02) 3448-1818
Subway: Sinsa Station Exit 8