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[Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil] Bad Farmers 배드파머스: Healthy Food Bowl

[Travel in March/April 2017]

I think I have said many many times that coming to Korea is to enjoy all kind of food because, Korea served really great food from Pasta, Dessert (be it korean style or japanese style), Chinese food, Japanese etc etc. And I’m going to share with you something you will need after a long stay in Korea – Salad. Remember the last time I visited March Rabbit? It’s so good to have something light to eat after crazy food intake during your Korea trip. Bad Farmers food photo captivate my heart first follow by this little red house along Garosu-gil. It’s always special that Korea have so many ideas in having their cafe unique and different from the rest next to them.


 photo IMG_6688 copy_zpsom88uzjw.jpg
#the red house

 photo IMG_6695 copy_zpsxaxgbebf.jpg
 photo IMG_6727 copy_zpsb8zfrzfi.jpg
 photo IMG_6699 copy_zpsteycgfub.jpg
 photo IMG_6700 copy_zpsoohb62jc.jpg
 photo IMG_6701 copy_zps7jildnjf.jpg
 photo IMG_6705 copy_zps0awrexty.jpg
 photo IMG_6707 copy_zpscfwy6okl.jpg
 photo IMG_6709 copy_zpshxzc20dp.jpg
#we ordered Bad Farmers (Basil Pesto Dressing – 11500w

 photo IMG_6723 copy_zpskzglliqz.jpg
#AVO COBB with Miso Sesame Dressing at 13800won (Salmon yumyum)

 photo IMG_6712 copy_zpsqaftlofu.jpg
#Shrimp & Tofu Mayonnaise at 7900won

 photo IMG_6710 copy_zpsmsf777ux.jpg
 photo IMG_6715 copy_zpsihqqzbsq.jpg
 photo IMG_6722 copy_zps5ldsqd79.jpg
 photo IMG_6728 copy_zpszkyj784g.jpg



Direction to Bad Farmers

 photo IMG_6660 copy_zpsqp6j4aqc.jpg
#Sinsa Exit 8

 photo IMG_6661 copy_zpspxjnwwtv.jpg
#walk straight!

 photo IMG_6662 copy_zpsyjmscwdc.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)
 photo IMG_6663 copy_zpsdwj88vfv.jpg
#turn left here :)

 photo IMG_6665 copy_zpsshfky2y0.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6667 copy_zpsxckxbjre.jpg
#turn right here!

 photo IMG_6668 copy_zpsyouq4qnt.jpg
#walk straight here! 

 photo IMG_6669 copy_zpsa880egez.jpg
#turn left here :) Please note the holly coffee on the right is already opened – no longer like a renovation shop! :) 

 photo IMG_6672 copy_zps9wf80kak.jpg
#walk straight

 photo IMG_6673 copy_zpsp0lbzuyy.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6677 copy_zpsmz5lmlvn.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_6679 copy_zpspddbp8fc.jpg
#still straight! :)

 photo IMG_6681 copy_zps6iz3bmtc.jpg
#with Dr Jart on your right, continue to go straight as usual! :)

 photo IMG_6682 copy_zpsodvq9dp0.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_6683 copy_zpsk7mewhwl.jpg
#turn left at 7-11 :)

 photo IMG_6684 copy_zpsy3aczpay.jpg
#walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_6685 copy_zps2dogdspf.jpg
#turn right at this junction! :)

 photo IMG_6686 copy_zpshq4hfn8g.jpg
#you will reached very very soon! :D

 photo IMG_6688 copy_zpsom88uzjw.jpg

 photo IMG_6690 copy_zps6noakfjt.jpg
#time to have a healthy bowl of salad!

 photo IMG_6718 copy_zpsdjkml8vy.jpg
 photo IMG_6695 copy_zpsxaxgbebf.jpg

Bad Farmers 배드파머스
Address: 523-21 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact: 02-515-8400
Operating Hours: 11AM – 9PM (Mon – Thurs), 11AM – 9:30PM (Fri,Sat),11AM – 8PM (Sun)

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Peony Cafe Hongdae

[Travel in Decmeber 2015]

[!!!] They will be relocated, last day of business will be on 30 November. 

New located cafe is now a bigger and more spacious one for all strawberries lovers! :)

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg
 photo IMG_7794 copy_zpsscmwh2ti.jpg
 photo IMG_7796 copy_zpsntbxf9my.jpg
 photo IMG_7798 copy_zpsocxiir0u.jpg
 photo IMG_7800 copy_zps7puhuqlj.jpg
 photo IMG_7801 copy_zpsozypzeue.jpg
 photo IMG_7802 copy_zps8qslw1q3.jpg
#strawberry cake that is so soft and tasty! Strawberries were sweet! :)

 photo IMG_7804 copy_zpsvv9o6ovl.jpg
 photo IMG_7807 copy_zpsj7cg4gsg.jpg
 photo IMG_7811 copy_zpsh41jfadc.jpg
 photo IMG_7814 copy_zpsbkjd4etr.jpg
 photo IMG_7816 copy_zpsvz4mxcr1.jpg
 photo IMG_7817 copy_zpskkgnpunc.jpg
# Milk Bingsu with Strawberries! :)

 photo IMG_7818 copy_zpskzngjlyn.jpg

 photo IMG_7819 copy_zpsmsig53uq.jpg
 the bingsu is so nice, its yummy even without the strawberries! :) Aside from sulbing, this is the best! :)


 photo IMG_7849 copy_zps0qzephri.jpg
# Hongdae Exit 9

 photo IMG_7850 copy_zpsci03xkbg.jpg
#walk straight after exit 9! :)

 photo IMG_7845 copy_zpsq7nsxr2k.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_7844 copy_zpsdzhbgbcn.jpg
#turned left :)

 photo IMG_7842 copy_zpsechdwzqe.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_7841 copy_zpsxhu5jlyh.jpg
#getting close, but continue to walk straight along New Balance store :)

 photo IMG_7838 copy_zpsbbylkr6b.jpg
#turn left when you see Over The Dish and walk along the path! :)

 photo IMG_7836 copy_zps6pjbwyjm.jpg
#continue to walk straight and turn right when you see Ediya Coffee

 photo IMG_7835 copy_zpsolilm55a.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :D

 photo IMG_7832 copy_zps8hfykegy.jpg
#almost almost!!!

 photo IMG_7830 copy_zpshw5vapm4.jpg
#this is the building, continue to walk straight and there will be a lift up :)
(side track, you see the building in the front with a T. Thats the Twosome Studio that YG’s producer Teddy own) 

 photo IMG_7827 copy_zps6h3wcdpm.jpg
#level 2 is for take away :)

 photo IMG_7828 copy_zps6yqb1dop.jpg
#go in here :)

 photo IMG_7826 copy_zps6l22shcr.jpg
#and take a lift up to level 4 :)

 photo IMG_7790 copy_zpsgcdbik4y.jpg

홍대 피오니 카페  Peony Cafe at Hongdae 
Address in Korea: 홍대 · 서울시 마포구 서교동 343-11 2층, 4층
Tel: 02-333-5325
Wifi ID: cafe5G
Wifi PW: tm123456
Level 2 for Take-away and Level 4 for dine in! :)