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New Zealand Travelogue 2017


If you have follow closely, I have finally (oh yes!) finished this 20 days of travelogue for New Zealand. Honestly, it’s pretty time consuming since I have to go through all the photos and worst, my poor memories to recap all in details. I’m glad I did it, because when I miss going holiday, I can read back and remember all the good old days 😂

Since wordpress love to post the latest entry first according to date, and it will be quite difficult to go through and finding all the entry from the first post (if you are using mobile, the scrolling can be quite tiring haha 😝) So this post will be really helpful for navigation to whoever is heading soon.

Note, this is based on October 2017 – November 2017 Traveling. 💕
Click on the photo or link for the specific direct link 💕

 photo IMG_0179 copy_zpswcsriuxk.jpg
Day 1: Flying via Air New Zealand (Direct) to Auckland from Singapore (LINK)

 photo IMG_0291 copy_zpslk4mmnoo.jpg
Day 2: Leaving Auckland for Hobbiton Movie Set with yummy Bagel as breakfast (LINK)

 photo GOPR1573 copy_zpsbcuwtmjz.jpg
Day 3: Exploring Glowworm Caves & Wairere Falls! (LINK)

 photo IMG_0364 copy_zpszqigcsbn.jpg
Day 4: Visiting Rotorua tourist attractions! (LINK)

 photo IMG_0498 copy_zpsxmdmjiv0.jpg
Day 5: Taupo: One of the world’s coolest Mcdonald 🍔🍟 (LINK)

 photo 20171022114654_IMG_0537-01 copy_zpsgukngqub.jpg
Day 6: New Plymouth: Three Sisters and The Elephant 🐘👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👱‍♀️ (LINK)

 photo IMG_0602 copy_zpsjqmayial.jpg
Day 7: Hiking Day: A little of Mount Taranaki and Dawson Fall. (LINK)

 photo IMG_0639 copy_zpskxqnctu7.jpg
Day 8: Heading Wellington for a night, and a view of this little city! (LINK)

 photo IMG_0689 copy_zps0dnl95lq.jpg
Day 9: Hello South New Zealand, Havelock one of my favourite places in SNZ. (LINK)

 photo GOPR1619 copy_zps7zlhs6y4.jpg
Day 10: Heading for Dolphin Swim (BEST EXPERIENCE) and many food hunting! (LINK)

 photo 20171027_200615 copy_zps6wibqsbu.jpg
Day 11: Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes (LINK)

 photo IMG_0765 copy_zpsmkxi36yw.jpg
Day 12: Fox Glacier Hike! Love it! (LINK)

 photo 20171029_142019 copy_zpsjmuu18u0.jpg
Day 13: Heading to Fairlie, and this is Arthur Pass (LINK)

 photo IMG_0892 copy_zpskej6fd5i.jpg
Day 14: Mount Cook, Hooker Valley Hike. Best scenic in NZ! Include Lake Pukaki & Astro Cafe (LINK)

 photo IMG_0927 copy_zps7fmkozd5.jpg
Day 15: Church of the Good Shepherd + Tasman Glacier (LINK)

 photo IMG_0958 copy_zpskbycpiks.jpg
Day 16: Hello Wanaka, and their Lavender Farm 🌾🌷🌹🌻🌼🍂 (LINK)

 photo IMG-20171102-WA0011-01 copy_zpsae0srccz.jpg
Day 17: That Wanaka Tree 🌳🌴🌊 (LINK)

 photo IMG_1011 copy_zpsmxl4lrvs.jpg
Day 18: Hello Queenstown, and that’s Mount Remarkable (LINK)

 photo 20171104_1327410 copy_zpsicr1gc4z.jpg
Day 19: Jet Boat at the most dangerous road in NZ, and Mrs Ferg (LINK)

 photo IMG_1056 copy_zpsxhijm8ol.jpg
Day 20: Hi Christchurch, a quiet one…. (LINK)

 photo 20171106_122256 copy_zps8e50aj95.jpg
Day 21: Goodbye Christchurch! Hello back to reality! 😢😢😢 (LINK)

I hope you enjoyed my travelogue and will be anticipating the next one coming up :)

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[#fly2NZ] New Zealand Day 3


Simple itinerary for day 3 – Just a Cave and a Fall. 😅

 photo 20171019_100640 copy_zpsidfa5l32.jpg
We went for drive-thru breakfast and head for our 1hour drive! :) Honestly, the hashbrown that comes with it, is really GOOD!

 photo 20171019_121422 copy_zpsioydht0t.jpg
So we did the famous Glowworm Caves experience and I really find it not as amazing as photo or video shown. You can’t take any photo or video of it as well, and its quite a short tour ☹️

 photo IMG_0336 copy_zpselqmcekg.jpg
After the ride… haha, nothing much but smile happily 😝

 photo GOPR1561 copy_zpsozo8bhh6.jpg
We wanted to take a photo of this car park slope because its really steep but we just can’t get it right haha!



Waitomo Glowworm Caves > Wairere Falls


I have been to a few waterfalls in my life, and those are in Jeju. I always thought, we just park nearby and we will able get to see it within 10 minutes walk. But, it doesn’t applied to NZ’s fall. haha. We went to Wairere Falls which is the highest waterfall in the North Island that is 500 feet tall :)

We went for the walking tracks that runs from the carpark to the lookout. NO we didn’t continue our route to the top of the falls as it will takes another 4hours returns and it will be really dark by then, we doesn’t want to get lost in the forest (according to NZ’s people leg length, we probably takes another 30mins more without resting lol).

 photo IMG_0340 copy_zps2alnubi0.jpg

 photo GOPR1565 copy_zps5lih8vnc.jpg
We thought we might be halfway but no, we are not anywhere halfway. haha.

We walked, we climbed, we “crawled”.

 photo IMG_0344 copy_zpssyhn3dbo.jpg
& We finally reached the lookout for the Wairere Falls. The entire walk is pretty tiring because there isn’t nice smooth routes for us, its all about forest walk, and muddy path that we had to bear in mind to be careful than slip away.

 photo GOPR1567 copy_zps2ote3jdd.jpg
And us! :)

 photo GOPR1573 copy_zpsbcuwtmjz.jpg
After completing the route :) Yeah! And it marked end of our Day 3! Pretty fast! :)

 photo 20171019_210138 copy_zps7xgd29n3.jpg
Dinner is served! It’s my first time cooking salmon, mushroom, nothing difficult but its my first time! :)


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