Birthday Week! :)

I didn’t have time to blog about this…

but yes, I received my very first AngBao from my grandmother even before the election day. I feel a little bit shocked, because, we don’t have the practice at all, I guessed, they gave me a 平安红包 for my upcoming trip.


And, I received my 2nd present right after that, from my daddy. He gave a little more than I always get it which inclusive of a normal luggage bag cost + 平安红包. I really very thankful, because this trip is something I want, it’s not a MUST, yet my dad actually fork out extra money for my luggage cost. (which he can choose not to! P.S. we have only 1 luggage at home, and it’s cabin size) My mom say since my dad had already give it to me, she not intend to give any… HAHA! I told her she should still give me, maybe $10 for 平安红包, very important 😛

*P.S. you all don’t think that my dad really give a huge amount of money leh!

Thank you daddy & grandmother ^^


Next, I’m really surprised today! I did not think much when Jimei asked for my address, I really think it’s for Mr Song, to deliver albums, which I thought, YS’s album should be purchase there. But i thought, maybe she bought some other albums, which have yet arrived.

My auntie called and asked if I ordered anything like Luggage. I’m shocked, of cos, I didn’t… Then, I remember the only person who knew my address, is Jimei!! I’m really surprised that, they gave me a luggage! Something that, I really need it, and it’s REALLY! 🙂 Thank you for the surprise birthday present! 🙂 I really love it! It’s RED! The RED is really pretty! I can’t wait to use it! 🙂 Thank you for giving me such a great surprise and present, it’s unexpected, and is something I’m really in need of. ^^

Surprise! Ta-da~


The Sexiest Luggage! :)))))))))



Joanne, told me, due to budget, they cant get me a Samsonite Luggage.
Silly girl! I don’t need a expensive luggage, I just need a Pretty & Durable & Big Luggage ^^
I told her, isn’t this LV? HAHAHA!!! 🙂 Check out the above picture 😛

Thank you Joanne, Jimei, Carol, BB, Emz, Miyo, Karen, Kadd, May, Agnes, Yen, Rina, Stacey, Edna, Alice, Jacintha, and many more, if I missed out anyone 🙂

P.S. Sorry to make you everyone worried that day. I’m really worried, I can’t imagine everywhere is full, even though of staying hotel in between as well. IB ville provide me with all the dates, but, the cost is as good as staying hotel for the entire trip. But, thank god, everything settled. Sorry for making you all worried.

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