Oido Island Seafood

Remember my previous post on Day trip to Daejeon?

Actually, we didn’t end our day just like this. We were pretty adventurous and wanted our trip to be a bit different lol. I mean, honestly, that’s a little crazy and I thought both of us were perfectly fine with such plan (like travel long hours in trains or buses). Previously we thought we might have more time, and manage to catch the orange sky (sunset lol), but the daylight was shorter since its almost winter. But, we decided to proceed and go ahead with the plan… So glad we did! :)

P.S. It takes about 1hr 20mins from Seoul Station to Oido Station :) 

I actually know of Oido when I was watching Beast Show Time (if you know, they have left Cube, and setup Around Us will be debuting as “Highlight” this year onwards. I’m support all the way!). It’s a little far, but you get to Oido just in 1hr 20mins via train :) 

We took a cab from the station to the Red Lighthouse :)

 photo IMG_4381 copy_zpsvrsxeiaj.jpg

 photo IMG_4384 copy_zpskn4c0k4p.jpg

 photo IMG_4388 copy_zpsfdmghsvg.jpg

 photo IMG_4387 copy_zpsajbrrthl.jpg

 photo IMG_4389 copy_zpsyv6lwvcj.jpg
#we randomly went to a restaurant that sell shelf-seafood :)

 photo IMG_4392 copy_zpscbos3xzn.jpg
#scallop me loves!

 photo IMG_4393 copy_zpstaftrznd.jpg

 photo IMG_4400 copy_zpsrlfzrgjc.jpg
#just when you tot thats the end?

 photo IMG_4398 copy_zps6ipgu52u.jpg

 photo IMG_4394 copy_zpsxbaa1n0x.jpg
#corn corn corn my favourite too!

 photo IMG_4408 copy_zpsakk5rbfl.jpg
Just when you thought, everything are almost done, there you goes…. noodle!

 photo IMG_4406 copy_zpsoiniwrov.jpg
 photo IMG_4405 copy_zpsfvxalyit.jpg
 photo IMG_4403 copy_zpsp5ekbqxb.jpg
 photo IMG_4402 copy_zpsz2ky2rbj.jpg
 photo IMG_4396 copy_zpsgzi84mrs.jpg
 photo IMG_4395 copy_zpsgxcmgpyi.jpg

 photo IMG_4410 copy_zpstxnkujku.jpg

Ended with a photo together! :)


Day Trip to Daejeon 3/3

Daejeon: Sung Sim Dang

[Travel in October/November 2016]

This gonna be my last stop of our day trip to Daejeon. We actually know there’s alot more to explore but there’s only 2 things we wanted to do – the cafe & the bakery! haha. Sometimes in life, we have to make some decision to accommodate things we wanted. So, we got the best of the world, visited and do what we wanted.

We visited Sung Sim Dang which is a really famous bakery since 1956. Recently, Sung Sim Dang also featured in Michelin Guide Korea too. The most famous bread in the shop is the Red bean paste bun (twigim soboro), so do try it when you are there!

(This is also the bakery that SHINHWA went during an epi where they were at Daejeon, remembered Minwoo actually met Leeteuk – Super junior at the Station?)

 photo IMG_4344 copy_zps3zrni5sa.jpg
 photo IMG_4346 copy_zpsueec6cbd.jpg
 photo IMG_4347 copy_zpsxf1oglfi.jpg
 photo IMG_4348 copy_zpsmjveqyw7.jpg
 photo IMG_4349 copy_zps7drfclcq.jpg
 photo IMG_4350 copy_zps1fk7gfoi.jpg
 photo IMG_4352 copy_zpsoygqr6ly.jpg
 photo IMG_4353 copy_zpskpiyxjhn.jpg
 photo IMG_4354 copy_zps7knawy1f.jpg
 photo IMG_4355 copy_zpsdwb3r8xg.jpg
 photo IMG_4356 copy_zps466wrnzl.jpg
 photo IMG_4357 copy_zpsxg7o70pa.jpg
 photo IMG_4359 copy_zpsfn9acxfj.jpg
 photo IMG_4361 copy_zpsworwasej.jpg
 photo IMG_4364 copy_zpsxnm2mvxh.jpg
#cin is happy with her buy, and shh, i also bought 2 clothes at the station after leaving here too! :p

>>> Direction to Sung Sim Dang

 photo IMG_4336 copy_zpszbkwaody.jpg
#Exit 2 at Jungang-ro station and walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_4337 copy_zpsds3kudjr.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_4338 copy_zpsmuksfjcx.jpg
#you will see Sung Sim Dang cafe at the corner of the road! Turn left! :)

 photo IMG_4339 copy_zpspqcwviqu.jpg
#after turning left, you will see the cafe here, continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_4340 copy_zpsfxf6i9qv.jpg
#it was their 60 years anniversary!

 photo IMG_4341 copy_zpsyvn7umh7.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4342 copy_zps8ujvirzn.jpg
#yes, reaching! (shadow :(

 photo IMG_4344 copy_zps3zrni5sa.jpg
#yeah, go get your yummy bread now!

성심당 Sung Sim Dang Bakery
Address in Korean: 대전광역시 중구 대종로480번길 15 (은행동)
Address in English:145, Eunhaeng-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon
Nearest Subway: Jungang-ro Station (Exit 2)
Website: http://www.sungsimdang.co.kr
Please note, it takes 1 hour to travel from Seoul to Daejeon via KTX.

Day Trip to Daejeon 2/3

Daejeon: ASOME LOUNGE Coffee & Brunch

[Travel in October/November 2016]

When Cin told me that she wanted to visit the famous bakery in Daejeon (next entry) and finalise the idea of throwing it into a Day Trip! I told her, I am very crazily-on with the idea and I will find a IG-worth cafe too. After using all my resources in researching the prettiest cafes in Daejeon… I shortlisted a few and decided to go for this – ASOME LOUNGE.

And the good new is, I have also document the direction for everyone of you reading now! I’m sure all this hassle are all worth-while! :)

(Remember this cafe is located in Daejeon, and it takes 1 hour via KTX from Seoul Station!)

 photo IMG_4317 copy_zps7pfdr0g5.jpg
#this cafe is like marble with rose gold / gold element. Definitely what i was attracted to! 

 photo IMG_4262 copy_zpsf0luxrui.jpg
#even the tile flooring looks nice!

 photo IMG_4268 copy_zpsfkzraqsr.jpg
#love the fur cushion on each chair because it makes it warm and really comfortable too!

 photo IMG_4266 copy_zpslxq75ot8.jpg
#aigoo, so pretty! gold hardware! gold element! so pretty!

 photo IMG_4267 copy_zps6vzhlvsv.jpg
#marble top! so love, perfect for layflat!

 photo IMG_4270 copy_zpszroxzkxt.jpg
#photo of us! :)

 photo IMG_4271 copy_zpszxtgrilt.jpg
#and us haha! everywhere we want to take a photo of it!

 photo IMG_4275 copy_zpsfhpdc2zw.jpg
#green grapes soda! yums!

 photo IMG_4277 copy_zpsd1u1ixaj.jpg
#cin’s cafe latte looks even more awesome!!!!

 photo IMG_4279 copy_zpspmxuizv7.jpg

 photo IMG_4285 copy_zpswh890emo.jpg
#mix and its gonna be awesome!

 photo IMG_4287 copy_zpsbzugdqdq.jpg
#we ordered a fruit+prawn salad, this is totally my type! OMG!

 photo IMG_4292 copy_zpsx7nhdl62.jpg
#look how generous they were with their food!

 photo IMG_4297 copy_zpscmoheqjn.jpg
#our pasta! yums, it looks as good as how it looks like!

 photo IMG_4303 copy_zpslpml2aot.jpg
#pasta lover yums!

 photo IMG_4300 copy_zps09r6boru.jpg

 photo IMG_4313 copy_zpshnkx60uq.jpg
 photo IMG_4315 copy_zpsmsd8u3cd.jpg
#view from inside!

 photo IMG_4319 copy_zpsej0kakvi.jpg
#perfect for afterwork girl’s date!

 photo IMG_4321 copy_zpstmhvvvjf.jpg

 photo IMG_4323 copy_zpsttnusmru.jpg
#almost perfect!

 photo IMG_4330 copy_zpslwqmk3qh.jpg
 photo IMG_4331 copy_zpsdyh4f051.jpg
 photo IMG_4333 copy_zpsrinaenzi.jpg
 photo IMG_4334 copy_zpsoz2tlcbo.jpg


>> Direction to ASOME LOUNGE.

 photo IMG_4236 copy_zpshuyrubmd.jpg
Exit 3 of Government Complex Daejeon and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_4237 copy_zpsygdlyfar.jpg
#continue to walk straight after the zebra-crossing

 photo IMG_4238 copy_zpsvdoqqmhe.jpg
#continue to walk straight, and I was definitely admiring the autumn colours!

 photo IMG_4239 copy_zpsk0juxtdu.jpg
#continue the path (turn slightly right and walk along)

 photo IMG_4240 copy_zpshc3zdclk.jpg
#continue to walk straight and see the bus stop right in front of us :) *Say hello to Cin!*

 photo IMG_4241 copy_zps4fiagrpr.jpg
#This is the bus stop! (Dunsan Police Station bus stop)

 photo IMG_4243 copy_zpss1iflvrg.jpg
#we will be taking Bus 301 & Alight at Daedeok high School! (about 20mins bus ride!)

 photo IMG_4254 copy_zpsqe6vq5fq.jpg
#this is the bus stop!

 photo IMG_4256 copy_zpskxxv2syz.jpg
#cross this zebra crossing and turn right! :)

 photo IMG_4257 copy_zps6bi8zbim.jpg
#all the maples leave <3

 photo IMG_4258 copy_zps97tfxcij.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4259 copy_zpskxday8n8.jpg

 photo IMG_4260 copy_zpsjkdzcpwv.jpg
#you reached, right at the end of the road! :)

 photo IMG_4261 copy_zpscqxumqco.jpg

어썸라운지 A SOME LOUNGE (Coffee & Brunch)
Address in Korean: 대전 유성구 대덕대로 604번길 25 (도룡동 383-25)
Address in English: 383-25 Doryong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea
Contact: 042-716-1211
Operating Hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00 (Close on Monday)
Nearest Subway: Government Complex Daejeon Station (Exit 3)
Total Cost: 50,500 won (drinks & food)

Day Trip to Daejeon 1/3

Daejeon: Daedong Sky Park

[Travel in October/November 2016]

My autumn trip that happened last year was really amazing. It’s my first time to Korea in Autumn despite visiting for the 13th time! I love autumn more than anything. It’s beautiful and a little colder compare to Spring. And this trip consists lots of day trip and one of them is to visit Daejeon! :)

It takes about 1 hour to travel from Seoul Station to Daejeon Station via KTX :) So ensure you cater 2 hours to and from Seoul okay? hehe :) 

 photo IMG_4147 copy_zpstc7h1zzx.jpg
#all for this windmill, so pretty! :)

 photo IMG_4165 copy_zps31zv3fam.jpg photo IMG_4167 copy_zpsf4finptj.jpg
 photo IMG_4162 copy_zpsc2uwyl8t.jpg
#the view from the top! Though, its not super significant, i thought its still very pretty!

 photo IMG_4157 copy_zpsdzyuoq8u.jpg
#everywhere also need a jump shot!

 photo IMG_4152 copy_zpsrwazdjvg.jpg
#my friend can really pose!

 photo IMG_4132 copy_zpsirlhnlhs.jpg photo IMG_4164 copy_zpsnkcyu7bs.jpg photo IMG_4170 copy_zpsx3gw5m66.jpg
some photos along the way (don’t depends the photos below for direction, direction is at the end of the entry!) This small “village” has so many wall murals that is so instagram friendly too! :)

 photo IMG_4130 copy_zpsqyws5bcr.jpg
 photo IMG_4129 copy_zpsa90rylq7.jpg
 photo IMG_4128 copy_zpskam9odn0.jpg
 photo IMG_4127 copy_zpshjfnja5s.jpg
 photo IMG_4126 copy_zps1ioet5rj.jpg photo IMG_4121 copy_zpshkesamup.jpg
 photo IMG_4120 copy_zpsqdex27af.jpg
 photo IMG_4118 copy_zpsfxvgfoyt.jpg
 photo IMG_4114 copy_zps1q92ztjy.jpg
 photo IMG_4111 copy_zpszxa1j2zl.jpg
Cin asked if she can take one of it and eat? I told her, the owner will give her a box, not a box of it, but A PUNCH (box) haha! We laughed through out after this! *so self entertained!*

 photo IMG_4110 copy_zpsaxdi6duy.jpg
 photo IMG_4109 copy_zpskuoawgls.jpg
 photo IMG_4108 copy_zpstihbvqwc.jpg
 photo IMG_4106 copy_zpsao4iym03.jpg
 photo IMG_4105 copy_zpsybdw4bzx.jpg
 photo IMG_4103 copy_zpsoli8mi50.jpg
 photo IMG_4101 copy_zpsiutkjw6p.jpg
 photo IMG_4100 copy_zpstbzq9kkd.jpg

>>> DIRECTION Daedong Sky Park (in Daejeon)

 photo IMG_4231 copy_zpsyhcvcwky.jpg
#Dae-dong station Exit 8 :)

 photo IMG_4230 copy_zpsrilahirt.jpg
#walk along the pharmacy!

 photo IMG_4229 copy_zpsyes04l7g.jpg
#turn left at CU!

 photo IMG_4228 copy_zpsm5cmhrgk.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4226 copy_zpsuuhpu72s.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4224 copy_zpsvgaiujqd.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_4223 copy_zpsaxetctmj.jpg
#still walking straight :)

 photo IMG_4222 copy_zps8qgajse6.jpg
#many photo spot along the way! :)

 photo IMG_4221 copy_zps72quigf2.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4220 copy_zps0rba6tjn.jpg
#still walking straight :)

 photo IMG_4219 copy_zps0rnxcthg.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_4218 copy_zpsmzq7wo1u.jpg
#turn left at the junction!

 photo IMG_4217 copy_zpswiahufy1.jpg
#turn right here :)

 photo IMG_4216 copy_zps8u8qau0m.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4215 copy_zpsyibwdpts.jpg
#still walking straight!

 photo IMG_4214 copy_zps66ztgu8a.jpg
#continue to walk straight and turn left at the junction in front :)

 photo IMG_4213 copy_zps4lsqwblg.jpg
#yes, turn left here!

 photo IMG_4212 copy_zpsmuymzgnn.jpg
#turn right at the junction in front.

 photo IMG_4211 copy_zpsuxd4qak0.jpg
#yes here! :)

 photo IMG_4210 copy_zpswvhrdqez.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4209 copy_zpscvejiphm.jpg
#turn left here! :)

 photo IMG_4208 copy_zpscareyurd.jpg
#continue to walk straight!

 photo IMG_4206 copy_zpsxlsj7sly.jpg
#turn right here!

 photo IMG_4207 copy_zpsxqcdgvfu.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_4204 copy_zpsawkm7fjn.jpg photo IMG_4124 copy_zps1zj840gg.jpg
#continue to walk straight! :)

 photo IMG_4200 copy_zpshubhegus.jpg
#turn left here! :)

 photo IMG_4195 copy_zpsmqqfttqy.jpg
#walk all the way straight!

 photo IMG_4194 copy_zpsnurpcjjg.jpg
#continue continue!

 photo IMG_4193 copy_zpsdkqyhhri.jpg
#prepare to turn right! :)

 photo IMG_4191 copy_zpsgtogkcur.jpg
#turn right here!!! And continue to walk straight you will see the stairs up to the park! :)

 photo IMG_4174 copy_zpsobxl05ce.jpg
#Yeah! You reached!

Soon, you will see Daedong Sky Park. Love Windmill everywhere, glad to see this small one at Daejeon too! :)

 photo IMG_4172 copy_zpsksg8gxyq.jpg photo IMG_4160 copy_zps3sqzbard.jpg

Daedong Sky Park @ Daejeon
Subway: Daedong Station :)
It takes 1 hours to travel from Seoul Station to Daejeon Station via KTX.

So, Daejeon is not about just Song Joongki! haha, though he is still very awesome. But explore alot more of Daejeon and you will definitely be surprise too! :) Look out for my part 2 of Daejeon real soon because I am gonna feature a really very pretty cafe! :)

[Prelude] Day Trip to Daejeon

[Travel in October/November 2016]

I have been wanting to share this Day Trip to many of you but I have been really tired and busy at work. And, I will doing my last holiday in year end so, I hope I can share this before I fly :)

 photo IMG_4090 copy_zpsbtdvgxsf.jpg

This is what I wrote before I left for my year end trip on 18 December, and more than a month later, I realise I have yet posted it! :/ So let me start doing it now and hoping my day trip to Daejeon will be up soon. 

My friend and I have been really excited about sharing this Day Trip with everyone because the cafe we visited is really worth visiting. It’s really pretty and we really can’t stop taking photo of it. We definitely miss it. I want to be back! :)

 photo IMG_4069 copy_zpsnqghypyn.jpg photo IMG_4071 copy_zpsp6ztk6oh.jpg photo IMG_4084 copy_zpsxqugfb1w.jpg photo IMG_4081 copy_zpszlujwjej.jpg#my favourite royal milk tea with cin’s banana milk + the mon chou chou swiss roll from osaka (which is er, soso lor! haha)

 photo IMG_4091 copy_zps222jfia6.jpg

The Sky Park is a mini outdoor observation deck for us to overview the city of Daejeon. Aside from this, we also visited their very very famous bakery too. More on that later :)

Some background story!

We planned to go Busan+Masan as well, so we bought this Flexible 2 Day Pass. It’s very cost saving because KTX ticket is really expensive, and both of us actually spent only $120 on 5 KTX rides.

How to use Korail Pass?
First, purchase the best pass for your travel online. Next, collect it at the Korail Station. For our Flexible 2 Day Pass, we get to pick any 2 days within 10 days for our travel dates. This mean, you need to pre-plan your trip properly to know when you want to travel. At the Korail Station, you have to share the date of travel as they needed this information before giving us the pass. So, you just collected your Korail Pass!

I want to buy KTX Ticket with the Pass?
What I usually did is, go to the KTX Station earlier because its always good to start your day trip earlier :) So, we will reach Seoul Station (KTX Station) earlier so we can have more preference on the timing too. We have to queue and exchange our pass for the booking of tickets. We will then select our timing of our ride and its all depend on the remaining tickets (but usually not much of an issue! especially we always reached there by 6am)

This procedure might make many confuse, but its actually very easy – Buy ur Pass online, Collect the Pass before your travel date, and use the Pass to buy your KTX ticket.


[Travel in August 2016]

We thought a roof top cafe during summer is one of the best way to enjoy the summer. But, we were too late to reach there and they are kind of popular too. haha. Why all the places we went so popular and doesn’t have a seat immediately. lol. Anyway, we managed to get a indoor seat shortly and we thought we were lucky enough.

We didn’t go to the roof top area (its too cold that day, yes its changing season time i think, that why its getting cold already!) I really think if you are there around 4am will be good, so go there earlier to have a sunset view :)

 photo IMG_3053 copy_zpspz1ij5hw.jpg photo IMG_3022 copy_zpsn6rdydoz.jpg photo IMG_3024 copy_zpsrwd3zfnl.jpg photo IMG_3025 copy_zpsza5ztzbb.jpg photo IMG_3029 copy_zpspbdaj6xw.jpg photo IMG_3035 copy_zpsxjs3wqpz.jpg photo IMG_3039 copy_zpsl8dvpgkl.jpg photo IMG_3052 copy_zpsqitkhqb5.jpg photo IMG_3046 copy_zps5ot6wgz3.jpg photo IMG_3054 copy_zps0zlcwfek.jpg

Tel:+82 2-749-9195
Address: 용산구 이태원동 258-199 2층 Seoul 258-199
Direction: There’s a bus stop (Namsan Gymnasium stop) nearby , but advise to take a cab for easy purposes :)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ppseoul/

세상의 모든 아침. All morning, in the world.

[Travel in August 2016]

This is one of my most anticipate cafe that I wanted to visit for this trip. I have seen many photos of this cafe in Instagram, and have already listed as number 1 cafe in my heart to visit the next trip with my cousin on her birthday. Though, I have no idea is the food nice but the scenery make it all worth. I’m sure after reading this, you will listed this as one of the place to visit too! :)

And my August trip came unexpected, and we both got so excited because we both really wanted to visit here. And so, we made it happen! :)

 photo IMG_3088 copy_zpsj3r7jdk9.jpg photo IMG_3082 copy_zps3d3ywour.jpg photo IMG_3084 copy_zpstzxm3fn9.jpg photo IMG_3086 copy_zpsr6dlp4lh.jpg photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg
 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
 photo IMG_3076 copy_zpszwscoaem.jpg
 photo IMG_3079 copy_zpsqe1nxguc.jpg
 photo IMG_3091 copy_zpsaguchup0.jpg photo IMG_3109 copy_zps3nyaxylf.jpg
#You must be really lucky to get a window seat because this place is really popular! :) I have seen so many posting on instagrams!! :)

 photo IMG_3110 copy_zpsne8j4pam.jpg
 photo IMG_3112 copy_zpswj6susoq.jpg
 photo IMG_3116 copy_zpshm8s3gff.jpg
#the plate is so pretty! its floral :) and yes, my favourite marble table top! (you gonna expect…. layflat photo :p)

 photo IMG_3118 copy_zpswniwlwov.jpg
#and you get to oversee the Hangang River! :) Summer makes everything look clearer :p

 photo IMG_3121 copy_zpswyrpjyek.jpg
 photo IMG_3122 copy_zpslkqpxjk7.jpg
 photo IMG_3132 copy_zpsan6io3pc.jpg
Some breads for us before the meals. And, my always Earl Grey Tea :)

 photo IMG_3135 copy_zpsrwfutpt8.jpg
We ordered a brunch to share :) I love anything spinach :p

 photo IMG_3140 copy_zpssv75fkjq.jpg
Layflat photo again :p

 photo IMG_3148 copy_zps2fiddzj6.jpg
#Check out the eggs :p

 photo IMG_3154 copy_zpsne4oyc6n.jpg
#And we ordered a lobster pasta to share (but didnt know its a half tomato base, which I don’t really like it.)

 photo IMG_3160 copy_zps5vuzevft.jpg
 photo IMG_3162 copy_zps4gpg0gxv.jpg
 photo IMG_3165 copy_zpsrltf9miu.jpg photo GOPR0120 copy_zpspmhrs7ja.jpg
 photo IMG_3169 copy_zpsxv42irys.jpg
#its our last day in Korea, and we have a great meal before the flight. This place is really too pretty! :)

And, you might find all these photo familiar, as when I checked online for the exact full address, I realized many celebrities came here before :) Celebrities Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun celebrated their son first birthday here :) Many celebrities were invited to celebrate this great day with the family. On top of that, I also just realized this Sky Farm is also owned by YG (YG Food is established by YG Entertainment and Noh Hee Kyung – CEO of YG Food) too.

If you are a K-Drama fan, this is gonna be a very familiar filming scene too. I didn’t realise it as the W drama was set in the night. 

 photo IMG_3074 copy_zpsc9o0xyrj.jpg
Han Hyo Joo was “asked to wait” for Lee Jong-suk at the restaurant in the same building where LJS stayed. This is the restaurant setting where HHJ was waiting and got caught eventually. 

LJS also went to the sky farm near the little glass house (5th photo after this) :)

Another recent featuring is Girl Group – APINK also have their MV 내가 설렐 수 있게 here too :)

headed to the Sky Farm at Level 52 :)

 photo IMG_3181 copy_zpsgjsj9oyj.jpg
 photo IMG_3183 copy_zpszdvaozjs.jpg
 photo IMG_3184 copy_zpsektvrtyr.jpg
 photo IMG_3187 copy_zpsw6ebvktw.jpg photo GOPR0133 copy_zps2usppl8d.jpg
 photo IMG_3194 copy_zpswk86iyom.jpg
 photo IMG_3203 copy_zpsjtx3r15v.jpg
 photo IMG_3213 copy_zpsjxnrrssx.jpg

Direction to 100 photos Cafe ( I called it 100 photos cafe, because I can take more than 100 photos :p)

 photo IMG_3057 copy_zpsrrseotf6.jpg
Yeoudio Station Exit 2 and walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3059 copy_zpsojeavnlw.jpg
#continue to walk straight :)

 photo IMG_3060 copy_zpsbztmn9sy.jpg
(side track, the weather is so good, i can’t help to take many photos!)

 photo IMG_3061 copy_zpsw5vneahe.jpg
#make a left turn here :)

 photo IMG_3063 copy_zpsqxrzmysf.jpg
#continue the road here :)

 photo IMG_3094 copy_zps0rgzur8n.jpg
#Enter this building, and go up to level 50 :)

 photo IMG_3072 copy_zpsmgr6huqj.jpg

 photo IMG_3089 copy_zpsqwhvro3g.jpg
#tadah! you reached :)

 photo IMG_3149 copy_zps1cmelxir.jpg

세상의 모든 아침 • All morning, in the world.
Address: 28-1 Yeoeuido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Address in Korea: 서울특별시 영등포구 여의도동 28-1 전경련회관 50층, 51층
Contact: +82 2-2055-4442
Subway Station: Yeouido Station
Website: http://theskyfarm.modoo.at/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theskyfarm/

Reservation needed if not you gonna wait like 1hr (at least) in the late morning like us :p