You know, One is not enough.

Next Destination, Japan.

As much I love Korea, I hope to include Japan in my next Korea trip. At the same time, I have 2 group of friends that are interested in Japan as well :) Just by thinking of it, I’m so excited and happy.

To make this a dream come true, I have to get a job by july. My estimate spending for this trip is probably 4K. and, with saving (at least) of $800 every month, I will probably hit the target, and off I leave Singapore again. If I’m able to go for this trip, I probably be working by then, hence, it will be very difficult for me to leave work for 3 weeks. Hence, I will be going only 2-weeks, while the rest, will have fun for 3 good lovely weeks.


And I’m going to Hokkaido (if not Melbourne) with Teng next year too!
And, both of us are excited for this upcoming 2012 trip! YAY!

I’m so motivated to get a new job soon~
Good Luck for my next 2 interviews. Thank you :)

P.S. I try to upload my trip photo real soon :)
P.P.S. To save $800 every month is not really easy, I have to pay the bills, give little bit of allowance, daily usage like transport fee and the expenses I spent on food. And, there’s some social network (birthday & gathering)~ ^^


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