I am now sitting down at The Coffee Bean, drinking Pure Cookie & Cream. If you really like Mcflurry, I will actually recommend this for you. It is just a little sweet for me, but still managable, as i need something to last 2-3 hours.

I just had my 6th interviews. It is not a fantastic figure, this is in fact my first time going for so many interviews and yet not getting any confirmation. I strongly believe I’m lacking of interviews experience (a little nervous once a while) as I had stayed for 3 years for my previous job. I have already lost count how many resume i had sent. With just 2-3hours of sleep, I still believe, I have tried my best, and will not regret with the opportunity given. I always believe, as long there’s a chance to be called for interview, there’s actually a 50% chance. Well, I hope I can get into a MNC or maybe a creative agency that able to give me a good prospect as the years go.

Speaking of the number of hours of sleep, that’s because, I met up with my secondary school friends for supper and I think we have all grown up and think differently but in a good way. I have friend who just got a job, teaching tuition (like 10!!!!) and one doing his own business.

Teng WA me and ask if I am interested in some offline business. And, she actually talk to me yesterday about this. Well, of cos, I am interested! But at the same time, I need a bread and butter, a job first before I can decide anything that happen next. And, for this we need concrete discussion and brainstorm. But it does spice up our live, and motivate us a little. All we need is the PASSION that go thru together with us. And, maybe i need to invest stuff i always wanted to get, the tablet. So, I might be busy the next few weeks discussing this. My routine might be this, interviews, and if I’m lucky, starting the new job~

At the same time, I always wish to further my Korean Language. I did thought of going Korea for a year to start fresh and new and get all my knowledge as much as possible. I know, I am not young anymore, not a young girl who can actually spend her earliest 20 (OMG! I’m already mid20 and going to be 30 sh*t ) in Korea for language. I have also other commitment as well. My family, and daily expenses and the crazy stack of bills every month. At the same time, I actually thought of taking up a Diploma/Degree course in Korea (taught in korean). And this could fulfill if the offline business works. Well, just when you are wondering and guessing, our offline business is moving toward Design, something both of us like and enjoy.

Maybe, I can start research a little. and get the MONEY save and ready by then. Hwaiting~

P.S. Korea University sound good ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • ๅŠ ๆฒน! I had a lot of interviews back then when I was looking for a job. A good one will come along!

    • Hi Jennifer, Yup! Thank you so much. But this is my first time sending so much, and going for so much. It’s like totally different from what it used to be. I use to send out about 5 and got interview and get that very job! Life changes, a lot of competitors as well. I think maybe i’m giving myself a little bit too much stress in getting the new job. But, I do agreed, the good one will be coming along ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m waiting for the good news! ^^

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