(Pre) Birthday Celebration with SGS friends

This group of friends, whom I really cherish a lot and spent most of my youth (sad, gone was the days when I’m still called youth) with. And, they are also the one whom my parents know as well. My parents will always feel ease when I’m going out with them.

I had a steamboat dinner with them before I flew off. They are also the one who knew I wanted to go Korea badly since school days… and this birthday steamboat is also a BIG CELEBRATION that I FINALLY leaving my previous company. They have been waiting for this day, I guessed, this day come too late, 3years of waiting! HAHA! :P

because it’s SOUP! :DDDDDD


the girls are so sweet! they actually buy this because they knew i love salmon.
(and i actually picked this up recently when clarice told me it taste good with wasabi ^^)




the fake couple! haha


with kienwei, the chicken-rice seller HAHA!


We went for a ‘drink’ at KPT hehe.
love the chatting and slacking time over Ribena hee~ :)I guessed, as time goes, we grew more mature and older now, we no longer need birthday gifts and everything, just a simple birthday gathering… I think this matter a lot more to me. I love gathering and meeting up with old friends, talking about the past, the things happened during school days, and of cos, a little gossips hearsay
here and there. We have already knew each other for 12 years, this kind of friendships are something that words can’t explain. Can we meet soon? ^^


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