Beast Gikwang + Electroboyz with Brave Brothers [Break Up]


When Beast just debut, somehow they just strike me as a rookie group that really dance well. I have never thought they can see ballad too. And, when i get to see them real close at M!Net Concert last year, it was amazing! They seems to be one of the best fan service boy group at the moment. All 6 members are really cute and handsome. (I don’t understand why korean are just simply good looking haha!) I get to know them further after going for their Music Show in Korea, and the recent Fan Meet in Singapore. It just strike me to watch their Idol Maid (It is about 2.5 months before their Soom comeback), and IT IS TOTALLY FUNNY AND CUTE! Hence, I started to notice Beast, and just yesterday…. Gikwang (from Beast) had this joint collaboration with Electroboyz and Brave Brothers for this new song – Break Up. I like this song! Gikwang did improvement from being AJ (Ace Junior before debut as Beast Member), and slowly as a significant figure in Beast. He is really one of the most famous guy in Beast aside from Doo Joon (who acted in All My Love with Jokwon)

Though their comeback for Fiction come to an end, I thought this is worth watching again?  This is the famous, “pocket” song, the dance step include them having their hands in the pocket lol. Dongwoon, the maknae, as many might called him Son Nam Sin (which means, Male God, cos fans always praised him for his handsome look haha), had really did a great improvement. His vocal had greatly improved over the years. Check this out.


As everyone thought they only can dance…. (perhaps many think Yoseob can only sing!) This is one of the song, you might change your opinion/views! On Rainy Days is also one of the song from their Fiction albums.


I kinda liked Junhyung’s rap, I thought he really did really well. Dongwoon and Gikwang also shown greatly their vocal here, aside from Yoseob, the main vocal and Hyunseung. I was actually quite shocked that, the RAIN was quite heavy that make them sooooo WET! :S They leaving the stage ALL WET! Omg! But it is a great song to be appreciate by many 🙂

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