Vision – Magic Show

It’s a sudden decision that I went to watch this Magic Show. It’s because, ZM’s gf could not make it for the show, hence, he invited me to go along! Glad that I went ahead, because it is such a great show 🙂

There’s storyline to this Magic Show where they talked about Father-Daughter relationship. Its something probably we (as their child) took for granted… And of cos, maybe you might not realised, all along, your parents have been always care and concern about you. Quite a different genre of magic show.

And, for the Magic part, it definitely leave us a strong impression. So many questions left explained, and I guessed we will never ever know! HAHA! But, overall, I enjoyed myself…… and the crowd were quite funny as well! :)))

Oh yes, the Magicians are actually real-life Father & Daughter! 🙂 And, lucky us, we managed to get their autograph as well (ZM bought the book and cards for me! ^^ Thanks Best Friend)


and we are lucky enough! Here’s the photo of me and best friend with the 2 wonderful great magicians – Lawrence and Priscilla Khong ^^

FYI: Lawrence Khong is the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) in Singapore. Founded by Pastor Khong in 1986, FCBC is one of the megachurches in Singapore and has a congregation of about 9,000.
Pastor Khong is the founder and chairman of TOUCH Community Services, a non-profit welfare organization that has 18 centres in Singapore helping the under-privileged and the needy. (extracted from wiki)

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