(Pre) Birthday Celebration with ‘Korean Friends’

(this blog entry supposed to publish on 6 July… but photobucket wasn’t good for a good 3weeks!)

Just one day before I flew off, I had a great lovely birthday celebration with cin and the rest of the lovely ‘korean friends’. We had a great dinner over Soup Restaurant. You know, I love Soup Restaurant so so so much! :D If only they can have really great variety of Soup! :D I love Soup! :D

Thank you everyone. I really had a great dinner. And I love the gift you all bought for me too! It’s really a lovely gift! I really really happy to receive it, and I will be using it so often (which mean more trips ahead?) ^^ (and, I am flying off the next day to Seoul!)

Once again, I want to show off my present again! :) It’s lovely don’t you think so? :D


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