His 2nd. My 3rd.

Did you went to the airport to give him a warm welcome?

It’s his 2nd visit to Singapore, and both by The Face Shop! Thank you TFS! Though as much as we wish he could sing or perform his new song this time, but it’s an endorsement event. We shall not ask for more and be grateful that at least Singapore is one of the stop for his Asia Tour. At least, you get to see him if you did not went for last December event. What are you waiting for?

Anyway, I did not went to the airport. I wish I could, but work is rather more important. But I’m glad that my friends took quite good and handsome photos/video. Sharing here, but please credit them if you took it. Good things are meant for sharing, but not for claiming as own. Remember? :) Share everyone! ^^

But everyone should have know how cute he is… (Check him dancing alone… so cute!)










(credit: Thank you hl2412@twitter for photos and her friend who helped to film the cute dance :)))

As mentioned in my blog title, it’s my 3rd time… I first saw him only last year, TFS December event. It was a wonderful great experience. I finally got my first chance seeing really near and I’m probably one of the luckiest girls who got the chance to take picture with him, as well as, a handshake. It’s probably one of the most precious moment that I can never forget. My heart was beating really fast and having cold sweat just before I went on the stage. I mean, I also don’t understand why and how this could happened. *shy*

My 2nd time was his showcase (as well as his music show) when I went over to Korea for a holiday! It was really amazing on how his charm can just made everyone fall for him. He is really good looking, with really good complexion and with his weird 4d character which he does show funny side of him that made him perfect! To me, he is always perfect, no matter he is looking tired, having his ‘large’ eye bags…. he is always this perfect to me.

My 3rd time will be tmr. Are you excited? I AM :) See you tmr at 3pm ^^


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