Big Catch!

Actually, we went to Frienzie Bistro and Bar on Melanie’s birthday. (you probably get to read it on the next entry! :))

Well, Jody caught 2 big fish at only $10. This is actually very worth, as it’s a really big catch, it’s so heavy! My brother actually went fishing behind our house with gf. And, I called them for help when I’m back with the big catch. LOL! And, my brother is totally surprises with the catch. and here you get to see how big the catch is…. OMG!


my brother with the fish.
i think he is clever to cut it in slices because, our fridge is not big enough
and worst, the knife wasn’t suitable to cut the fish! haha 🙂
While he is cutting it, he look like some sashimi shop owner lol~

my talented brother cooked this and….

and this.. to see which taste better before he starting cooking for 3 pax.
and it’s already 4am plus when we are having this as supper! It’s breakfast! 🙂

Anyway over at Pungool East Park, there’s Popeyes too! You know how much I love standalone restaurants? It look as if I’m out of singapore. somewhere western 🙂 That’s why I love the Mac & KFC located near Stadium 🙂 Pretty! (You able to chill, eat, play, fish…. all in a place – Pungool East Park)

Here the address: 10 Tebing Lane, Punggol East Park, Singapore

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