Miss A Showcase in Singapore!

Miss A Showcase in Singapore.
If I never remember wrongly, they are the first female group in Singapore to hold a showcase!
No wonder, so many so many fanboys were so high on that day.

I didn’t took much photo, in fact, I enjoyed myself this time.
Probably because, they weren’t someone I really like.
But their music was good, something really different from the rest.

this is the ticket, it’s pretty right πŸ™‚ And yes this is Miss A!


Showcase started! πŸ™‚


But, I must thanks Emily jiejie for this showcase.
She got almost 8 tickets for everyone to enjoy this concert!

During Korea, fanboys had already shocked me… in Singapore. double shocked!
The fanboys made me shock, and laugh away because it’s so cute and silly of them.
I know, how they feel, because if it’s HJ picked me, i will die laughing silly away too!

It was quite surprise that, no longer you shouted loud you got the chance.
There’s iPad showing (ME!!!) when Ken, the host wanted to pick 4 lucky winners!
(yes, Ken again, he is the one who host almost every single kpop showcases)
And, Macbook air – ‘Please don’t ignore me’ — this indeed creative yeah?
It’s so expensive to attend a showcase now, gadget was one of the IN thing.
Maybe Apple can consider having this idea as their CF? lol (Okay they don’t need it)

Hands Up everyone! πŸ™‚

Suzy got so excited when, everyone sings her a birthday song!Β And there’s a cake too! It cost 2K OMG
//took pic from screen for yunlong…. cos camera no good, and wanna whatsapp him asap πŸ˜›


suzy is so cute and pretty! i want to be like her.
i think even i starve myself for 1 months, i also cant be like her. CRY!


4 lucky fanboys got picked first round. Another 4 lucky fangirls got picked next.
Game session, interaction with Miss A. I bet they can laugh in their sleep.

I enjoyed myself alot, and got a little over… crazy leaving the place πŸ™‚
Once again, thank you Emily jiejie for the tickets and everyone companion! πŸ™‚

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