Away from work….!

Mummy was telling me how excited she wanted a flea market.
The flea market wasnt far, just opposite my house…
And it’s only $10, and, we are pretty much excited though.

Seriously, we thought that the crowd might not works
because it’s mostly older people instead youngsters like those over scape.
And, mummy packed really alot of things! 

I reached home pretty late the day before.
Then, I supposed to be awake by 7, and reached by 8.
I was late like 45mins…..! I’m really tired to drag myself up early :P

And, there’s already crowd, I’m surprised!
Flea store was quite little, and nothing fancy much though.

// And this is our store. i selling all my brand new stuff.
Clothes i bought in Korea, Taiwan, Bangkok.. that doesnt fit or doesnt look nice on me.
TOTALLY BRAND NEW! Lucky people who got it from me! :)

there’s also 2nd hand clothing selling off cheap, and it’s in very good condition.
We doesn’t want to sell bad condition either, good condition like 1-2 time wearing! :)

It’s HOT, and boring, I wish I have iPad with me. Then again, I didn’t have it though :P


/// I was craving for fishball noodle!
Daddy accompany mummy for lunch while I sit there all by myself. haa
And wait :) and my lovely noodle is here! :)

/// Oh yes, $10 for this rental + there’s meal for 2 pax! Good Deal hor! :D


/// My brother bought this for me! It’s a little sweet even its 50% sugar.
I can’t imagine you forget to let them know you want lesser sugar OH MY GOD!

// Can’t finish it, but was hungry and tired after a day in flea market :P

/// a
nd i was pretty happy to wash all my clothes, and yes it’s mostly black LOL! :D

it was a tired day. I slept right after dinner.
a day off from work. nothing about work.
just a day freedom of anything.
but tired. mummy wanna again LOL :)


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