so troubled


yesterday thanks to bryan’s help.
taught me quite a few things for jquery.

it’s a tired monday. not only monday.
it going to be tired week for me.
I have a long list of works to complete before wednesday.
I must say this is just simply too challenging.
i have never learn it before, it is somehow giving me lots of stress
but i’m okay, because its something new.

and, hate money issue.
always got so trouble about money.
why is this freaking money giving me tons of problems.
stop giving me problem pls…..!
I won’t have any solution so dont give it to me.
I dont even have time for weekend job.
and i’m already very sorry about it.
But i just simply have so much stuff to do already
I just need understanding.
Please don’t add in to my problem and stress.
now, i have to find a place to work if not i will go crazy soon

and let’s say some happy thing πŸ˜‰


we are all talking about korea feb trip now.
pretty excited. now the problem only lies on..
if i got the money. I already have the mindset to go.
previously, was still thinking through πŸ™
But I think i love korea too much.
hence, I decided to go now. the only problem is money.
right now, i only have air fare money which is just so sad.
hopefully, my job last me longer…! if not, how to go πŸ™
Really wanted to experience a colder korea.
a winter korea. please let me go. please πŸ™
i wanted to join the rest and headed to korea.
pretty please πŸ˜‰

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