Random thoughts.

I typed, deleted and type again.

I wanted to blog something meaningful. Something from my heart yet there’s so much I wish to say. I think a simple entry can’t express what I really feel, and experience right now. I have no idea, what to start first and how to get all my thoughts into words that give a thousand picture that you can ever imagine.

Everyday I took a bus to work, passed by Secondary School. I looked at the girls and boys, playing captain ball and soccer in their PE attire. I definitely missed my school days. I can’t say that I had a wonderful great school days since I wasn’t really popular among anyone, be it teachers or schoolmates. Looking back, I think I aged. It wasn’t just number, it is the mentally and everything. These kids are probably 13-16 years old, and I was probably 9 years older than them. That’s quite a big difference, in term of the fun and joy we had. We used to be happy with just ‘zero-point’, $9 steamboat at Marina Bay, Mcdonald Birthday party. I guessed time changes. My cousin had a galaxy tab 2, and she is only 10years old. Time changes, mentally as well.

Seriously, I don’t think I changed much, in terms of look and everything. I still a small girl in the heart, even behave like one too. I have already hit mid 20s, and most of my friends are either getting married or having a small family of their own. I really can’t deny that I have really grow up, and age is catching up. I have already attended countless of weddings and there’s at least 3 more upcoming for 2011. You can either say, I have too much friends, or I really aged…

Sometimes, I do think, what happen.. If most of my friends got married and settled down. And what will happen to me? I mean, what other might think of me. Remember times when you are very angry with your colleagues whom is single and much older than you are? You probably said” No wonder, she is not married”. This is a terrible sentence that I did not wish to happen to me at all. In fact, I hope people around me said this instead “She is a nice lady, why not married?” Much different, much better. No, I do not have anytime to find a boyfriend and get married. I do not even have time for my friends and family too. And, I am not complaining, this busy life wasn’t too bad for me too, at least at this very moment. LG, Life Good. I’m glad I have a good healthy body, this meant more important then any other thing. I’m happy with what I have now.

DEY is doing fine, and both of us are pleased with the result. Actually, this busy season remind me of the days I worked at SS and Sentosa. I remembered, my friends waited hours and hours just to have dinner with me, or maybe, can’t find me online at all. I was very busy during that time, it was terrible because, despite all the effort you put in, no one see it. So, I think for DEY is so much better because, I still have a life and time for myself once a while (like now?)… Well, as for DEY, I hope it will continue to grow and live over our expectation. Currently, I was a little busy with DEY’s work, I think you should know as well, from my twitter. No doubt, it is a good news to be busy as well.

I have met up with friends last week, before getting busy these entire week till 15 November. Hence, in a way, I can’t wait for 15 Nov, to get myself a good rest, a good meal too. I’m a little tired right now, but, I have to do some work first. This entry just draft up my thoughts, and It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to say though… It just turn out this way…

I shall talked more about it again the next time. Hwaiting!

Till then, take care and see you soon.

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