I just switched off all my notifications on my phone and going to stay away from all the social media site. No other reason, I just want to concentrate on my works. and it is time not to be on social media every other minutes and lose focus every now and then. There’s so much things in the world, that I should give more attention, the design, the concept and everything that helps me to be a better person, a better designer too.

I have been wasting few hours on social media, few hours on reading blogs, and which I can be actually concentrating on my works and stuff. I wish and want to have much more passions in everything I do. I want to be a successful person in time to come. I want to be different, a better person a better friend to you and you.

I hope I wouldn’t be back so fast (which I have no confident! lol)

Hwaiting Si Hui! :)

Back to work


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