MAMA Award 2011: Best Female Group

Tough fight among the female group, especially all of them just/recently release their albums.

Best Female Group: Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, f(x), SNSD, Kara

Brown Eyed Girls
They are quite a different groups compare to those you have listened. BEG leader, Jea actually is the ‘founder’ of BEG and ‘handpick’ the rest as well. Miryo the rapper actually composed most of their songs. While, Narsha are more involved in variety show like HEROES & Invincible Youth. GaIn on the other hand, gain lots of fans thru We Got Married (Season2/3).

I love their latest album – Sixth Sense. I must say the MV is really impressive, and LIVE is awesome.
Check out their ‘dolphin vocal’



A group from YG. I find them very very similar to Big Bang (their senior). Their music is kind of the same genre, and I believe if you are a VIP, i’m sure you will probably like 2NE1 as well. One interesting fact is, their fan club are call BlackJacks, because  2NE1 is twenty-one. Recently, they were awarded ‘the best new band in the world’ by MTV. That’s a big award! :D

This is one of my favorite song from their latest album.



This group will not be not familiar with you, especially, you are SM Entertainment supporter. Under a big family SM, generally, f(x) was popular and widely promote as well. Krystal, sister of Jessica, a member of SNSD, was mostly discussed during their debut. Next, Victoria, who ‘married’ to Nickkhun of 2PM forming the ‘Best’ Foreign Couple in WGM. I foresee, Luna, the lead singer will probably, even better than BoA, their singer!



Biggest female group in Korea entertainment. A total of 9 young ladies, who actually created the uniform wave for a season. Under the big family of SM, they are consider one of the most famous group in Korea right now. Rumor of them eating very little to maintain their weight and figure really shock the world! But, they have recently clarify on Strong Heart that, they actually ate more than SUJU, their senior! :p

They are also the one, let make me realize male fan chant shouting can goes so deep :p Just not long ago, they have release their album as well – The Boys. I’m thinking to show between Run Devil Run or Into The New World. I decided on ITNW, because, I really like this song when they first sing, and it is so similar to Japanese song too, remind me so much on SPEED.


Debut with only 4 members, and one left due to parental pressure. And 2 new members are introduced shortly. I’m sure you have heard repeating a lot of time on how one of their members, Seungyeon actually actively attend lots of variety shows to gain recognition for her group – Kara. This group try and do their very best to have such popular status right now. Not just famous in Korea, they also one of the most popular Korean group in Japan as well.

Few months back, they were actually hiatus due to dispute contract with their company, DSP. And, they actually had their first performance at Dream Concert after a long wait. Despite being hiatus for months, they actually did not lost any support, in fact, their performance get even better!

Recently, they recent their new album. One of their hit song – STEP, love their songs and dance. This song is included in one of my current playlist ^^


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