Random #1201

Blogging from my bed…

I was a little tired but somehow, I can’t keep my eyes closed at this moment, it’s getting 1:30am soon…….! I have no idea if I’m able to wake up in another 4.5 hours time…

At this point of time in the night… There’s randomly stuff going thru my mind and here it is… I’m typing it out word by word… Right from my mind without any spell check or stuff… Not that I do it during my normal blogging… But at least I will vett through my blog when I have the mood to do so… so please pardon me with anything haa!

There’s so many happy thingy I wanna address. But before I’m talking about this… I would like to talk about this first —- Aging!

My friend, whom also my business partner, where we spend nearly 12 hours everyday, was sharing with me, how scary it is that we are already mid 20s. And in another 5 years time, we hit the big 3s! True enough, it’s a little too fast too scary… My friend was sharing that, we are still single, how sad could it be haa! But then again, do we have the time to find one when we are already so busy with works and friends haa! But I do hope my friend can get someone soon, she is a nice friend really… Whom deserve someone to treasure her, cherish her! I hope she will find her mr right soon :)))

Aging is catching up. We are no longer young! Attended my Pri sch friend wedding over the weekend… Chatting with my friends make each of us realize (deeper) that we actually have already goes up to another stage of life. While most of our friends getting married, having their own houses, and mainly kids too, and where are we now?

It’s scary when you realize you are even not in any stage of that when you supposed so? And it’s even more scary to know your current age! But there something that I achieved at my age too!! (more on that next time)

Aigoo not sure what I have been typing… I’m sure I’m tired! Okay I must sleep if not how to wake up at 615 in the morning haaaaa! πŸ™‚

Shall do a proper one tmr! Tmr is a long day at work and GKS (our “landlord”) doing some cute and fun project!!! Gonna help out as well, so this explain more fun and late night!

Good night πŸ™‚

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