Places to go…

It’s all preparation work, but I understand, this is just simply last minutes. In fact, I can’t believe the day is approaching this fast. I have been getting all my winter wear/ and things that I might need to my trip once a while, glad to go DAISO to buy lots of ziplog bag, because the luggage seems to be smaller when it comes to winter lol. Glad PIE FAMILY got this for me, I totally can’t imagine myself dragging my old luggage…… for the trip :X

  1. N-grill
  2. Nami Island
  3. Petite France
  4. Lotte Mart
  5. Itaewon
  6. O Sulloc
  7. Namdaemun
  8. Dongdaemun
  9. Ewha University
  10. Hongik University
  11. Rilakkuma Cafe
  12. Myeong Dong
  13. Se7en’s andong chicken
  14. and did i miss out any ๐Ÿ™‚

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