Preparation for Febulous Seoul

I have been thinking and wondering how should I start writing my upcoming trip. I know my MAY-JUNE trip was still in the midst of writing, and I only completed day3, that is really very upsetting. Despite, I have been really hardworking uploading all my photos to FB since the next trip is coming sooooooo sooooon, I still yet finished my uploading :S

So, what I thought was, since I still have fresh memory about what have just happened within a month back.. Here I come… My preparation for the trip this time! πŸ™‚

This trip was made even more special because its with PIE FAMILY. It feels like its a family outing, something so fun, something so close, something special too. We did a few round of ‘rehearsal’ before this trip etc. Pretty friend’s place for Korean Steamboat and Christmas Hotel Stay! And, soon by this weekend, all the family members will be arriving in this same country, same place…! πŸ™‚

<Though, Carol can’t make it, but you are always in our heart, its like how Youngsaeng is in your heart :P>

The girls bought their tickets pretty early, but I only got my ticket 1 month ago with Emily. After a lot alot of discussion, and headache decision making session… We decided to go for Asiana flight because the timing was better than SQ’s. Fly off late night, arriving the next day πŸ™‚ I’m really a SQ lover and I think the service is there. One of the best service I received from Singapore.

Just in case you are wondering – SGD871.40


I did my first packing on Saturday! I was so please and happy that I managed to squeeze so much stuff which I have no idea with.. into my “little red riding hood” πŸ™‚

//Β I took out a lot of things so, what you see might not be what I have brought in the end πŸ™


// I wanted to clarify, I thought Heat Warmer can keep very long, so i only bought very little, thought it can last entire trip, but CHEY, it is only like use it once and goodbye! :X Sorry Pie, so you all just take 1-2 each :X Paisey :X


It was only when I met Joanne on Monday, the day she flew off… Then I realize, luggage might be a bit heavy… Hence, today I actually removed ALOT of things from my luggage! I have no idea if this help, the luggage still weighs TONS….!


But yes, I’m all ready now, and hopefully, I doesn’t need to remove anything else in the airport *seriously crossing finger*

(when you finished reading this, i’m already on my way there le :D)

Take Care, and wish me all the best in search of falling snow πŸ™‚


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