Hello Hong Kong!

I was not even half-prepared or anyway near to prepared for this trip. I was only back in March and few weeks later, I’m flying again. It seems like I was half-cabin crew now. LOL. Anyway, don’t get too shocked over this, because I MYSELF, haven get over it yet. I was only back in office in March 5 for work, and I was told that we are all heading to HK, (GKS + DEY). This came surprise, definitely. I mean, I thought I just went for a 14 days trip! I wished, this trip can be pushed to mid year or something but both GKS + DEY is really busy during April-June. Hence, the best and available date will be like, TODAY?

Anyway it is half-biz trip for us. So, I was giving myself the best reason why I’m going HK in such a short period. I guessed I have never shared much to people regards to DEY i supposed. We doesn’t want to stop here, like just designing non-stop. We have our mind big, set our target before we got our company registered. More to come, More to Explore. Definitely designing is part of us, but that was enough. We think big, and wish to achieve something bigger, and bigger.

We are going to visit GOD, a must-place to visit. because our target are similar towards how GOD is right now. We wish to be a better, bigger, “GOD” in Singapore. Making DEY a brand that people know and recognized! πŸ™‚ I have been listen and getting the idea of how it is from teng during her past 2 trips there. It will be good to get more references, more books more designing ideas from HK.

It supposed to be a short trip, but we extended, so we probably able to shop a little, eat a little, visit a little as well. It’s been more than 10 years I last visited HK. Moreover, my cousins are there! Hope we have more than enough time to have at least a short tea time together! My luggage is now super full with stuff I need to bring over, I seriously hope it doesn’t get overweight though… It seems really heavy! Heavier than my 14days trip to Seoul. (I can’t see anything that belong to mine lol)

Well well well, in hours time, HELLO HONGKONG πŸ™‚


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