Korea: Bliss & Bless Cafe

At 3:15am, I just finished my work, and I thought I should spent some time writing a new blog entry as I’m very much missing Korea now. This was the cafe I first visited back than in 2012. It’s already 2 years ago, definitely I’m afraid that the cafe might have closed. So, I checked with my best friend – Google, and they are still in operation – Yay! This cafe was located very near to the guesthouse (IB Ville) I stayed which I will passed by every single day.

 photo IMG_3598_zps5e66cbb5.jpg

 photo IMG_3599copy_zps0d5d0906.jpg

 photo IMG_3600copy_zpseb80514b.jpg

 photo IMG_3601copy_zps71bf26f8.jpg

#the moment I walked in, I was kinda impressed with the double storey (though its pretty much common now)

 photo IMG_3608copy_zps0afbd2b7.jpg

 photo IMG_3609copy_zps0042c568.jpg

#if I’m too tall, I probably have to bend down my head while walking :p

 photo IMG_3613copy_zpsc0c1d789.jpg

 photo IMG_3612copy_zpsb3c979fa.jpg

 photo IMG_3607copy_zps61fc7a6f.jpg

 photo IMG_3606copy_zps05e97ca7.jpg

 photo IMG_3605copy_zps9a928a5b.jpg

#Love the library style concept. I once wanted a library cafe of my own :p

 photo IMG_3604_zpsf03e4896.jpg

 photo IMG_3602copy_zps420fd942.jpg

 photo IMG_3611copy_zps71e7c6ff.jpg

 photo IMG_3603copy_zps62dc4359.jpg

 photo IMG_3615copy_zps788856d4.jpg

#my brunch 🙂


Cafe: 블리스앤블레스 Bliss & Bless
Address: 서울특별시 중구 남산동2가 19-8 청어람빌딩
Website: https://www.facebook.com/blissnbless
Nearest Station: Myeongdong Exit 2

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