Taiwan: 傳奇星 ★ a Corner Cafe

[Travel during 2014]

This taiwan trip was highly made possible because of 潘玮柏 2014 Kingdom of Eve 伊殿園 Concert. A concert that he had been waiting for and share the love together with his fans at 臺北小巨蛋 once again. Previously when there’s news of him retiring at the age of 36, jinfeng and I decided we should just fly over to Taiwan and catch it before, its too late. And this is why after 5 years, I am back to Taiwan 🙂 Definitely, no one expected, and looking at his recovering and slowly back to his working mode… I am so glad. Nothing beat a healthy body. Don’t blame yourself too much, everything happen for a reason… and definitely, I will be back next year! 瑋柏,小巨蛋,明年見!我一定會飛去的!我和你有約喔!I am already looking very forward to my next taiwan trip, though its not in my holiday plan next year, in fact, I have already planned well for my next year trip, and definitely its gonna burst my budget of the year. I will work double hard, harder than 2014, to earn more 🙂 你這麼加油這麼拼,我也不能輸你喔!

We continued our plan of visiting a cafe before the concert “start”… and here we are at a Corner Cafe (傳奇星) which is opened by Andy and Blackie. It wasn’t too easy to find, we took a cab over from a station, its always easier to return from a cafe, than heading there. I think we made a right choice, because, when we headed back to the Taipei Arena and 101 its pretty far by walking…. though it actually look pretty near. Did we walked at least 45minutes to 101? haha!

 photo PA242662copy_zps3e6513e6.jpg
 photo PA242661copy_zps7f2c0f73.jpg
 photo PA242660copy_zps00336363.jpg
 photo PA242659copy_zpscf5a9959.jpg
 photo 2014_1024_180945_001copy_zpsa2276311.jpg
 photo PA242658copy_zps211d6623.jpg
 photo 2014_1024_180902_001copy_zps5f2278e5.jpg
 photo PA242654copy_zps570d81a3.jpg
 photo PA242651copy_zps5d8f217c.jpg
 photo PA242650copy_zpsaa69fb02.jpg
 photo PA242648copy_zps70130159.jpg
 photo PA242647copy_zpsbe2baede.jpg
 photo PA242646copy_zps428542fa.jpg
 photo PA242644copy_zps3ffbcae5.jpg
 photo PA242642copy_zps0767b1ac.jpg
 photo PA242641copy_zpscb1c9b01.jpg
 photo PA242633copy_zps38b34376.jpg

傳奇星 ★ a Corner Cafe

Address: 台灣台北市八德路四段106巷2弄1號1樓

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