8 Street Gallery Cafe

I love cafe, very much love to be in a cafe. I love going pretty places eating pretty food, and spending really a lot of time taking photos. I find a passion in finding cafes as well as photography. They could be something that I love most, and still loving it. But, if you realise especially my personal friends on my instagram will realise, I really hardly goes cafe in Singapore, even starbucks. I find everything a little pricey, definitely not saying its not expensive oversea, but when you are travelling, you are much more willingly to spend it. Hence, every country i went, there’s definitely a cafe-hopping day for me. So, please continues to look out for my cafes intro 🙂

In 2013, when we were done with the merchandise for Hyesung Countdown Concert, we planned to visit some nearby cafe and rest before the concert start. While we were looking for a place for lunch, we spotted this unique looking cafe, and decided to come over after our lunch.

 photo Photo30-12-1334101pmcopy_zpsaf8f089d.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1332802pmcopy_zps6eaf8e4e.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1332926pmcopy_zps92344041.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1332932pmcopy_zps3a036de8.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1332940pmcopy_zps93aff167.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1334036pmcopy_zps66049910.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1334052pmcopy_zpsbb09b7e4.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1334233pmcopy_zps349d8d93.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1334247pmcopy_zps0a379a8d.jpg

 photo Photo30-12-1334426pmcopy_zps1bbf45f2.jpg

Address // 동대문구 회기동 42-139 Seoul, Korea
Tel // +82 2-969-0003
Website // http://www.8street.co.kr

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