Cacao Green in Myeongdong

[Travel in May 2015]

Every trip needs a cafe visit! 🙂 Despite my short visit this time round, I managed to visit one of the cafes in Myeongdong. A place where everyone is familiar and will definitely visit it during their trip. After walking nearly 20K steps (according to my friend and me – we did walked 20k step at myeongdong lol!) for your skincare shopping, how about heading to Cacao Green for a dessert? I’m sure you won’t regret…. teeheehee~

 photo IMG_1771 copy_zpshmwk48rv.jpg photo IMG_1770 copy_zpspqh1mf6n.jpg photo IMG_1728 copy_zpstsn1jevu.jpg photo IMG_1727 copy_zpswnqrrndk.jpg photo IMG_1721 copy_zpsfon56afk.jpg
#we placed our order for the Strawberry Gelato Pie! 🙂  and we walked around to take photos! 🙂

 photo IMG_1724 copy_zpsm1dc9neq.jpg photo IMG_1723 copy_zpsbe7cb0xu.jpg photo IMG_1716 copy_zpsxr3vssbq.jpg photo IMG_1726 copy_zpsa6yejlil.jpg photo IMG_1733 copy_zpsfg8cziev.jpg photo IMG_1730 copy_zps9k8cwv26.jpg photo IMG_1744 copy_zpscgenep6z.jpg photo IMG_1734 copy_zpsbjczawie.jpg photo IMG_1742 copy_zpsfgrfneb6.jpg
#this happen… when, I have already took all corners of the cafe, except myself haha – Selca yo! 🙂

 photo IMG_1756 copy_zpsybglk9ty.jpg
#looking really awesome right? looking really delicious right? Yum yum! Strawberry My favourite!!!! 😀

 photo IMG_1761 copy_zpsvkaelub6.jpg
#this dessert took quite a while to prepare, but its definitely worth the wait! 🙂 Everything is amazing when you have a bite of it 🙂

 photo IMG_1766 copy_zpsbswiyip8.jpg
#we poured the strawberry sauce over the ice cream and pie which makes the dessert even amazing hahahahaha! Its really nice!

 photo IMG_1769 copy_zpsnk4wz6j0.jpg photo IMG_1755 copy_zpsfkn1b53l.jpg
 photo IMG_1750 copy_zpsyay9z3z1.jpg
 photo IMG_1763 copy_zpsm4rm4k9z.jpg
#how can we not take photo with the dessert right right right? 🙂


 photo IMG_1773 copy_zpsyakn9hkn.jpg
#conveniently located at the main street of Myeongdong, next to MIXXO. (MIXXO is also one of my favourite shopping outlet! ^^)

 photo IMG_1772 copy_zpsdbzvxr0c.jpg
#Take a lift to Level 3 🙂

 photo IMG_1764 copy_zpssy2mhmir.jpg

Cacao Green 카카오그린
Address: 중구 명동8길 17 (명동점), 명동, 서울특별시, 100-809, 대한민국
Subway: Myeongdong Exit 6
Direction: Myeongdong main street, walk straight for about 5mins. Its just located next to MIXXO on your right 🙂
WIFI available. Password: 02 3789 3102 

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