HongKong 2019 D02 – Dim Dim Sum

[Travel in May 2019]

I didn’t realised I did so much things on my day 2 haha. There will be cafes, foods and more foods. So, for our first breakfast, of cos – Dim Sum is the best to description for a Hong Kong trip! πŸ™‚

I heard a lot of Dim Dim Sum, and since there’s one in Mong Kok, why not? Let’s go! πŸ™‚

Somehow, I felt this is very HongKong-ish. The housing are so close to each other, and old.
Table for 2
Mongkok outlet πŸ™‚
We got the table already!
Quite cute graphics – not very traditional hongkong looks haha
I always ordered prawn dish, and this fried beancurd skin is a must!
how can we skip – har gow?
I love this, crispy prawn roll
I always stand firm that – if Siew Mai and Har Gow is not nice, den the dim sum store is not good hahaha! So its a must try must try HAHAHAHA!

Dim Dim Sum – Mong Kok 106 Store

106 Tung Choi Street, Mong kok, Kowloon
Wifi: DimDimSum Password: dimdimsum
Meal Cost: 146HKD / 19USD

Canon M3

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