Xia Men Ancestor Hall Trip 2008

(I know you guys have been waiting for ages, here it is haha. and this is the longest entry i blog about my trip the rest of the day will just get shorter one… i’m sure, so now you can enjoy looking at the picture and words of day1 will i continues to blog about day2? haha!)


how excited it could be if you are visiting your grandparent’s hometown? actually, i din’t put much hopes since most of you guys will have a good understanding on how hometown is like, and how the stay will properly look like right?

but it’s been years i last took a plane. i last have a good real holidays. i last have a good rest away from work. it’s been years. the last time i took a plane was with school to beijing when i was only secondary 3 (age of 15) and after 7 years, here i am leaving on a airplane once again (with excitement)

hence, i am kind of looking forward to this trip though the main purpose was the ancestor hall open ceremony. thinking that the weather was super duper cold, i was feeling quite happy to escape this super hot weather for a good exchange!

totally looking forward.

what’s more is that my idol – lam fung was actually from xiamen too. visiting “our” hometown seems to be really excited especially, his birthday was on the 8th, the 2nd day of visit. perhaps i can see him too, and yes you are right, thinking too much does not help me in getting to see him. haha!

did i mention who else heading there with me? it’s a family ancestor hall thingy, definitely is a family trips. i was with my daddy, my big aunt and 2 cousins. and of cos, relatives from philippines, china and hongkong will be there too.

the day before i was still chatting with friends at msn. haha. guess i just cant fall asleep because i am way tooo excited for anything that going to happen there, from the weather to the seafood. haha! and yes about the flight too!

Day 1. From Singapore to Xia Men on 7 December 08

so, woke up quite early like 4 because 5plus the cab will be here to drove us to airport. as in me and my daddy haha! having waking up that early does not seems to be difficult for me at all. haha! well, reached airport around 615am. cab fare was a bomb but it worth it because we wanted to reach airport on time too. haha!

the feeling of reaching airport is fantastic especially you know that you will be on the plane in just hours. haha! the excitement from me is HUGE haha. when all of us reached the airport, we check our flights and checked in our luggage! 🙂 after all these is done, you know that everything is reality… (that i am really really going to take a plane and fly to xia men!)

checking on my flight number 🙂

grandmother sending us off 🙂

that me! all prepare to GO!

together with me and daddy, is lilian aunty and cousin aries
& cousin shuying who took this picture!

oh ya, grandma, small uncle and 3rd aunty send us off. we just go into the departure hall and walked around. it’s been 7 years i last step in. the feeling is great. the air is cleaner in the morning. everything looks good 🙂

me inside the toilet at the departure hall
walking around saw gucci & burberry & many more

took silkair this time. it’s my first time taking silkair. i wondering how big is the seat or rather how big is the airplane. is the kong jie pretty or not!!! is the kong jie going to help me cover myself when i dozed off in a dream? anyway, i din’t sleep because, i know that they are serving breakfast soon. i won’t be stupid to reject breakfast right? haha! i love breakfast!

that’s our plane!

the ticket and is WINDOW SEAT!

leaving changi airport!

flying high up 128492y54542ft above sea level!

i do takes nice pictures right?

self shot @ my seat 🙂

does the cloud look just like cotton candy? ahha!
the air stewardess that serves us.
very polite since they got that kind of pay
they should be nice to us..
and when are they going to cover me with blanket??aries’s morning breakfast!her & her breakfast!

that’s mine. it’s taste good as well.
but both me and cousin aries take a good chance to spilt to 2
and both of us got to try 2 different dish too! hehe

me with breakfast and my trademark!

last picture of us before we reached xiamen 😛

so in about 3hr 45mins i will officially landed on somewhere far away from singapore. haha! i’m so happy! cousin aries sat besides me. oh ya, before we really landed at xiamen, cousin aries already bought something on the plane. is this the most ultimate shopping therapy? she got a nice wallet & necklace from the silkair brochure. haha 🙂 shopping queen right?

first dramatic happen at xia men airport. one of our luggages cant be found! what i feel is that lucky is a not a clothing luaggage. if not, how am i going to endure the cold weather? haha! anyway, not sure where the luggage is at right now. but we can’t possibly do anything to it after all, it is not at xiamen now. so, we can only make a report on the loss of luaggage and etc. then we headed out to meet the rest. obviously the atmosphere will not be as great as the luggages to be all found la haha… lucky everyone get back to the mood fast. heng, so is an enjoyable start!

my first time here… facing the weather! shiok like crazy. it’s told to be around 15degrees. cooling like mad! oh ya, quite a number of people fetch us. the feeling is great when you saw your cousins whom you hardly see right now 🙂


when landing, the kong jie annouced the weather wrongly.
and the switched off electronic item also say wrongly.
aiyo omg right? SILKAIR lei. sister company of SQ wor. omg omg!

the airport woohoo!
can you imagine… i REALLY reached somewhere far
and is on PLANE!!!

the super super hygiene thing in the toilet.
cool right? haha!

me and cousin shuying just outside of the airport!
which means – WE REACHED!!!!

they bought us to the famous temple at xiamen (the city area). so, we ate our vegetarian lunch there. it’s good. somehow, the flour have the chicken taste haha. i have no ideas how they do it. haha! btw, we got mixed up with… barley drink and corn drink….. we wanted “yimishui” but they thought is “yumishui” anyway, it taste werid to me. haha 😛

walking into the temple 😉

we even need to pay to get in! wah 🙂
did you know that the people here actually wear very nice?!

so we went to eat first hehe 🙂 tofu i think nice yummy!

corn drink that mistaken for barley drink!!

noodle which is super NICE lor!

vegetarian food but is so NICE and yummy!

i think is chicken soup! taste really like chicken! NICE

i dunno what dish is all these but it just taste nice to me lor!

i forget this is sotong or what. haha
it’s vegetarian la..meaning is all flour stuff haha

i definitely don’t eat this!

i don’t know what this is.
the feeling of eating it is werid but taste not bad haha

i don’t eat this. look werid haha :S

this is good. somehow it’s just have the chicken taste
i wondering how they do this!! haha

the dessert which i don’t drink haha 😀
and it’s explain the last dish of the meal.
crazily alot. i feeling so FULL!the 3 cousins.
aries.shuying.sihui mememe
saw alot of people trying to throw the coins into the window of the tower!
it’s seems to work like a wishing well. haha
and one of the guy manage to throw into the 3rd one. hehe

the view.
din’t manage to go up the hill to the stone.
somehow it’s just feel so miracle that the stone stay there

it look way bigger than it is actually look like 🙂

cousin. uncle. daddy. grandaunt

shuying. mememe. uncle. daddy. grandaunt. aries

experience the first time in the werid traffic. i not sure if you guys know, but over at xiamen, usually people drives euro car (rich ya?) and, they change lanes from one and other within seconds. hardly you will see it in singapore. it’s really eye opening! even buses and big truck drives like motorcyles in singapore. how scary and fast! and when u are driving on the lane, you can actually see car travel towards you. haha. impressive hor?

and weather turns a little colder when at night when there is no sun. oh ya, when is about 4 plus, the sun start to set… when is about 5plus, you start to experience the dark night! it’s look like as if it’s 8 already! haha 🙂

this is a very nice long beach by the road side.
sad to say, we din’t manage to visit and tour around it because of time limit!
but it look so nice to me.

doesn’t this look familar?? haha!
it’s POSB logo!!!

Cousin drove up around. 🙂
it’s at dunno what bridge.
i forget almost everything already!
and… the bridge is on top of the sea like WHOA!
nice view :)))

and we headed towards the tunnel! haha

heading back to hometown this time. from our understanding it took about 2hours max to travel from the xiamen city to the hometown. during 20years back then, when my grandmother was here, it took her half a day! it’s totally OMG right? haha 😛

headed to eat at this restuarant. the food is good, and the building across the road was putting fireworks as if it is free. haha 🙂 so near! it’s just outside of my eyes haha. it even closer than you view it at stadium during NDP haha!

we ate our dinner here
seafood and seafood and seafood
nice nice nice

the toilet door is sooooooo SHORT!
but it look way better than i imagine 🙂

all their utensils are all wrapped with plastic
for hygen purpose. pretty shocked that they have this
in HOMETOWN area!!! haha

knowing that we loves to eat OU JIAN. they order 2 plates. but it’s scared me because they PLATE is actually very HUGE and the OU is alot like crazy! in singapore, you hardly able to find this style of cooking… or in another words, you wait long long lor! haha!

we suddenly feel the COLDNESS when we walked out of the restuarant. i swear it feel like 8°C haha! 😛

then we went to visit the ancestor hall as well as the rebuilt house of our ancestor. it’s nice and big. and at this point of time, the night seems to be like midnight… when it is only around 9pm and yes it is very cold and i love this feeling 🙂

this is not our house.. it’s our kitchen outside of the house kind
and now we give/rent it to the “foreigner” to stay!

i forget this is our house door picture or the anchestor hall door.

din’t take much picture here because we are able to visit here again on tuesday!

so we headed to our grandaunt house who we are intend to stay a night there. their house is REALLY BIG. a total of 7/8 levels. first floor was their “factory” and storage of their frozen food. they do frozen food. for more details in that, i really dunno whether they do packaging only or the whole thingy. but they have a big fridge that contains lots of frozen food haha!

we went up to level 4 for a sleep. only level 4 and 5 are fully renovated. the rest are still on-going haha! imagine… we drag our luggage up the stair till level 4? haha! anyway their living room also big. it’s like 3 or 4 size bigger than my current living room? haha!

we drink tea. self boil tea and chat over the table. and have a bath later on before sleeping. guess what, the bathroom in the room right… have no door! so, when we bath we close the main room door. haha! the weather is too cold for a bath seriously. even we on the high temperature (the room is smokey when we bath – hot air!) we still feel cold once we switch off the shower head and wear our clothes… i shiver from the bathroom to the living room. it’s really maddness haha! because of the clothes i wear for sleep = what i wear for sleep at home, i decided to wear a long sock to cover my toes. the blanket i have is like the similar one tht i have at home.. (see how cold i can get!) first night was hard to sleep. especially after bath… i wake up suddenly thought that it’s already six. and to my disappointment it’s only 1am in the morning. the coldness really can’t let me sleep man hahaa! most pro is the blanket. my cousins and aunt have a big thick blanket but mine was just a simple one like that one i have at home. haha!

and yes, this is the toilet without the door. cool ah?
the room.
see the “bed” at the side? that me and aries one.
while my aunt and shuying sleep on the bed!

anyway after that, i went for a good sleep on that funny bed with thin blanket.

first day here, i still can’t believe i am away from singapore. it’s good to have a break away from everything and just enjoy at the moment, you know la without handphones/works/trouble haha haha and yes i forget about this – the counter at singapore, DROP our luggage when we checked in. and SO STUPID right? this is what we call 5 star ranking airport?

i start to begin to love here 🙂

P.S. please be patience with the day 2. i not sure when is coming on the way but yes i trying hard posting up the pictures in the entry… text is getting shorter too! coming!!

Day 2. All the Visiting on 8 December 08

it’s already morning. we woke up with the coldness in us. haha 🙂 lucky morning was pretty okay because weather are not as cold at night though they might of the same degree. haha 😛 when they come singapore that time, remember that grandmother actually prepare them 4 eggs for breakfast each. (i think it was a tradition) and, yes when we are there, we were given 4 eggs too for breakfast! it’s really way too much for us. so here are the remaining. haha. we all ate 2 each. and to our surprise… they still doing breakfast for us. omg. *_*

see the number of key they give us?
it’s just the level 3 and level 4 key!
OMG right? haha
crazy right?
so many eggs!
i heard that is 4 eggs each but of cos we dun eat so much lor!
you cant even see the noodle HAHA!
small bowl for us because, there’s another breakfast waiting for us!
it’s good! frozen food are nice too sometimes 🙂
not sure what they doing,
but this is my uncle’s worker i guess

that’s aries


and of cos me me me!

we all heading to uncle’s old place first.

it’s goose, my first time looking at it.
and they are really noisy! HAHAHA!
they are even more noisy than me haha!
their eggs, maybe you can’t see how big it is
but is really bigger alot comparing to chicken egg

we went to our grandaunt’s old place. (same grandaunt la) haha!

then we went on to visit our big grandaunt house. it’s different comparing to my small grandaunt house. small grandaunt house was big and new and she stays with her son and grandchildren. while my big grandaunt stay in a old middle size house and staying alone. it’s quite compare for people in china that they leave their family alone. the worst thing is that my big grandaunt look rather depressing when we visit her and she feel so much happier when she saw us. (from this you can know actually not much people have visit her so far!)

walking in
even though is a 2 storey building
but staying it alone also pointless

the 3 cousins

daddy grandaunt & aunt

the ladies

the well that is automatics one.
this one you need no skills, cos there is a
opening switch for the water to flow

super candid shot, shoot our back without knowing keke

im always attentive to the camera!

me and cousin aries

this should be their little shopping mall.
all sort of vintage games and toys!

i feel so happy that we actually visit her. the last time she comes to singapore was when i am super small. i shall dig out a picture if i can found and post it right here 🙂 *i super dare to post my old time pictures because i think i look much more cuter last time… ok is a sad news!*

(i haven found it yet! and my laptop cant sync with the scanner too! soon la i will post it tgt!)

follow we went to visit our first granduncle (grandmother side). before i came here i already know how bad is the situation for my first granduncle. but i din’t know that the rest of his brother actually stay in quite a good house. nevertheless, let’s talk about my first granduncle. he look very happy that 5 of us actually visit him this time round. he share with us alot of stuff at the living room. chatting. and on top of that, we knows that his legs are not functionally well as compare as the last visit he came. thanks god that he is staying with his family. at least he could see his grandson jumping and laughing with him. it’s sort of a bliss in some sense.

daddy and granduncle

greatgrandmother & great great grandmother!

great great grandfather & great grandfather

outside. hehe

fifth granduncle

sixth granduncle

here the breakfast i mention previously haha!

i think he miss my grandmother (his one and only sister). he asked why my grandmother did not come this time. actually my grandmother would like to come but because of the cold weather, my grandmother would hardly able to endure hence, she did not come this time. properly my aunt will bring her again when is around summer period 🙂

then we went to see my grandmother side ancestor hall. obviously is not as nice and pretty as the one we had and came for.

just one simple shot taken!

alot of people just plants vege

this house must be by some rich people
golden stuff here and there!
LG aircon somemore haha!

cousin aries

and of cos me lah who else? haha

next we went to our 5th granduncle house.

his house look good too right?

at the roof top looking at the vege planted

that’s me of cos haha!

3 of us hahaha!

did you see that?

yes, we both saw it hahaha!

5th granduncle, daddy, 6th granduncle

3 pretty cousins with auntie & our granduncles

see that glass bottle? hardly you able to see it already right?

and lastly our 6th granduncle house which is quite nice in fact 🙂

everyone house have this “FU” in front of their houses!

nice right?

woohoo! LCD PLASMA

(the next thing you will ask might be how come so much difference from the brothers. i also dunno. but i just hope for the good health for my 1st granduncle.)

Followed up we went ahead to visit a very popular temple there. Shall describe more with the pictures. and i tell you why is it so popular too!

can see 2 hidden temple right.
haha but we are not going to that one… haha

here it is! haha

the reason why it is so famous because of this
check out the stone color from the face and the rest..
it’s different and no one can answer why…
and they are from the same stone…
werid huh?

whatever we do, we have to use our heart to do it
as long is the right way, just do it…
wah, can put a nike logo beside haha!

even daddy wanna take picture with the “heart”

when i first look, i tot is a SI. then i realise is EN. haha!

daddy shoot for us.. haha
3 princess hahah

that very old old tree
thousand years old plus?

daddy is so cute to think of this pose keke!

then to our surprise.. they bring us to the biggest shopping mall in our hometown – SM MALL. and the best and surprised part was that – i saw WILBER! i didn’t expect to see him instead. lucky he did not know of raymond. (yes i thinking too much haha).

my wilber!
i’m seeing him around for days!
he is appearing so much! KEKE!

of cos a photo with my wilber la!

much more closer one..
my bloated face -.-
i think they dunno how to take pic hahaha!
fat still blame ppl hahaha!
in the shopping mall
one of the shop!
all the shops here are super super expensive and i dunno why!
it’s all the branded thingy here
and some brand are really popular but we don’t have in sg

the toilet nice ah?

still toilet

the shopping mall was just like another vivo city! it has all the branded store there. Levis, Adidas, Nike… all of it are so much expensive than we actually thought too! All the stores we get in, they sells at least 100 dollar per items, i am referring to SGD. and the stores excludes Levis, Adidas and Nike. It’s too expensive for me to get anything actually. haha 😛

looking familar?

i’m loving it
so funny! btw, it’s does taste better than in sg

their chilli sauce is in those curry sauce kind

and yes, i didn’t bought anything. surprisely expensive! and we finally eat something different this time. No Seafood. Ate their McDonald 🙂 Even their mac taste better than SG. And my uncle taste mcdonald for the first time. It’s quite impress that there is actually people who don’t eat mcdonald before for at least 40 years. and in singapore, you hardly named anyone who never eat before!

(let’s me figure out how to post the video here first, hha! i will post it soon la?! HAHA! it’s funny!)

then we headed to some museum which was quite newly built and is interesting! but but but, we went on the monday. it’s closed on the monday! how sad right? wasted trip! 🙁

the only thing we can see from there is this only! lol

always take a picture of us hehe!

we shall visit this again next time round 😛

as usual, we headed to some other temple at the other “estate”. it’s was quite impress on how you see everything on the road. how they make business, how they stopped the cars. haha! it’s something that you won’t able to see in singapore! sometimes travel really educate you a little. haha 🙂

this is the rubbish truck haha
wondering if they sound like taiwan’s
haha. must be really funny ya?
they are actually selling the paper here
haha. and we actually got saw a guy go around cleaning
the car on the spot and demanding for money..
so funny.. you will never see this in singapore right?
some popular landmark to represent the town
haha. so visit here must take pic haha
this is one of the overhead bridge, but it is build with
travellator.. power right? and not only that, is from all places
at least 4 different ways heading to from individual exit.
really power haha too big for a images haha
there is this fast food restuarant there
is like KFC but is not haha

very very big right? haha!
so you cant do what you normally do in sg.. haha!

i know la, 3 shot is too much but then,
i must be fair to feature everyone right haha!

check this out, it serves just like a cab hah!
actually i din’t manage to take a pic of a bike…
they do just like a taxi driver just that they ride bike… haha
and they can actually carries up to 3 person (excluding bike driver!)

we even went to a popular mosque there! even the malay guys that sells some sweet stuff outside the mosque speaks hokkien and chinese. super interesting! and the mosque look quite empty, it look like how the jumper (the movie) scene are! haha… and we need to pay tickets to get in! haha. it’s quite a surprise man. haha! then we headed to this temple which is enter in through a super narrow road. haha! i just can’t describe in words on their driving skills. speechless haha! they can just drive so much faster and stable! haha! *clueless*

this is a really popular mosque

anyone can tell me wad is this?
think about it right now, is this indian or wad ah?

haha 3 pictures again with same bg and different ppl
but like i say it is to be fair la haha!
oh oh, does this place remind you of JUMPER that movie? haha
more more more area look more like, but yes i didn’t post pic hahaha!

then follow up a small temple inside a small alley, you won’t imagine that we can actually drive it in. haha! super crazy way of driving you can see in there but what can you ask for more when the place is so clean haha!

this famous lion hhaa
that why is call įŸģį‹Ū

their shop is packed with all kinds of food!

we stopped by to buy some snack haha
i like that snack…
i remember i buy a extra big one from beijing when sec 3

then we headed back to grandparent’s house. take a clearer look at the house this time. 🙂 saw grandmother’s bed when they used to stay there. we even headed up to the balcony and have a clearer view too! we also put color flag on our house because it’s means that we are doing a BIG EVENTS soon! 🙂 we also have little tours around the house too 🙂

side view of the house
big ya? haha!
inside haha.. won’t be posting alot of pictures here
if you really really wants, let me know i show u hehe!

outside, our main front door!

this is actually how it look like from front view hehe
nice right hehe!


grandmother’s bed.
it is still very stable

very antique hor, cos it is still usable!

very vintage. i know this is definitely very high in price hehe
super got the feel right? vintage!
top view from balcony!
you saw the color flag at the opposite house?
they are actually also celebrating big events like us.
not sure they are also the chua family?

see the color flag? ahah
daddy and my 2 cousins help to do it de
it’s showing the rest. we have big events here
share our happiness and joyfulness 🙂
the view
now you guys finally get to see how hometown look like hor! haha
this plant is already here before my grandmother stay here
how old is this? we have clueless but definitelly more than 50years old!

i know you gonna complain again of the 3 same pictures haha
but i dun have photoshop or any software that can help me combine so
paisey la, i will just upload wadever i have haha!
but nice background right haha it’s real!

nice pic 3 of us and is self taken.. timer lor! haha

auntie who is downstair hehe!

climbing down 🙂

and of cos that me haha! who else? LOL!
i love this picture…
taken from high angle it just look so slim haha!

another fu! told you guys already right, it’s everywhere!

daddy & mummy wedding..
i still looking for myself!
wah lao, how will have me lor?
it’s my own parent wedding! hahaha!
gift from HK uncle to grandfather!

then we headed for dinner around 6plus 7. 🙂 it’s SEAFOOD! it is told as the most popular and cheapest restuarant in town. haha 🙂 but the waitress is seriously powerfully rude. i guess this won’t happen in singapore. the customers will just go crazily scolding them only. but right now, nope. we just wait. haha 😛

nice right? all the lights and everything!

see? they just park at the pathway haha!
interesting. you can just find a parking lots easy here haha!
and you dun need to pay a single cent for parking
dinner start but i din take food picture..
paisey la! so many people hahaha!

and guess what, our (other) cousin drives his newly BMW us back to HOTEL! i’m shocked! the 3 of us is going to stay in the hotel while my daddy and aunty will headed back to my HK cousin’s china house to rest/sleep. haha! how shiok is the hotel man! it’s has INTERNET!!! it has HOT WATER TOO! that the best of everything… and it has a transparent glass door HAHA!!!

our hotel for the next few days!
hk relative book the hotel for us to stay
we are shocked!
next is that hotel belong to my cousin’s friend haha!
fireworks and fire cracker and why?
(quite common there, everyday i can hear/see it)
because it’s someone 16 year old birthday!
their 16years old very happening!
they even dress very GOLDEN
haha! and not only that, they also have lots of firework
and crackers to celebrate their 16 years old
think is a similar practice like our 21st.
but they are so much happening!(actually as long they have big occasion like
birthday/give birth/ as long as is happy
they will have firecracker and fire works!)
shuying inside the toilet
via the transparent glass panel
me in the bedroom area haha!
via the transparent glass panel

where we drink our tea haha healthy la!

the nice beds:)

bathroom! 🙂

watch their funny series, actually is a NEWS! but it seems more dramatic so i think i call it series, you can ask for more details if you want when you see me! haha!! and headed to sleep 🙂 because tmr is a long BIG day!!!

Day 3. Grand Opening of Ancestor Hall.

I guess you got to expect a really short and lesser pictures entry this time, because, my camera went flat halfway, and most of the morning we are all climbing rocks and stuff, as well as, the night events since i cant be there, i can’t took any pictures as well, i know what a waste right! but well, i happen to see…. (see below for more details! haha)

WAKE UP early but there is still room service calling too. i thought they will just heck care us, but well, afterall, is our cousin’s friend hotel.. they could not be treating us far too bad too haha 😛 anyway you all should have seen the hotel picture in previous entries. it’s nice right? loving it man! with PC & Internet + LCD TV and my LOVELY HOT WATER for bathing… what can i ask for more? haha!

So, 3 of us have a good bath and change a much more easier attire for “climbing”. we have breakfast at hotel cafe which the food turns out really bad and it’s look so much lousy… i was preparing to have like scramble eggs & sausages… so disappointed haha.. anyway in the end, they refused to accept that ONE tickets. so, i give up and ask my 2 cousin to eat without me.. because the food simply don’t appeal to me at all! haha.. i know i am fussy, try looking it once i doubt you have any appetites. haha 😀

my barney hand! haha furrryyy!

aries by the lobby!

me me me & self take! HAHA!

me by the lobby! easy attire for a climbing day!

before that, we headed to some temple around our areas and get to know more about it. and we reached the temple just below the hill or mountains where our great grandparents were. and guess what we saw? the pillar that my grandparents’ donate! whoa impressive hor?

here the temple where we can get to see the pillar that my grandfather donated!

this is the one 🙂 one at a side!

this is how it look like as a whole!

the sculptures!

a take for the guys!

the takes for the girls too! before we headed to climb!

climbing the rocks, the unknown paths..
this is what we saw!

me and my cousin!

i know my dad is upset about not able to see his grandmother when she is alive. me too actually. only my family she never get to see. i know is upsetting right?

not sure who taken this hahaha!
camera dead off!
so using videocamera to take picture instead 😀

that me with dunno what action LOL!

after all these, we headed down walking back already 🙂
it’s pretty hot, lucky we all wear kind of simple also!

me cousin and daddy!

me and cousin taking a shot just like we are at korea!
imaginative abit and you will see it.
shuying, me and aries
yes they are all taller than me while im the oldest among them! haha

after which, (i think i start to forget thing especially without photos haha!) anyway, i remember that my cousin drove us back to our anchestor home, but was just a little while only because he bring us all out for a lunch once again. and is a big feast one and we really can’t finish it. it’s really scary on how they eat man! HAHA! 😛

number of dishes! OMGGG!
we even tabao!

then cousin bring us back to hotel to get my chargers for all my stuff inclusive of my camera, vcam and itouchiee as i know today will be a long long day for me…. :S but thanks to cousin to make a special trip all the way back to hotel for us… before we headed back to the place which is in time for it… i guess is around 1 plus… what a rush? 😛

What really happens after that i really can’t remember i guess haha… i should have blogged it in hotel during that day… and i totally forget without pictures as my cousin never takes pictures as much as me… and i don’t really can recall as well… but well…. this following is what i remember 😛

(okay, i remember some liao! lol!)

the guys!
with that red jackets too!

the group photos!

the ceremony started with us marching around.. okay lah,
is walking around HAHA!

that’s daddy 🙂

we ate the famous – 姜æŊéļ­ which right now, i am still searching where i can find that same exactly yummy food in singapore. 😛 i am not a person who enjoyed duck meat… in fact, i reject all duck meat in singapore… hate duck meat actually… haha! but i super in love with this 姜æŊéļ­ at xiamen. it’s super nice… it’s taste better than chicken actually. it’s so much yummy… actually 姜æŊéļ­ remind me of the TW series i finished months ago…. haha 😛 it’s really nice, if you really happen to go xiamen maybe you can try eating that.. it’s so delicious! cousin order 2 plates and it’s dry up! can you imagine, usually we just leftover so much stuff… but this time round, only this is DRY UP! haha 😛

did it remind you of the 姜æŊåē›
it’s left nothing haha!
it’s really taste good. i just cant help to miss it right now while typing!
i try to find it in singapore…
if you know let me know okay?
i’m not a fan of duck meat but this is really GOOOD!

After which, cousin drove us back for like few hours of rest and we took bath because, we are going to head back to ancestor home for the ancestor hall ceremony which will takes from midnight all the way to the next day!

back to the hotel!

the flower still flooded in the hotel lobby!

it’s seems to be just like awhile and we headed back to achestor hall already. i passed my vcam to my cousin because, tiger are not suppose to see the ceremony. so left me and my hk cousin who are both tiger to be back to achestor house for a rest and sleep because we cant see the whole thingy… 🙁 *i feel is a waste but my hk cousin say is nothing interesting….*

this is the very very first scene we caught. but cousins went ahead to see
while i headed back to my ancestor house

hk cousin bring me up to the rooftop… to see fireworks and firecrackers 😀 it’s non-stop since i reached the place till around 4plus… nonstop of firecrackers can you imagine.. how are you going to fall asleep? HAHA! it’s very noisy really noisy… haha! everyone is doing it because is a happy occasion, when someone do it also, it’s either from our CHUA family, or they are just simply happy for us so they can do it too! :DDD actually, it is more noisy than this because the govt there STOP us from doing this because, we are located “under” the route of the some flight… which might causes some dangerous for fireworks… and imagine, we din’t put firework already so much already haha! and fireworks are so much nearer to us…. it’s really WHOA!

i took only 1 pictures the rest were video.
im sure you know how firework look like? haha
but is like so much nearer to us!

after which, we both headed back to sleep since it is a long day till next day morning haha! my cousin lend me his dslite, but i told him i have itouchiee already so, he can still use it to play 🙂 i continues to watch my show… i have no ideas which show i am currently watching at that time haha! but i remember it’s should be japanese series haha!

after awhile, my 2 cousins headed back because they say is boring so they come back to sleep too! haha! while i continues my drama till, my aunt come back too… and 4 of us squeeze in a queen size bed, seriously, it is so so so much hard to sleep in such position actually. omg position haha 😛

and here i got some photos from my Philippines cousin of the events. so, you can actually have a clearer look and view of it too! 😀

all these are the ceremony shot.
not all are here. i just select a few 😀
with the thunder sound of fireworks & firecrackers from midnight
all the way to 4am in the morning…
non stop.
it’s crazily alot right 😀

anyway, all these happen over midnight, hence it shld be day 4 right? haha! i shall start day 4 with after we waking up! 😀

Day 4: Ancestor Hall Opening Gala Lunch

How times flies when you don’t have to work and when you are oversea man! how i wish everyday could be like this… i know i am thinking way alot 😀

weather is still very cold and we can’t possible really able to bath because there isn’t any heater in ancestor house. so, we have to endure… lucky we have already bath the day before heading here.. though that we have no way to sweat with that temperature but somehow we are used to bath in the morning, or rather me haha… but i have endure that messy hair la… bth 😛 anyway, we headed to brush our teeth because…. and guess what, the way coming from the tap is way too cold for us.. so we get the water from the well… interesting hor? and the water from the well are super clean and not as cold as from the tap too haha… brushing teeth outside our house… first time did that.. haha too bad, i din’t manage to take a picture of it.. wasted! but well, video capture! :DDD

and then, we have our lovely breakfast – yu tiao and soya drink! 🙂 my lovely breakfast! you all should know how much i love breakfast haha 😛

me and cousin having youtiao
hk aunty bought for us and it’s really taste good 🙂

as you know the ceremony started early this midnight… hence it continues today too 😀 it’s more likely to welcome us kind of ceremony haha 😉 there’s even a band playing to welcome us man! it’s so funny and i’m so proud of it… it’s just like… walking at the red carpet of the oscar award haha! same feeling man 😛

our ancestor hall

grandparent name 🙂
they donate money to build it.

the “donor wall”

check out the word!
(it’s means – įƒ­įƒˆæŽĒčŋŽæĩ·å†…åĪ–å‚åŠ åąąå‰äļœįĨ–åŪ‡č―成嚆å…ļ
Warmly Welcome Oversea for the Ancestor Hall Ceremony)
the people who march and welcome us 😛
really really feel so so so WHA!

taken from the photo frame (we have one of it at home too!)

and we went to visit the old anchestor hall first before the “march in” to the new anchestor hall. 😛 and continues a ceremony.

the 3 cousins with our cousin-in-law 🙂

representative from Singapore haha!

yeah 🙂

the old ancestor hall.

but well, the cousins and my aunty got bored of it, we went to shop and discover BIG THING! 😛

my wilberrrr haha 😀

another one again woo hoo!

me and my wilber woohoo!

that’s jay!
we bought it in the end to try..
and yes it dont taste nice! hhaaa
saw the spelling? it’s WRONG!!!!
brid nest hahahah!

we have to wear this when marching haha

then we went to have a nap around 30minutes at grandma’s old ancient bed at the new anchester house. hehe. the bed that my grandparents use to sleep everyday when they are in china. hehe. surprisely it’s still working perfectly fine with 3 of us on it. hehe.

this is the ancient bed 🙂

and it’s noon time for lunch. it’s a big lunch because it was the closing lunch for the ceremony where all the CHUA FAMILY who are there will joined everyone eating as a big family. nevertheless on how great the lunch goes as you can see from the following pictures haha! oh yes, they have this “concert” at the same time while you have your lunch. it’s so fun!

cousin is the host 🙂

they are the waitress -.- haha
they wear stocking/legging/booties!

fish! soup is good and yummy!


sea cucumber!!!

what is this?



fishes and sea cumcumber and meat i think!

scallop with prawn and crab!

crab again!!!

sharkfin as usual

look likes macdonald! 😀

but is cha sha su!!!
and is yummy!

look okay but taste really good:D

FISH lor!

tang yuan that i don’t eat

then we visited the place one last time before we will leave china in 2 days time.

given by people haha ;D

then, we followed up visiting gu gong’s house. we stay there awhile, while aunty called back to grandmother who is at singapore that we are now at gu gong house 🙂 had dinner there nice dinner i say! but as usual, where is the CHICKEN? haha 😛

stay there awhile and have tea at the same time. you know we drink tea every moment man. haha 😛 lucky i like tea. what happen if they are drinking coffee instead? oh man! haha 😛

Cousin came to fetch us this time. we bid farewell to gu gong & family because we will be leaving for singapore in 2 days time and which means, it will takes a long while to visit them once again. 🙁 i feel so upset 🙁 🙁 :(. i wish i can visit them often.

well, cousin bring us back to hotel get packed and we changes our clothes and headed down to shop? haha! and tour tour around! hehe!

forget the name but i know it’s some govt place and is so nice!

the winds ( i type wings! omg! what am i thinking?)
is so strong and cold and SHIOK!

snap and snap 😀

and try again! LOL!

everything is expensive! really expensive. lecoq sportif was freaking more expensive that you will never thought of getting anything back home from there man. anyway shopping is just awhile. though KTV there was pretty cool because the whole building is just KTV and there is so many of them. oh man, but well, we didn’t w bv ent ktv.. but we went to…. FOOT MASSAGE!!!

i know you must be envy me like crazy. haha 😛 it’s really shiok! i think i will just tell you more with the photos about how it goes man e.g. ginger? haha!. anyway, the rooms have 7 of us, and 6 of us are cousins with one is our cousin-in-law 🙂

previously wanted to try this but the service was very bad
very slow so in the end we dun wan to continue already!
change place.

we all cant wait already!

but shuying tried before when she is very very young!

my very very first time!

the girl really camera shy!

cousin shuying!

cousin shumin!

cousin from hk
who bring us around 🙂
my cousin who is also tiger!
that why both of us is stuck in the room haha!

cousin and cousin-in-law from Philippines

my fat fat leg!


what’s that?
it’s ginger! hahaha shiok!

and they cover it. haha!

my 2 hk cousin very cute right haha!

after the foot massage, we went to eat at the roadside. i guess you must have read it from somewhere or get the info from somewhere that roadside food are always better and nicer and you don’t know the reason why. haha 😛

(my dad told me, the day before, cousins bring him and the rest to the roadside to have the dumpling which is so called the famous one… but when my dad saw how they wash the dish, he cant eat already because they just simple dip the used plate into the water and take out to serve again….)

the next thing we know, we are already eating the dumpling that my dad rejected the previous night haha. but i can say the taste is different. really different 😛 and the ou jian is good, really good man! 😛

buying from the famous place

the yummy dumpling!

it’s already 3am when we reached back hotel. have a bath and sleep because we have a early trip the next day haha :PP

As usual, we watch ke nan and slowly went to sleep. it’s a long day for us already 🙂

Day 5: Ma Zu Temple

This entry will be purely picture with a little bit of text and text. haha 😀 because this trip is just mainly on the ma zu temple. quite a very simple and easy day for us, but well, it’s a long day. we start of very early and end every late. 🙂 and yes, we are all very happy and excited for this trip. it’s just like an oversea trip because we have to travel for hours…

Starting with Breakfast.
we started of with breakfast because, it’s a long journey from our hometown to the other place. i have lost track of the name, but well you can get to see it in a while in the photo 🙂

it’s hot version. but the bowl is way to big.
it’s like the size of your fishball soup LOL!
EGG! whoosh! lol 😀
it’s so nice and yummy!
and i bet ms ching ching will love the egg
because the egg yolk will just drip out OMG!

the you tiao!

forget liao! LOL!

the nice lantern!

the restuarant!

On the way there. Travelling.
passing alot of places. i was looking at the scenery, snapping pictures as well as, watching video on my itouch. but it’s not really a wise way because i was seriously having motion sickness easily haha. anyway, i just get enjoy the scenery for hours haha! as for my 2 cousins, both is snoozing away! haha 😀
i forget what is it. but it is very nice
stadium? haha!

check point once we reached 🙂

uncle behind us.
i thought is already done.BUT OMG!
it’s not yet reached until at least 30 mins haha!

Ferry away~ Ship away!.
ship ship ship. off we go to ma zu temple. it’s nice cooling one 🙂 was told we will be very hot there even the temperature is still very COLD! cos it’s very tiring cos alot of climbing and walking! hahahaa 😀
at the ferry terminal! haha
but before that we have a simple lunch because after
that we not able to eat anything already!
simple lunch = seafood

aries 😀

that’s me!

blue crab as pet?

all the werid stuff

tickets places.
my cousin say alot of taiwaneses will come here and pray too!

our ferry!

leaving the ferry!

nice view ya?

3 of us!


We’ve Reached already.
yes. we have reached now we just have to walk around the BIG TEMPLE! i don’t need caption right. it’s obviously know what is that haha! dunno then ask me lor 🙂 wuhahahaaaa!

my uncle “bargin” with the person.
in the end, we got the person drive us a short distance
to the temple main door 🙂
this picture very artistic taken right?
im the photographer haha 😀

cousin aries 🙂

that’s me 😀

the place is really BIG hor!

aries 🙂


me me me still me

after climbing so high, we are so hot already.
we sweat also le. haha!
no more wearing jacket hahaha!

shawl also take away haha

we are all very happy in simple clothes in the cold weather haha

this is the first ma zu here.
i was so much curious why people queue.
so i went all the way there, i saw that they are facing a wall.
make me curious.
very very curious..
so i just directly walk IN and TURN and SEE!
den the guy say to me, “you want to see please go queue”HAHA! i go see cos i tot, what is that.
and i tot queuing is wanna go for praying ma LOL!

later a while i just went to take a picture when no queue!

3 of us! haha 😉 i love this picture too!

hidden ma zu!

i’m looking at TAIWAN!
and why?
tat daddy with ma zu!
ma zu is looking at taiwan view 😀

fu lu shou

the word – Ping An
Peace 🙂

nice skylight!

we went in and take a look of the story of ma zu 🙂

this is the status that they will be building soon 🙂

the little boy.
dunno why he sitting there

Leaving and off to dinner.
spend the whole day in the temple like WHA! looking and visiting like a tourist. whoa!!

see the sun? nice pic taken also right?

finally took the picture of the 姜æŊéļ­

the place we ate our dinner.
and yes, we went back to hotel.
and have the last chit with everyone :)and yes, we will be headed home tmr alradySO FAST. SO MISSED 🙁

Day 6: Home Sweet Home.

i just can’t believe 6 days just end so fast. it’s just a wink only. after what i have wrote for the past few entries, i’m sure you also agree that the days pass so much faster. (basically, their daytime end very early like around 5 hence… it’s seems to pass really fast!) seriously, i really enjoy myself… i just wish if only i can just stay a little longer… 🙂

Packing & Breakfast.
we packed our luggage so that after our breakfast we can just come back fast for our luggage and off we go to airport. it’s a packed day.

took some photo in the hotel before leaving…

good bye to the LCD tv and the PC
and remember the show? what a oldies!
when we are young…


our room for 5 days!

Breakfast at the youtiao place.
because we mention we love the youtiao place hence here we are 😀

yummy xiao long bao!

familar ah? LIDO lor!

Getting to the Airport.
and bid farewell to the hotel and relatives. our relatives pass us LOTS of items to bring home. includes sweet stuff/goodie/ and not forgetting FROZEN FOOD lor! you can never imagine how much we have bring back! i will tell you why you cant imagine haha!

where we stay for days. kind of miss the days there

reaching airport.

few days back, we just reached and now
we are all prepare to be back home already

cousin and daddy!

my cousin not bad hor.
got different pose every pic haha!
the group photos.
but without us… haha!
our flight!
our flight is like 1pm.
imagine at 1230 we are doing check-in?!?!
and, because of the HEAVY weighage..
we cant check in just like that.
went for the packing.. and in the end..
we pay 4000RMB+++ for the excess
which means is about 1K SGD
and with that amount of check in luggage
I AM HOLDING MY OWN LUGGAGE to the plane =.0
now you shld know how much already right?

i cant even use 1 pic to capture everything!

goodbye xiamen!

took a paper at xiamen!
and i saw this!
(actually i already know but i din know will show on paper!)

sky are nice!

if only, there is air steward! haha!

not very nice 🙁



okay reached!

thanks silkair for the safe flight

my tickets!

Take Picture with Lewis Hamilton.
while the rest are buying wine/bear/ or all sort. haha so we take picture with lewis hamilton who is the famous F1 racer… haha 😀

so funny!

and guess who can and fetch us?!

headed back to grandmother house first… long story.. end story is i thought i lost my jacket. heng!

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