[October 2008] Getaway Trip with Family

I was seriously wanna know if any people out there still remember my getaway to “london big ben” anyway, i just give a short blogging on it. how’s it? haha!

seriously, i am now using macbook, was quite different as i thought. despite i was using imac in office for the past few months. but without lots of softwares… i can’t make my photos size smaller for you guys. haa! guess i have to use my old laptop for resizing already. haha! a lotal of 134 photos. well, i just selective some and post. super lazy! πŸ˜›

i am actually a very lazy person to edit any photos. but i tell myself not to use photoscape though it is the very easy and user friendly tools for editing… but then, i just cant get over it because since i am doing design (not that i am very good that it) i shld edit myself if not just go crazy putting all the photos one by one (like crazy lor) haha.

Day 1. Heading to Genting

this time was a little different. we arrived at jurong instead. it’s was quite a long distance from my place to jurong but well, we still meet there. this time round, i pay for mummy trip. isn’t she lucky to have me as her daughter? haha! this trip was quite a complex family trip. explain it further when/if you are interested. haha!

meeting uncle terence, aunty may, cousin selina and ah ma for a short and simple dinner at jurong point. and follow up, meeting up with my aunties and blablabla and headed to take the coach. yeah! it’s been 12 years i last went genting. seriously, it’s long right guys? haha! everything changes till i might not even recongise any single places. haha! but still i bring myself the excitement from sengkang all the way to jurong and up to genting haha!

i really can’t remember the last trip i went up to genting was this long journey. i can’t remember how excited i was previously… i can’t remember did i stay awake throughout… but this time i stay awake throughout… was it because i have the license and feel so unsecure how’s they drove the bus? haha! though i put alot of videos in my itouchiee diamond to watch throughout the whole trip but sad to say, a little headache i have so i din’t really manage to watch it.. throughout the whole journey, i was looking at the dark sky… without any road light except for the high beams from cars and buses travelling opposite directions against me.

Day 2. Reached Genting.

i feel lucky that i was safe and sound when i reached. due to my both hps have no auto-roaming. i hardly can contact anyone when i was there. not even there have wifi that i can access. so, i uses my mum hp to contact melanie who was there too!

because we cant get our room now, we slack around at kfc to have a bite. and then try my luck at the casino for the very first time in my life. and i strongly dun believe in beginner luck. haha i lost the money well well well. haha.. i dun wan to go back casino again la.. not fun at all, spend the days there inside pressing button i rather surf net wor! haha! anyway, i dun mind visit LA casino though. it should be an big eye opening for me!

wait till morning. it be breakfast again. i love breakfast like i always have haha! cooling weather makes me feel hungry really easily. it’s so unlike me… i love to have tibits and snack more haha! while and yes i manage to meet up with melanie before they headed back to sg. haha!

then we went to take the indoor rides since i have elderly, adults and child with us… so indoor rides will suit everyone especially, for me. who scare of almost everything in the world lol! rides was pretty okay because i dun have the chance to take all these πŸ˜› it’s a bliss for me actually haha!

den we manage to get our rooms and have a good rest and changes before heading down for more stuff. (which you ask me now i cant remember anything already haha! i think i did went to jackpot again to try my luck because i still believe in the “beginner luck”. haha! den, i was seriously quite tired that night because of more than 24hr of sleepless night. while mummy headed to jackpot luck again, i was back to sleep.

I think i miss out something. i saw desmond there! hahaa. why are you following me from chinatown to genting ah… LOL!

Day 3. Back to Home Sweet Home!

simply photo session & breakfast!

good time and days really pass fast. it’s time to go home again! it’s good to have a short getaway from work once a while. but back to reality… i got to work tmr! πŸ™

the worst from this trip was the coach broke down at the expressway. it’s kinda of scary because, remember the recent case of this driver letting all the passengers alight somewhere? i just pray it will not be the same again. heng it is just a purely broke down. we waited at the expressway SH for like hours… it’s dark, without any roadlight, just high beams from the car and buses πŸ™

anyway, safe and sound already. yeah!

i want more and more holidays! time to save up for a good sweet holiday trips!! & is planning for more actually. just wait for money to roll in lor!

P.S. well i really briefly mention thing here and there. haha! cos i really cant remember lots of stuff already. so here is the best i can give i guess. anyway, photos are more important right? πŸ™‚ meanwhile lets me sort up some time to write for another trips. haha! if not i will forget again lor. haha :PP

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