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Happy Birthday Park Jung Min,
Sexy Charisma of SS501.


i want to say a BIG THANK YOU.

i’m someone you might not know me directly. someone you might already forget how i actually look like. someone you just met for 5 seconds on stage during fan sign few weeks ago. but i really have to thank you for giving us an unforgettable time during the fan meet. everything you mentioned during your stay in singapore meant alot to all TS/Green Peas. i love how you (and HyungJun as well) mentioned about SS501. It does matter to us…… 🙂 Thank You. Thank You. Thank You x 501.

though i might be a little crazy about idols, till the extend of going to their events, taking part in all FC activities, going to airport (i did not even done that for Wilber Pan!) to see them, going to Jumbo just to get a glimpse of my favourite idols. Thing changes when you have the money power, alot of things seems fun and exciting….. of cos all these can be possible when you have a group of friends to share this kind of happiness 🙂 Because of you, Park Jung Min (& SS501), i made alot of new friends. Friends that i can chat anything under the sun (not just about SS501), friends whom i share my happiness and troubles… friends that i know we will always be there for each other… of cos, i have a group of friends whom i really like (Six+One+One, you know, i’m talking about you all leh! ^^) and think we will be friends for life no matter what! but, this group of new friends, will be also walking with me till the day end. Thank You to all my friends whom i know everywhere… Thank You for always being there for me 🙂

Just like you (PJM), having a good friend, HyungJun (as well as the HJL & KyuSaeng, but i assume and pretty sure that HJB is your best buddy!) since debut, helped you to overcome problems and obstacles that you have never even thought you can made it through. Because of friendship between the members, you made it. YOU DID IT!

& of cos, i gain FRIENDSHIP because of SS501. FRIENDSHIP that i cherish and want to keep it for LIFE 🙂 FRIENDSHIP that is not just about fandom but everything else…. ^^ We might know each other because of Idols, definitely, continue the friendship because we appreciate and cherish each other 🙂

Now, you have completed (mostly? or fully completed) your Asia Tour, bringing your music to people who knew you, and fans who just started to know more about you. Remember, You Are Not Alone, you are THE Park Jung Min.

of cos, on April 3rd, its your 25th Birthday! 생일축하합니다~ I wish you had a great birthday party with your fans and Hyung Jun in Korea. Have a great and wonderful birthday… I’m sure Hyung Jun lie about the gift… hee.. He probably brought you something (maybe another Piro Piro^^) and hide in his car 😛

Hope your album NOT ALONE, and repackage album THE, PARK JUNG MIN will(must,confirm) win Number 1! Doesn’t matter even it is not Number 1 on music chart, because it’s already NUMBER 1 in our heart 🙂 I love your songs, and i can see all your effort in making this album a huge success. Every song in the albums tell a different stories. Stories that I did not know when you are in SS501. Stories that make you a (another) talented member of SS501. I wish you have a huge success as a Solo Artist. Have a great and wonderful acting experience in Taiwan. And have give us a SHOCKING yet HeartWarming Come Back with SS501 🙂

Park Jung Min, hope to see you soon in Singapore, whether individual or bringing your members along.. I’m looking forward 🙂

credit: the photo is taken by me, but belong to LOVE501. so that’s explain why there’s 2 watermarks 🙂

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