Japan (just public on 8april)

Hello Kitty. Sushi. Udon. Salmon. Rilakkuma. Fujitsu. Toyota. Dragonballz. Sailor Moon.
boys and girls love everything from Japan. from foods, toys, clothings to brands. BUT,

i’m sure you have been reading the papers, and knew what’s going on in Japan. no one expected a huge tsunami and dreadly earthquake will hit in Japan this serious. things got even worst, when their nuclear plant exploded, that caused leak of radiation. everyone worried that it will causes the same damage just like Chernobyl. many have lost their houses, family… almost everything! so, have you done your part for Japan?

to raise fund for Japan, Mos Burger launch a limited edition Tee for Japan, each at only $10. Celebrities from HK/KR/TW/JP have all done their little part to raise fund for Japan. One of the role model, SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong donated 100Million won to Japan. Personally i feel donation doesn’t have to be a big fat amount, of cos, it will be good to help those who are in need with more money. But, any contribution will also result in helping Japan… even you only donated $5, $2 or even $1 ^^. It’s the heart that you send to Japan 🙂


if you wish to donate for Japan, there’s another alternative – LOVE501’s Charity Project for Japan. (you need to sign up to read the content). if you are my friends and wish to donate, feel free to do so, leave me a comment and let me know 🙂 Just bear in mind, your donation will be under LOVE501.

Thank you! 🙂
For Japan, we spread our love 🙂

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