Got Talent, No Dress Sense…

It’s already April! University Graduate and Poly Graduate gonna look for a job! Have you wondering how to outshine yourself and get THAT Oh-it-my-dream-JOB? Maybe a rough gauge of 10 candidates, what makes the company pick you instead of the other 9?

of cos, I understand that you are not going for a Beauty Consultant/Cabin Crew kind of job where LOOKS play a big part. But, seriously, how many of you think that LOOK is not one of the main factor when you go for a job interview? how many think that it’s just a talent-thingy during the interview? It’s the FIRST IMPRESSION that interviewer look. Imagine you are a first honour degree holder, but dress in a oversize-tee shirt + jeans + slipper…? Nothing wrong with the dress sense actually, it might be the most IN style to get yourself that very oversize-tee… BUT, if you are going for interview? ๐Ÿ™‚

back to the point, do you think how you look “contribute points” to your interview? when i say something like that, i was told i’m living in the old age/past, and people don’t see LOOK anymore? ARE YOU SERIOUS? i understand that you mean not all jobs “require” a good LOOK, but your-future-boss will definitely take in consideration. this is a BIG PLUS POINT.

anyway, if you are going for interview soon. i suggest that you get yourself prepare. IMPRESS your future boss!
1. wear something nice and presentable.
2. understand the company background.
3. prepare some questions for them (not about the PAY and Benefit!)
4. smile and don’t be nervous, speak clearly!!!
5. be yourself.

to everyone who is going for interview. GOOD LUCK! ํ™”์ดํŒ…~!

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