Inhumane Pet Farm Owner

Stop this inhumane acts from the Pet Farm Owner!
SPCA, please check on this irresponsible and cruel owner!

There’s 2 kinds of owners, one the Pet Farm/ Pet Shop owners, another, Us, the buyer who eventually, take care and love the animals. For now, i’m referring to those who sell animals. Those Pet Farms/Pet Shops owners.

My friend want a new addition to her family and decided to get a Pug at one of the most biggest/popular Pet Farm at Pasir Ris. She had heard lots of stories about this particular Pet Farms (and some other), that they are not doing the ‘right thing’. By the outlook of the farm, it’s well-decorate, and it look AS IF it’s a nice place for the animals….. BUT, you will be shock, and perhaps tearing when you see how owners of the pet farm do right behind ‘your back’.

If you visit Pet Shop before, perhaps you have notice that there’s LOCAL BREED, and ‘oversea breed’ etc Australia Breed. Fyi: Local breed mean, breed in Singapore, and this also means that, they are doing their own local breed.

Sales persons there, not only not professional enough to give the right and correct replies to my friends, they even give different answers. Q. Is there any australia breed pug? i only want a oversea breed pug. Sale Man 1: Sorry, we do not have. Sale Man 2: Yes we have. So, our question is, is there oversea breed pug or not? And, did you sell your local breed as oversea breed? I really wonder how many have bought their ‘local breed’ dogs without knowing.

And, they dare to charge us more than 2k! (i can’t remember the exact amount)

If you realise, animals there (FOR SALES), doesn’t look happy or look healthy!Everyone want to buy a healthy dog! Everyone would like see animals healthy and happy, not grumpy and sad, and worst, looking sick!!!

Now, following photos are picture my friend took during her trip to the Pet Farm. I should say she is really lucky to manage to get all these photos taken, and address this issue to SPCA as well. There’s time where CNA report this, yet nothing have been done. I think it’s important to address this issue again and again. If you are not a animal lover, it’s okay, but why are you torturing the animals and earning those lover’s money? Does the profit really matters?




#picture. as you see, those photos taken, is not some wild dogs or street dogs. they are the ‘fathers’ and ‘mothers’ of the dog you bought back. Is this the best environment you can give to the dogs for breeding? Is this the right way to do it? It is right to throw in a couple of dogs and ‘make sure’ they keep breeding for the pet farm? i believe, you can really see that, this is not the BEST CONDITION a pet farm should have. the dogs DEFINITELY not looking happy or even healthy! Think about it, with this kind of conditions, DO YOU THINK, the DOGS YOU BOUGHT, is really really HEALTHY like what the petshop/petowner said?

the dogs you saw from the photos, they are actually, barking non stop…. and, the sad part is, they can’t bark with sound, they are down with ‘sore throat’…. think about it, do you think they are happy? ask yourself, do you wish to be part of this save the animal project?

my friend is doing a few project on this, and we hope that this issue will be address soon. and we will come back with more updates on this project. Meanwhile, please, share with your friends, and ask them not to buy from them….

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