Jessica’s last day.

i suppose to do my work, guess what i’m doing now? Blogging.
shall keep this short instead :) i try i try….. :)

as mentioned, it’s Jessica’s last day. in fact, is just half day. it’s seems like, it’s yesterday when she just joined, and now, she found a happier path and decided to leave. We are all happy for her. just like the rest, Jasmine, Clarice and Mayyin, they found a new job. it’s hard to define You got a GOOD JOB from outsiders, but i can really see they seems happier now. the power of FREEDOM.

i enjoyed myself with you & the rest in bangkok! it’s fun and i’m glad that you decided to go ahead with the trip. had fun shopping & eating, walking non stop, taking photos…. and talking in our BIG room with mayyin :) it’s a LIFE TIME EXPERIENCE! (referring to a company trip) it might not happen again anymore…… :S

we had a simple lunch yesterday, a farewell lunch by the colleagues only. (there’s no company farewell lunch!) and we bought Jessica a little gift as well :) hope you like it ^^something small, but lovely ^^

and actually, she bought us gift too. no one realize (or only jobynn notice?)…… :)
Thank you Jessica! ^^

hey Jessica, do take care and have a great and wonderful wedding! :) All the best! A Whole New World, is the best song for you~ I’m sure you will be happier and lesser stress now :) Enjoy yourself and Have fun! ^^

and i’m left alone now. those, i’m closed with had left~ i need to start running and calling my colleagues asking where they are…….


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