Reasonable Workload?

As you know, my ex-colleague, Jessica had left the company for about a week. Right now, we are left with just 5 designers. There will not be any additional designer, in short, we will be handling 6 designers job with just 5 of us. And, most jobs that previously handle by Jessica, have already handover to me. Seriously, i’m not complaining. I’m actually happy to do more work. In fact, I will feel a little lost, if i’m too free. But…..

But, honestly speaking, that should be a very clear image on how much more work i’m handling. The problem is, someone think that i’m very free. I dislike this feeling when that someone knew how busy i suppose to be, yet, ‘suspecting’ my workload. (I’m still very proud of myself for doing so much work today!)

Someone actually speak to me the day before, and ask if I feeling too FREE? and, actually on top of that, hope that i can do some programming work? someone even asked me before, if i can use 2 computers and do 2 different work at the same time?

HUH x501.

I really don’t know what to say.

But i still love what i’m doing now. Designing is already part of my life. If I can combine, Design & KPOP together for my career, i will probably be the next happiest girl in the world πŸ™‚

#It’s tuesday. a little nervous. a little excited. a little a little…

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