Min Jun Couple.

I guess this is not something new to you. “I’m a great fan of SS501”. To be honest, I’m more like a KPOP fan, because I appreciate good korean music. SS501 might not be the best singers in Korea, but their singing skill have greatly improve during these few years. (I’m sure if you watch M!Pick, you probably understand what i mean) Ever since last year, their contract end, they joined different agencies. And, they have been really busy since then…. especially Jungmin with repackage album, Hyungjun with new album, Kyujong with musical, Youngsaeng with comeback and Hyunjoong with…. football.


Today should be one of the greatest and happiest day for Thailand TripleS, as they had fetched, Jungmin & Hyungjun together for the first time ever since they have joined new agencies. This should also be their first time after nearly a year of ‘separation’. Fans of SS501, will be welcoming 2 members today! Isn’t this is what most of are waiting for? The Min Jun Couple.

Both Hyungjun and Jungmin tweet with a photo before they flew to BKK.



(Credit: Jungmin0403 – pic1 / Hyungjun85 – pic2)

did you realize they are both in stripes! :)

I really hope and anticipate their comeback concert.
I don’t want to miss another chance, this could be the one and only one.


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