It’s been quite a while, I’m back to the blogging momentum. I used to blog daily about my life, or anything that i find it interesting and exciting to talk about. And, recent years, I started to talk about my reviews on drama series. I think is quite fun and interesting to talk about things that I really like and enjoy doing. I love to share my joy and happiness with others who might appreciate it just like me. I guess, it’s time to do something like this again πŸ™‚

I have at least 3 outdated entries to update you with. Let me catch up with this over the weekend (if possible…) I’m going to busy on the weekend. First, there’s collection for Park Jung Min’s repackage album, check if you have ordered. And, importantly, there’s a BIG MASSIVE INTENSIVE discussion with Joanne. and we are getting really excited right? ^^ On Saturday, I’m going to meet my Six+One+One, for a great yummy delicious steamboat dinner, and I’m going to meet Belle Belle πŸ™‚


I’m a little excited, a little relieve like FINALLY!
I’m finally found my courage and talk to her. Just need some official document and I’m going to fly like a bird πŸ™‚

Thank you to all my lovely pretty friends. It seems like everyone is feeling happy for me. The happiness from my friends is like, as if I just give birth. Everyone is happy for me, congratulating me for this special occasion. Honestly speaking, this decision WAS planned. It wasn’t a sudden decision at all, and it’s was kind of ‘well-planned’ since 1 year back. Seriously, I think I have high endurance level, and I really think I can adapt really fast and really well.

I’m looking forward, and I believe you too.

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